Email from Soetikno to John Pickering, 29 June, 2005

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 21:50:09 -0700
From: Dr S Soetikno
Subject: Your travel to Malaysia
To: John Pickering

Dear John,

The preparation for your seminar and training is going very smoothly. For
the seminar about 30-40 participants from different national institutions
would be attending..... Regarding the training I need to check with you on
Web-tools for ID. Do you need special equipment/lap top for this? Please let
me know what would be your requirement..... MARDI (Malaysian Agriculture
Research and Development Institute) has agreed to host your seminar and

MARDI will provide us with IT lab facilities and each participant will have
their own PC connected to internet. The Deputy Director General of MARDI was
very supportive of our activities and has requested us to increase the No.
of participants to 10-15 as they have a good lab facilities, LCD projector,
etc. We have no choice but to accept his proposal.

Can you please let me know if Yu-yun would be coming with you and need
accommodation as we need to make early booking for her. How about your son?
Have you sent a letter to Prof. Maryati regarding your trip to Danum
Valley?? Do you need me to book your (and others) airticket??

I will be in Brunei from 6-8 and to Vietnam from 10-15 and therefore please
let me know if you need my help on the above. I will still access my e-mail
during my travel.....

With best regards and hope to see you soon....

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