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Minutes of Planning Meeting

Notes from Monday, January 29, 2001

A planning meeting was held in the Ecology building at the University of Georgia, Athens.

There were 28 attendees from state, federal, educational and private for non-profit organizations.

The meeting began at 2:20 pm with a brief introduction from John Pickering, then each of the attendees gave their personal introductions and offered two ideas of what should be accomplished through October's Forum. By the end of the introductions a total of 46 topics were suggested for the Forum.

There was then a break, where two group photographs were taken of mosts of the meeting attendees.

After the break, the group decided to focus the scope of the October Forum on the regional forests and public lands, particularly in the Southern Appalachians and Piedmont. There was discussion as to the title, format and size of the Forum. It was recommended that Forum should be prepared for up to 400 attendees.

Before closing organizational committees were formed.

All attendees were requested to register their contact and institutional affiliation information at

The meeting ended at 5:10pm.

--Recorded by Katrina Krause

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Updated: 13 February, 2001