Map of Adelphocoris lineolatus.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. -- map overlay Adelphocoris lineolatus 41.28694°N 96.28555°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00033983. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.50920°N 87.83030°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041433. Adelphocoris lineolatus 41.08861°N 74.14417°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041441. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.34722°N 104.40780°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041491. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.01344°N 87.86184°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041401. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.30388°N 93.56722°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041443. Adelphocoris lineolatus 51.14944°N 100.04944°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041445. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.04167°N 70.67278°W -- Click to see record AMNH_ENT00041456. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.65534°N 74.34730°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622790. Adelphocoris lineolatus 43.86649°N 104.27770°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000559995. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.53333°N 84.91667°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622808. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.74613°N 111.23463°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622775. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.70444°N 73.87608°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622770. Adelphocoris lineolatus 47.00000°N 20.00000°E -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000140544. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.67696°N 121.34270°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000559994. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.03517°N 95.64339°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622812. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.93319°N 65.94749°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622783. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.05812°N 93.62673°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622771. Adelphocoris lineolatus 55.47841°N 2.54697°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000140547. Adelphocoris lineolatus 47.50896°N 52.79435°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI00398489. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.38900°N 87.68690°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000622802. Adelphocoris lineolatus 43.43667°N 71.17278°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000559999. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.18196°N 57.42074°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI00398300. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.65909°N 122.21050°W -- Click to see record AMNH_PBI0000140548. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.9167°N 77.25°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC279_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 50.9333°N 118.15°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNCS212_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 48.8°N 64.95°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC281_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 37.9833°N 80.3333°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC280_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.3167°N 57.4167°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC276_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 60°N 95°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC278_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 51.1°N 114.017°W -- Click to see record BOLD__HCNC275_09. Adelphocoris lineolatus 44.79002°N 108.33872°W -- Click to see record CSUC_TCN00008861. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.58528°N 105.08389°W -- Click to see record CSUC_TCN00009953. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.05812°N 93.62673°W -- Click to see record CSUC_TCN00008856. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.52°N 6.34°E -- Click to see record GBIF199728719. Adelphocoris lineolatus 51.224964141845703°N 12.374902725219727°E -- Click to see record GBIF784562909. Adelphocoris lineolatus 43.9827766418°N 7.55333328247°E -- Click to see record GBIF472902170. Adelphocoris lineolatus 59.4748°N 18.3121°E -- Click to see record GBIF755132582. Adelphocoris lineolatus 56.8475°N 12.5456°E -- Click to see record GBIF762991530. Adelphocoris lineolatus 35.4°N 129.3°E -- Click to see record GBIF34352924. Adelphocoris lineolatus 54.430630058159785°N 3.5263075665581938°W -- Click to see record GBIF359539795. Adelphocoris lineolatus 61.838968°N 28.847920°E -- Click to see record GBIF335981011. Adelphocoris lineolatus 29.3°N 110.7°W -- Click to see record GBIF370568819. Adelphocoris lineolatus 52°N 20°E -- Click to see record GBIF207709088. Adelphocoris lineolatus 52.0037729200°N 9.4787491400°W -- Click to see record GBIF475965845. Adelphocoris lineolatus 37.4°N 126°E -- Click to see record GBIF34352926. