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Department of Entomology
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Phone (951) 827-5707
Fax: (951) 827-3086

Christiane Weirauch


  • Freie Universität Berlin, Germany -- Biology -- "Dissertation" [Ph.D. equivalent] -- 2003
  • Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen, Germany -- Biology -- "Diplom" [M.Sc. equivalent] -- 1998
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia -- Biology -- exchange student -- 1995-1996
  • 01/07-present -- Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside.
  • 12/03-12/06 -- Postdoctoral research scientist, Division of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Systematics, biodiversity, and evolutionary biology of Heteroptera (Insecta), with emphasis on Reduviidae and Miridae, comparative morphology of understudied character systems, integration of morphological and molecular data for phylogenetic analysis.


Weirauch, C. 2003a. Glanduar areas associated with the male genitalia in Triatoma rubrofasciata (Triatominae, Reduviidae, Hemiptera) and other Reduviidae. Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 98: 773-776.

Weirauch, C. 2003b. Pedicellar structures in Reduviidae - a comment on cave organ and trichobothria. Eur. J. Entomol. 100: 571-580.

Weirauch, C. 2004. Distribution of a sternal glandular area among female Reduviidae (Heteroptera), with discussion of a possible pheromonal function. Mitt. Mus. Nat.kd. Berl., Dtsch. Entomol. Z. 51: 3-6.

Forero, D., Weirauch, C. & Baena, M. 2004. Synonymy of the reduviid (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) genus Torrealbaia (Triatominae) with Amphibolus (Harpactorinae), with notes on Amphibolus venator (Klug, 1830). Zootaxa 670: 1-12.

Forero, D. & Weirauch, C. 2005. Synonymy of Harpinoderes cicheroi Martínez & Carcavallo, 1989 with Aradomorpha crassipes Champion, 1899 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae). Zootaxa 950: 1-4.

Weirauch, C. 2005a. Pretarsal structures in Reduviidae (Heteroptera, Insecta). Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 86: 91-110.

Weirauch, C. 2005b. The Heteropteran "Pronotal Gland" Re-examined. J. N. Y. Ent. Soc. 113: 1-10.

Weirauch, C. 2006a. Metathoracic glands and associated evaporatory structures in Reduvioidea (Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha), with observation on the mode of function of the metacoxal comb. Eur. J. Entomol. 103: 97-108.

Weirauch, C. 2006b. New genus and species of Physoderinae (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) from the New World, with a revised diagnosis of Physoderinae Miller. Am. Mus. Novit. 3510: 9 pp.

Weirauch, C. 2006c. Dorsal abdominal glands in adult Reduviidae (Cimicomorpha, Heteroptera). Mitt. Mus. Nat.kd. Berl., Dtsch. Entomol. Z 53: 91-102.

Weirauch, C. and Cassis, G. 2006. Attracting ants: The trichome in Ptilocnemus lemur (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Holoptilinae) and novel glandular areas on the sternum. [in press] Journal of the New York Entomological Society 114: 28-37. 70% contribution.

Weirauch, C. 2006d. New genera and species of oak-associated Phylini (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae) from western North America. American Museum novitates 3522: 54 pp.

Weirauch, C. 2006e. New genera, new species, and new combinations in western Nearctic Phylini (Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae). American Museum novitates 3521: 41 pp.

Weirauch, C. 2006f. Observations on the sticky trap predator Zelus luridus Stål (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Harpactorinae), with the description of a novel gland associated with the female genitalia. Denisia, 50: 1169-1180.

Weirauch, C. 2006g. New genus and species of fig-inhabiting Leucophoropterini (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae) from Australia. Russian Entomological Journal 15(2): 119-124.

Weirauch, C. 2006h. Anatomy of disguise: Camouflaging structures in nymphs of some Reduviidae (Heteroptera). American Museum novitates 3542: 18pp.

Weirauch, C. and Forero, D. 2007. Kiskeya palassaina, new genus and new species of Saicinae (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) from the Dominican Republic. Zootaxa 1468: 57-68. 50% contribution.

  • In-press

    Weirauch, C. 2007. Polyozus Eyles & Schuh and allied genera: revision and cladistic analysis of the Polyozus-group of Australian Phylini (Heteroptera: Phylinae). Accepted, American Museum Novitates, December 2006. 11 ms page + 20 plates.

