Hand out

"ATBI Planning Meeting"
Gatlinburg Dec 8-9, 1999


by N. F. Johnosn & L. Musetti

Each data contribution has two components:

1. information on the source of the data

name of contact

e-mail of contact

TWIG authorization for submission

date of contribution

2. data associated with one or more specimens or observations each with:

a. unique identifier

b. a collecting locality

country: USA

state: TN or NC

county: Blount, Sevier, or Cooke; or Haywood, Jackson, Swain, or Graham

named place: from GNIS, Coggins, etc.

specific locality name

geographical coordinates, including source
latitude values between +35 and +36
longitude values between -83 and -84

elevation (optional, with one or two values)
values between 250-2025 m or 850-6643 ft

c. a time of collection

one or two dates, year in 4 digits

time of day (one or two values)

d. collectors

1 or more persons or groups

number specifying order in which to cite collectors names

e. method

f. details of specimen/individual

sex: male, female, unknown, both, more?

lifestage: many possibilities

code being used must be specified, e.g., entomology, botany
- entomology: 4 letter codens of Arnett et al.
- botany: Index Herbariorum (http://www.nybg.org.bsci/ih/ih.html)
- others?

g. Identification

authority file: Integrated Taxonomic Information System

taxa not in ITIS:
- require Kingdom, Phylum/Division, Family, Genus, Species
- optional (if available): Class, Order
- Twig authorization (?) for addition of taxa
- Reconciling differences"