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6. Collaborator Contributions

Our Methods and Budget Justification specify the PI's and co-PIs' contributions. We list the letters of collaboration from field sites in section 4.1.4. Below we list the other individuals who sent letters of collaboration, their institutions, and roles. A supporting document presents all letters together alphabetically. .

  1. John Ascher, American Museum of Natural History, taxonomic support, bees Brian Brown, Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, taxonomic support, flies (also a field site)
  2. Bill Buck, New York Botanical Garden, taxonomic support, mosses and lichens Gerry Cassis, University of New South Wales, Atlas of Living Australia, ecological theory, species interactions Theresa Crimmins, National Phenology Network, coordination with other projects Paul Davison, University of North Alabama, taxonomic support, mosses and bryophytes
  3. Patty Gowaty, University of California, Los Angeles, ecological theory, evolution and behavior Wendy Gram, National Ecological Observatory Network, data sharing Stella Guerrero, Cedar Shoals High School, teacher, education advisor, high school recruitment Bill Hargrove, USDA Forest Service, ecological theory, data analysis
  4. Richard Harris, New York Botanical Garden, taxonomic support, lichens
  5. James Hogue, California State University, taxonomic support, syrphid flies Jason Hollinger, Mushroom Observer, web technology, fungal and lichen identification Steve Hubbell, University of California, Los Angeles, ecological theory, biodiversity Dan Kjar, Elmira College, ecological theory, technical support, hosting meetings Robert Luecking, Field Museum, taxonomic support, lichens Mike Mueller, University of Georgia, teacher recruitment Zack Murrell, Appalachian State University, taxonomic support, plants
  6. Cynthia Parr, Encyclopedia of Life, website partner Jennifer Schwarz, Chicago Botanic Garden, Floral Report Card, website partner Annie Simpson, US Geological Survey, computer support, identification guides Ben Swecker, Prince William Network, video editing, webcasts Matt von Konrat, Field Museum, taxonomic support, liverworts Ron Walcott, University of Georgia Young Scholars Program, student recruitment Nathan Wilson, Encyclopedia of Life, Mushroom Observer, taxonomic support, fungi

    7. Schedule of Research