Species Interactions

Draft 2011-10-16

TitleEnergy donor isEnergy recipient is
Animal/predatoris predated byis predator of
Animal/predator/stocks nest withis taken to the nest ofstocks nest with
Animal/carrion/dead animal feederdead is eaten byfeeds on dead
Animal/pathogenmay be infected byinfects
Animal/parasitoidis parasitoid host ofis parasitoid of
Animal/parasitoid/endoparasitoidis endoparasitoid host ofis endoparasitoid of
Animal/parasitoid/ectoparasitoidis ectoparasitoid host ofis ectoparasitoid of
Animal/guesthas guestis a guest in
Animal/inquilinewith inquilineis inquiline in
Animal/fatal inquilinewith fatal inquilineis fatal inquiline in
Animal/sequestratesis taken over bytakes over
Animal/parasiteis parasitised byparasitises
Animal/parasite/ectoparasiteis ectoparasitised byectoparasitises
Animal/parasite/ectoparasite/blood suckerhas blood sucked bysucks the blood of
Animal/parasite/ectoparasite/sweat suckerhas sweat sucked bysucks the sweat of
Animal/parasite/endoparasiteis endoparasitised byendoparasitises
Animal/kleptoparasiteis kleptoparasitised bykleptoparasitises
Animal/slave makermay be a slave ofmakes a slave of
Animal/nestis used to build or strengthen thebuilds nest using
Animal/vectorspreadsis spread by
Animal/gamete vector/self-fertilisesself-fertilisesis self-fertilised by
Animal/gamete vector/crsss fertilisescross-fertilisesis cross-fertilised by
Animal/dung/debris feederdung/debris may supportfeeds on dung/debris
Animal/dung/saprobedung may supportis saprobic in/on dung of
Animal/dung/associatedung may containinhabits dung of
Animal/honeydew feederhoneydew may supportfeeds on honeydew
Animal/phoresymay give a ride tohitches a ride on
Animal/associatemay attractis associated with
Animal/endozoiteis inhabited bylives within
Animal/epizoiteis lived on bylives on
Animal/resting place/onis rested on byrests on
Animal/resting place/withinaccommodatesrests inside
Animal/resting place undermay sheltermay be found under
Bacterium/predatoris predated byis predator of
Fungus/nestis used to build or strengthen thebuilds nest using
Fungus/feederis food source offeeds on
Fungus/external feederis grazed bygrazes on
Fungus/gallis galled bycauses galls on
Fungus/internal feedermay containfeeds within
Fungus/parasiteis parasitised byparasitises
Fungus/parasite/endoparasiteis endoparasitised byendoparasitises
Fungus/saprobeis decayed byis saprobic on
Fungus/infection vectorspreadsis spread by
Fungus/resting place/withinmay housemay be found in
Fungus/resting place/onmay havemay be found on
Fungus/associateis associate ofis associated with
Lichen/grazeris grazed bygrazes
Lichen/nestis used to build or stregthen thebuilds nest using
Lichen/grows on or overmay be grown over bygrows on or over
Lichen/photobiontmay be a photobiont ofmay have as photobiont
Lichen/gallis galled bycauses galls on
Lichen/parasiteis parasitised byparasitises
Lichen/sequestrateis sequestrated bysequestrates
Lichen/kleptoparasiteis kleptoparasitised bykleptoparasitises
Lichen/pathogenmay be infected and damaged byinfects and damages
Lichen/symbiontmay supportlives on/in
Lichen/saprobeis decayed byis saprobic on
Lichen/associateis associate ofis associated with
Foodplant/feeds onis foodplant offeeds on
Foodplant/open feederis grazed bygrazes on
Foodplant/web feederis grazed by web-dwellingfeeds from web on
Foodplant/mobile cased feederis grazed by mobile casedgrazes in mobile case on
Foodplant/sap suckerhas sap sucked bysucks sap of
Foodplant/mutualistis mutualistic withis mutualistic with
Foodplant/endophytemay house endophyticendophyte within
Foodplant/mycorrhizais mycorrhizal host ofis mycorrhizal with
Foodplant/mycorrhiza/ectomycorrhizais ectomycorrhizal host ofis ectomycorrhizal with
Foodplant/mycorrhiza/endomycorrhizais endomycorrhizal host ofis endomycorrhizal with
Foodplant/hemiparasiteis parasitised byis hemiparasitic on
Foodplant/parasiteis parasitised byparasitises
Foodplant/pathogenmay be infected and damaged byinfects and damages
Foodplant/secondary infectionmay be secondarily infected bysecondarily infects
Foodplant/immobile silken tube feederis grazed by fixed silken tube-dwfeeds from immobile silken
Foodplant/rolleris rolled byrolls
Foodplant/spot causeris spotted bycauses spots on
Foodplant/shot hole causerhas leaves shot holed bycauses shot holes on
Foodplant/spinneris spun byspins
Foodplant/mineris mined bymines
Foodplant/internal feedermay containfeeds within
Foodplant/false gallis swollen bycauses swelling of
Foodplant/gallis galled bycauses gall of
Foodplant/collectsis collected bycollects
Foodplant/visitoris visited for nectar and/or pollenvisits for nectar and/or pollen
Foodplant/nestis collected to provision nest ofprovisions nest with
Foodplant/robberis robbed byrobs
Foodplant/debris feedermay containfeeds on
Foodplant/saprobeis decayed byis saprobic on
Plant/nestis used to build or strenghthen thebuilds nest using
Plant/grows amongmay housegrows among
Plant/grows insidemay housegrows inside
Plant/epiphytemay have epiphyticgrows on
Plant/resting place/amongmay housemay be found among
Plant/resting place/withinmay housemay be found in
Plant/resting place/onmay havemay be found on
Plant/resting place/undermay sheltermay be found under
Plant/aestivates/amongmay house aestivatingaestivates among
Plant/aestivates/withinmay house aestivatingaestivates inside
Plant/aestivates/onmay have aestivatingaestivates on
Plant/hibernates/amongmay house hibernatinghibernates among
Plant/hibernates/withinmay house hibernatinghibernates inside
Plant/hibernates/onmay house hibernatingoverwinters on
Plant/hibernates/undermay shelter hibernatingoverwinters under
Plant/associateis associate ofis associated with
Plant/pollenatedis pollenated or fertilised bypollenates or fertilises
Plant/vectorspreads or dispersesis spread or dispersed by
Phytoplasma/infection vectorspreadsis spread by
Inhibits or restricts the growth ofis inhibited byinhibits