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Outreach, Partnerships, Endorsements, Nature Quest/Hunt/BioBlitz Planning

Outreach, Partnerships, Endorsements, Nature Quest/Hunt/BioBlitz Group  12/16/98

Members: John Morse, Peter Adler, Christi Gaasch, Brian Shultens, Meg Mabbs, David Wagner, Becky Nichols, Richard Brown, Bill Klein, Paul Johnson, Carolyn P., Ken McFarland, George Carroll, Bob Dellinger, et al.

Paul Johnson- Earthwatch - put grant proposal together in 1 year in advance; train volunteers takes time; benefits may be minimal; target groups to get most benefit; e.g. pitfall trap line task

Wagner- Nature Quest-a borrowed idea; generates voucher specimens; works well with media; a timed (e.g. 24 hr) event; may be more than one taxa; sorting teams-public or not;  scoreboard; always a win/win project
Want charismatic person to be present; Teams from colleges compete for most collected

McFarland- Wildflower Pilgrimage-90 subject specialists; may dovetail nicely
Morse- SC Div  of Naturalists has similar

NPS- Corporate sponsors- a per specimen donation

Bill Klein- concerns of  destruction of habitat
Meg Mabbs- rules of project can be spelled out, minimizing impact
Idea of taking of sample that isn't found again- Resource protection
Knowledge of target groups that would be best for the task at hand
Mabbs- Volunteers- training  concerns
Morse- Each twig to determine how to best use volunteers; Identify endorsements to ATBI  
Gaasch- give species list to volunteers for them to look for in an area; Have "Determined by" portion for reporter
Shultens- difference between public & scientific data gathering; Public info must have minimum data required- from design team
Shultens- Idea of documenting specimens- collecting specimens  needed esp for insects
Nichols- perception of  public to collecting
Vocal component that will oppose collecting
Carolyn P. - Info panels at quiet walkways; scientists need to get with educators
Adler- Mentorship  establish link bet. Educators and scientists
Overload for some taxa deficit for others
Have scientists involved in Quest and others involved in education

Identify endorsement opportunities- education as well as science
Gassch- Master gardener program an idea; scientists can train volunteers- Master Naturalist- each Master can then choose their interest (50 hr min commitment for each participant) Research or Education
Carolyn- idea of scientists training educators who would then train volunteers
Make sure you don't lose contact with the science

Gaasch- have small (20 people) Quest for first year (Diptera?) involve media but not make it huge
Field ID only as other detailed ID can't always be done in field   'TWIG Quest' in 1999
Then have ATBI planning team (Aug 99) have plan ready ( Dec 99) for big ATBI Nature Quest in 2000
Endorsements and Parterships-
TWIG  prof organization lists (names and addresses) by Mar 1 '99;
Letters and brochures to orgs by Apr 1, 99  -Need Logo ready by then (Use recycled content paper to not turn off constituents)

PM session

Additional members: Kitty Esco, John Smith, Richard Brown, Pick sat in

Nature Quest- Gaasch -refocus media attention to minimize negative impact from collection
Education component - what is in the plot being surveyed by scientists (e.g. vegetation)
Quietly start with one taxon to find out the pitfalls
Idea- catch and release for some taxa; collect for others;
Wagner- Will check into opposition at the Walden Nature Quest -(Ellen Sinski, Peter Alden )- will turn info to Bob Miller
Adler- focus on taxa that grab public attention; Get Ed Wilson as the spokes person to spin collection dissent? ; Flies not good for such event?; hard to id on site  
This year should combine Dipterists with Wilson visit; next year Lep Quest would be catch and release
Brown- work thru PR person expert to check facts of report?
Pick- Identify specialists to ask about pitfalls
Esco- have info in press release format (Miller)
Get sound bites from Wilson as well as Wade and others

Endorsements & Partnerships
Twig leaders- solicit endorsements; Master list (name & address of contact person) will be available for the entire ATBI not just Groups

Nature Quest Committee- Gaasch/Esco;  include educators and scientists, Nichols, Miller, Susan Sachs?, (Adler will contact Brian Wigman)
Gaasch will contact Ken Voorhis (Tremont), Becky Nichols, and Bob Miller

Amateur work, records , funds -Paul Johnson
Professional Organizations endorsements- TWIGS -Jody, Pick
Destructive Sampling, direct collateral, collecting -Keith
Mentorship Program -Education committee
Master Naturalist Program- Education committee

Mentor program - Structure issues- no $$ for it; Education specialists help with this;
Educator liason- Tremont?
Brown- Levels of mentorship needed?  Focal point coordinator-
Shultens- Have shadowing mentorship type of program (several days) accompany scientist

Gaasch-Master Naturalist - should be done by Park


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