Email from Mohamed Ghamizi to John Pickering, 14 July, 2005

Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 19:11:10 +0200 (CEST)
From: GHAMIZI Mohamed
Subject: Discover Life technology center in Morocco

Dear colleague John Pickering

Thank you for the information which was transmitted to us by Malika. we
are at the natural museum of Marrakech very interested by that the
University in Marrakech might be to become an excellent home for one of
your proposed 8 regional technology centers to help gather and share
biodiversity information. Malika is right to purpose our museum. We have
students, technical experts on zoology and botanic and geographic
department and linguistic faculty share with us the same university staff
and material (maps, electronical microscopy and SIG systems). we are ready
for the mission which you want for the centers. The University of
Marrakech has a reference in the production of information and the
diffusion of the results on the biodiversity, to become a center that will
transfer the technology to other countries, train folks, and provide
worldwide support. Marrakech is well-known in the localities of the area.
I hope that you will help us to organize a center in Morocco for all the
geopolitical perspective that you need for the purpose center.

I am biologist and teacher and I understand your wishes for good works in
the center and to make it effective. We are very interested in our
teaching by the arid biota of Africa and the Middle-East. The students
await information and we are a young and potential staff to take part in
your important project.

Thank you for all.

Pr. Mohamed GHAMIZI

Département de Biologie
Faculté des Sciences Semlalia
Université Cadi Ayyad
BP 2390

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