    Weirauch, C. 2007. Hairy attachment structures in Reduviidae (Cimicomorpha, Heteroptera), with observations on the fossula spongiosa in some other Cimicomorpha. Accepted, Zoologischer Anzeiger, March 2007. 46 ms pages + 11 plates.

  • Submitted

    Schuh, R. T., Weirauch, C., Henry, T. J. and Halbert, S. Curaliidae, a new family of Heteroptera from the Eastern United States (Insecta). Submitted, Annals of the Entomological Society of America, February 2007. 40% effort. 20 ms pages + 7 plates.

    Weirauch, C. Two new genera of Phylini, Roburocoris n. gen. and Viscacoris n. gen., from Mexico and the southwestern United States (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae). Submitted, Entomologia Americana, March 2007. 56 ms pages + 13 plates.

    Schuh, R. T., Weirauch, C. and Wheeler, W. C. Cimicomorphan relationships (Insecta: Heteroptera): combining morphological and DNA sequence data (Insecta: Heteroptera). Submitted, Systematic Entomology. 33% effort. 44 ms pages + 11 plates.

    Weirauch, C. Cladistic analysis of Reduviidae (Insecta: Heteroptera) based on morphological characters. Submitted, Systematic Entomology. 74 ms pages + 29 plates.

    Weirauch, C. and Cassis, G. Frenae and druckknopf: a synopsis of two fore wing-to-body coupling mechanisms in Heteropterodea. Submitted, Insect Systematics & Evolution. 70% effort. 13 ms pages + 13 plates.

  • Regents' Faculty Fellowship, UCR Academic Senate, Insect Biodiversity Class ENTM107, 2007
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, American Museum of Natural History, New York, funded by the US National Science Foundation, PBI grant DEB-0316495 to Randall T. Schuh and Gerasimos Cassis, 2003-2006
  • "Berliner Programm zur Förderung der Chancengleichheit für Frauen in Forschung und Lehre" (PhD Improvement Grant), 2002
  • Annette Kade Graduate Fellowship, Division of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History, New York, 2002
  • Parsyst Research stipend, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 2000
  • PhD fellowship, "Nachwuchsförderungsgesetz des Landes Berlin (NaFöG)", 1999-2001
  • Collection study grant, American Museum of Natural History, 1998
  • Stipend for diploma thesis project in Brazil by Alfred-Gottschalk-Stiftung, Tübingen, 1997

Collecting trips (1996-2007): California, Europe, Mexico, Myanmar, peninsular Malaysia, Northern Queensland, South Africa, Southern Brazil, Western Australia.


Sorting, organizing, databasing, and imaging of Miridae and Reduviidae (Heteroptera) in various collections (AM [Sydney], AMNH [New York], ANIC [Canberra], CAS [San Francisco], MCNZ [Porto Alegre], MHNG [Geneva], MNHN [Paris], PPRI [Pretoria], UCB [Berkeley], UCD [Davis], UCR [Riverside], ZMHB [Berlin], ZSM [Munich],), 2003-2007.


  • Cooperation with R. T. Schuh in the development of the web-based specimen database of Miridae (Orthotylinae and Phylinae) for the PBI project. []
  • Close cooperation with R. T. Schuh in the development of the online digital library for Miridae in the subfamilies Orthotylinae and Phylinae. []
  • Collaboration with R. T. Schuh on updating the online version of the Systematic Catalog of Miridae that will soon be extended to an Electronic Catalog of Heteroptera, and also contain Reduviidae. []
  • Recent and ongoing: Cassis, Gerry (Australian Museum, Sydney); Forero, Dimitri (Am. Mus. of Natural History, New York); Henry, Thomas J. (USDA, Washington); Rabitsch, Wolfgang (University of Vienna); Redei, David (Hungarian National Museum); Schuh, Randall T. (Am. Mus. of Natural History, New York); Wheeler, Ward C. (Am. Mus. of Natural History, New York).
  • Adviser undergraduate and graduate students: Supervised one undergraduate research project (ENTM197) on mirid systematics during spring 2007 (Soto, Diane). Two PhD students are enrolled at UCR in the fall quarter 2007 (Hwang, Wei Song; Zhang, Guanyang).

Updated: 27 July, 2007

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