Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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Scientific name -- Other names
Trachymyrmex Forel, 1893
   Trachymyrmex agudensis Kempf, 1967
   Trachymyrmex arizonensis (Wheeler, W. M., 1907)
   Trachymyrmex bugnioni (Forel, 1912)
   Trachymyrmex carib Weber, 1945
   Trachymyrmex carinatus Mac Kay and MacKay, 1997
   Trachymyrmex cirratus Mayhe- Nunes, Antonio J; Brandao, C Roberto F, 2005
   Trachymyrmex compactus Mayh- Nunes and Brandaeo, 2002
   Trachymyrmex cornetzi (Forel, 1912)
   Trachymyrmex desertorum (Wheeler, W. M., 1911)
   Trachymyrmex dichrous Kempf, 1967
   Trachymyrmex diversus Mann, 1916
   Trachymyrmex echinus Weber, 1938
   Trachymyrmex farinosus (Emery, 1894)
   Trachymyrmex fiebrigi (Santschi, 1916)
   Trachymyrmex gaigei (Forel, 1914)
   Trachymyrmex holmgreni Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Trachymyrmex iheringi (Emery, 1888)
   Trachymyrmex intermedius (Forel, 1909)
   Trachymyrmex irmgardae (Forel, 1912)
   Trachymyrmex isthmicus Santschi, 1931
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis (Andre, 1893)
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis_antiguensis Weber, 1938
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis_cubaensis Wheeler, W. M., 1937
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis_frontalis Santschi, 1925
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis_haytianus (Wheeler, W. M., and Mann, 1914)
   Trachymyrmex jamaicensis_maritimus (Wheeler, W. M., 1905)
   Trachymyrmex kempfi Fowler, 1982
   Trachymyrmex levis Weber, 1938
   Trachymyrmex mandibularis Weber, 1938
   Trachymyrmex nogalensis Byars, 1951
   Trachymyrmex oetkeri (Forel, 1908)
   Trachymyrmex opulentus (Mann, 1922)
   Trachymyrmex papulatus Santschi, 1922
   Trachymyrmex phaleratus Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Trachymyrmex pruinosus (Emery, 1906)
   Trachymyrmex relictus Borgmeier, 1934
   Trachymyrmex ruthae Weber, 1937
   Trachymyrmex saussurei (Forel, 1885)
   Trachymyrmex septentrionalis (Mc Cook, 1881)
   Trachymyrmex sharpii (Forel, 1893)
   Trachymyrmex smithi Buren, 1944
   Trachymyrmex smithi_neomexicanus Cole, 1952
   Trachymyrmex squamulifer (Emery, 1896)
   Trachymyrmex tucumanus (Forel, 1914)
   Trachymyrmex turrifex (Wheeler, W. M., 1903)
   Trachymyrmex turrifex_caroli (Wheeler, W. M., 1911)
   Trachymyrmex urichii (Forel, 1893)
   Trachymyrmex verrucosus Borgmeier, 1948
   Trachymyrmex zeteki Weber, 1940

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