TDWG, New Orleans, October, 2011

Sharing information on species interactions, phenology, identification, and checklists.

Pickering, Cassis & Storey

The Atlas of Living Australia (, Discover Life (, BioInfo (UK) ( and the Encyclopedia of Life ( are working together to develop a schema and controlled vocabulary to share information on species interactions (see The focus of this interest group is to seek broad community input about the biological processes that we should cover in this process. What species interactions should we include? What questions do biologists want to ask about species interactions? For example questions, see a draft list at . In short, we want ideas and feedback.

If time permits, we will also seek feedback on how to share information about species phenology, identification characters, and checklists. Since inception in 1998, Discover Life has had a billion hits. Much of the information that it servers is not covered by current TDWG standards. We will present examples and demonstrate how this information is assembled, corrected, and disseminated. For documentation on Discover Life's tools and webservices, see .

Tuesday, 18 October, after break (75 minutes)