Kinds of Taiwan Monocotyledoneae

Monocots of Taiwan

Compiled from
D.E. Boufford, H. Ohashi, T.C. Huang, C.F. Hsieh,
J.L. Tsai, K.C. Yang, C.I Peng,C.S. Kuoh and A.Hsiao. 2003.
Flora of Taiwan, Second Edition.
Department of Botany, National Taiwan University

Y.P. Yang and H.Y. Liu. 2002.
Manual of Taiwan Vascular Plants.
Council of Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan

and other sources.

W.L. Chiou and S.H. Dai
Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
J. Pickering
University of Georgia, Athens

Scientific name -- Other names
   Arenga tremula (Blanco) Becc.
   Calamus formosanus Becc.
   Calamus quiquesetinervius Burret
   Calamus siphonospathus Mart.
   Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) R. Br. ex Mart. -- Fountain palm
   Phoenix hanceana Naudin
   Pinanga tashiroi Hayata

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