Kinds of Mammalia

North American Mammals

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Scientific name -- Other names
Muridae -- Mice; Rats voles; Wood rats; Lemmings
   Baiomys taylori -- Northern Pygmy Mouse
   Clethrionomys californicus -- Western Red-backed Vole
   Clethrionomys rutilus -- Northern Red-backed Vole
   Mus musculus -- House Mouse
   Neotoma albigula -- White-throated Woodrat
   Neotoma cinerea -- Bushy-tailed Woodrat
   Neotoma devia -- Arizona Woodrat
   Neotoma floridana -- Eastern Woodrat
   Neotoma fuscipes -- Dusky-footed Woodrat
   Neotoma lepida -- Desert Woodrat
   Neotoma magister -- Appalachian Woodrat; Allegheny Woodrat
   Neotoma mexicana -- Mexican Woodrat
   Neotoma micropus -- Southern Plains Woodrat
   Neotoma stephensi -- Stephens Woodrat
   Ochrotomys nuttalli -- Golden Mouse
   Onychomys arenicola -- Mearns Grasshopper Mouse
   Onychomys leucogaster -- Northern Grasshopper Mouse
   Onychomys torridus -- Southern Grasshopper Mouse
   Peromyscus attwateri -- Texas Mouse
   Peromyscus boylii -- Brush Mouse
   Peromyscus californicus -- California Mouse
   Peromyscus crinitus -- Canyon Mouse
   Peromyscus eremicus -- Cactus Mouse
   Peromyscus gossypinus -- Cotton Mouse
   Peromyscus gratus -- Osgoods Mouse
   Peromyscus keeni Merriam, 1897 -- Keens mouse; Northwestern deer mouse
   Peromyscus leucopus -- White-footed Mouse
   Peromyscus maniculatus -- Deer Mouse
   Peromyscus melanotis -- Black-eared Mouse
   Peromyscus merriami -- Merriams Mouse; Mesquite mouse
   Peromyscus nasutus -- Northern Rock Mouse
   Peromyscus pectoralis -- White-ankled Mouse
   Peromyscus polionotus -- Oldfield Mouse
   Peromyscus truei -- Pinon Mouse
   Rattus norvegicus -- Norway Rat
   Rattus rattus (Linnaeus, 1758) -- Black rat; House rat
   Synaptomys borealis -- Northern Bog Lemming
   Synaptomys cooperi -- Southern Bog Lemming

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