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David Wagner - 07 January, 1999

Re:Minutes of 1998 Meeting

Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 08:14:10 -0400
To:"David L. Wagner" t;> (John Pickering)
Subject:Re: Minutes of 1998 Meeting

To:  ECN'ers

From:  Wagner

Below I have imbedded draft minutes from the annual meeting.  Could
each of you look these over and make suggestions or corrections.
Whether ot not you have suggestions, please send me a message saying
you have looked them over, so that I know whether to nag you upon my
return from Costa Rica in February.  All the best to all of you in
the New Year.


Minutes Follow:

1998 Business  Meeting
Mesquite, Nevada
November 7-8, 1998

Norman Johnson presiding; David Wagner recording minutes

Norman Johnson called the business meeting to order at 9:08 am on
Sunday,  8 November, 1998, at Si Redd's Oasis Resort Hotel and
Casino, Mesquite, Nevada.

Minutes of the 1997Entomology Collections Network business meeting
were accepted:  moved by Wayne Mathis and seconded by Dan Polhemus.

1.  Norman Johnson acknowledged the generous financial support
donated  by the Falls and BioQuip.

2.  Dave Furth reviewed plans and target dates for the upcoming move
of the Smithsonian's entomological collections.   Accessibility may
be a problem as soon as March and April of 1999.   Loans, visits and
other activities may be disrupted through much of the spring and

3.  John Pickering gave a brief synopsis of the Discover Life in
America's  efforts to undertake an all taxa biodiversity inventory of
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

4.  A resolution was then passed endorsing the Great Smoky Mountain
ATBI:  moved by Dave Wagner and seconded by John Morse; passed
unanimously by voice vote.

        Be it resolved by unanimous vote of the Entomology Collections
Network, a group of 300 professional curators, collection managers,
and other systematic entomologists, hereby formally endorse the All
Taxa Biodiversity Inventory of the Great Smoky Mountains National
Park and the other educational and scientific goals of Discover Life
in America.

        ECN will help Discover Life in America form partnerships with our
members' collections and organizations to facilitate specimen
acquisition, identification and curation.

5.  Next year's steering committee will consist of Paul Johnson,
Cheryl Barr, Darren Pollock (Carnegie Museum of Natural History) and
a fourth person (possibly Terry Wheeler of MacDonald College) who has
yet to be contacted.

6.  Paul Johnson talked about  next year's meeting in Atlanta which we will
held on the 11th and 12th of December.  The possibility of shifting
the ECN meeting to Athens (and the University of Georgia) was briefly
addressed.  Paul Johnson and Cheryl Barr will work with Joe McKew
(spelling?), John Pickering, and others to look into this

7.  John Pickering indicated that he would try to schedule the 1999 Discover
 Life in America (Great Smoky Mountains National Park All Taxa
Biodiversity Inventory) annual meeting during the week immediately
preceding the ECN Meeting.

8.  Paul Johnson then solicited ideas for next year's program.
Tentative topics include talks on technical aspects of specimen
management, an update on laser printed labels, and NSF Collection
Improvement Grants.  Wagner noted that George Venables (Smithsonian
Institution) would be willing to speak on the use of computers in
scienti c illustration at next year's meeting.  Venables may even be
available for a half-day workshop.

 9.  The annual meeting in 2000 will be held in Montreal.  Paul
Johnson and Cheryl Barr will approach Terry Wheeler to see if he
would be willing to serve as the fourth member of the ECN steering
committee as well as host the meeting at MacDonald College. Other
names that were suggested as people who could help with local
arrangements included Bruce Gill and Peter Harper.

10.  A motion came from the floor to thank Norman Johnson and Dave
Wagner for their efforts to coordinate the 1998 meeting.

Hearing no new business, Norman Johnson closed the business meeting
and ended the 1998 conference.

David L. Wagner
U-Box 43
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269
Ph. 860-486-2139; Fax 860-486-6364

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