Email from John Pickering to Phillip Chung, 4 July, 2005

Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 16:30:01 -0400
From: John Pickering
Subject: Technology center in Caribbean


Greetings. Glad to get your email. Thanks for the botanical contacts
within Jamaica. I'll contact them as soon as we're ready.

I just copied you on an email to set up a regional center in Mesoamerica
(see below). I hope that you will help us to do the same within the
Caribbean, both as part of Ron and Yulu's proposals and Discover Life's
effort with Ed Wilson and others.

I'm copying this to Richard and Lucie at BioNET to get their thoughts.
Please take the lead with them and figure out how best to set up a center
for the Caribbean within the scope of CARINET, IABIN (Andrea Grosse/Richard
Huber/Doug Graham), and GISIN (Annie Simpson). Please make sure that you
include Brian Farrell at Harvard and his contacts within the Dominican

As a bonus, it seems likely that Jim Wetterer may be funded by the National
Science Foundation to do your region's eastern ants. Among other things,
his project will provide support for us to have several training workshops
in the Caribbean focused on ants. I could extend my participation down
there to train folks with non-ant interests too. Again, please include Jim
and his contacts in your planning.

Enjoyed meeting you in North Carolina. Look forward to working with you.


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