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.3208°N 141.469°E -- Click to see record GBIF699182263. Adelphocoris lineolatus 64°N 26°E -- Click to see record GBIF440910276. Adelphocoris lineolatus 63.394381°N 10.444715°E -- Click to see record GBIF239603102. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.40135°N 9.25221°E -- Click to see record GBIF659165996. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49°N 32°E -- Click to see record GBIF207709138. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.8°N 89.5°W -- Click to see record GBIF440910278. Adelphocoris lineolatus 55.1418305111°N 51.5862515515°E -- Click to see record INAT24719820. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.1715688726°N 105.2152794251°W -- Click to see record INAT20872439. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.7714594775°N 9.5169399925°E -- Click to see record INAT14477725. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.0349602358°N 76.7383380272°W -- Click to see record INAT3817184. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.9832214089°N 32.0007559417°E -- Click to see record INAT31988147. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.3295666515°N 79.4557714471°W -- Click to see record INAT9829623. Adelphocoris lineolatus 41.1012845592°N 83.178239911°W -- Click to see record INAT4083279. Adelphocoris lineolatus 59.42215°N 17.88866°E -- Click to see record INAT18647278. Adelphocoris lineolatus 56.049013575°N 44.2390515284°E -- Click to see record INAT29997222. Adelphocoris lineolatus 43.0774481793°N 96.1617498143°W -- Click to see record INAT13632588. Adelphocoris lineolatus 53.6850204467°N 56.0892143247°E -- Click to see record INAT29767553. Adelphocoris lineolatus 32.311411°N 97.014929°W -- Click to see record INAT3290918. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.71162°N 94.8474966667°W -- Click to see record INAT7402053. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.3914266667°N 71.1487316667°W -- Click to see record INAT1600864. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.2159958666°N 60.2668011189°W -- Click to see record INAT7141690. Adelphocoris lineolatus 48.2422247222°N 7.452935°E -- Click to see record INAT7231696. Adelphocoris lineolatus 59.366198°N 18.024938°E -- Click to see record INAT18622556. Adelphocoris lineolatus 53.6730563929°N 46.4577225698°E -- Click to see record INAT18824628. Adelphocoris lineolatus 57.1929666072°N 85.8237349366°E -- Click to see record INAT34568530. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.8457064°N 71.3231145°W -- Click to see record INAT35815382. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.1953669946°N 85.0388822107°W -- Click to see record INAT14223201. Adelphocoris lineolatus 44.7124009072°N 11.6334686056°E -- Click to see record INAT27622985. Adelphocoris lineolatus 37.293242°N 7.548465°W -- Click to see record INAT6333624. Adelphocoris lineolatus 51.5692739331°N 36.0870927501°E -- Click to see record INAT29434385. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.785791°N 20.136275°E -- Click to see record INAT20946972. Adelphocoris lineolatus 48.938129425°N 101.4124755859°W -- Click to see record INAT31204090. Adelphocoris lineolatus 60.7430860719°N 32.9339885192°E -- Click to see record INAT19274465. Adelphocoris lineolatus 44.7147894°N 20.5199397°E -- Click to see record INAT3905608. Adelphocoris lineolatus 49.8813583333°N 119.427825°W -- Click to see record INAT25862110. Adelphocoris lineolatus 56.5707054138°N 8.1362333298°E -- Click to see record INAT28673958. Adelphocoris lineolatus 42.7639533333°N 132.8681283333°E -- Click to see record INAT28485500. Adelphocoris lineolatus 53.564299°N 113.274954°W -- Click to see record INAT1851406. Adelphocoris lineolatus 55.4151776388°N 65.4528537295°E -- Click to see record INAT31595627. Adelphocoris lineolatus 51.5°N 3.7°W -- Click to see record I_MWS39667. Adelphocoris lineolatus 36.40449°N 81.48822°W -- Click to see record MEMU_ENT00100661. Adelphocoris lineolatus 36.38794°N 81.54991°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169325. Adelphocoris lineolatus 44.49055°N 73.11111°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169324. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.57175°N 105.03771°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00171806. Adelphocoris lineolatus 38.24948°N 93.46778°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169345. Adelphocoris lineolatus 35.5°N 83°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169332. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.67069°N 111.14061°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169327. Adelphocoris lineolatus 37.90392°N 122.05917°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169336. Adelphocoris lineolatus 35.8°N 75.7°W -- Click to see record NCSU_ENT00169344. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.7458333333333333°N 73.7111111111111111°W -- Click to see record UCRC_ENT101179. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.92169°N 103.18995°W -- Click to see record UCRC_ENTA00269101. Adelphocoris lineolatus 45.67972°N 110.78947°W -- Click to see record UCR_ENT00064467. Adelphocoris lineolatus 40.04101°N 105.18398°W -- Click to see record UCR_ENT00064459. Adelphocoris lineolatus 46.92330°N 98.00280°W -- Click to see record UCR_ENT00064465. Adelphocoris lineolatus 39.51861°N 75.70055°W -- Click to see record UDCC_TCN00013819. Adelphocoris lineolatus 36.44616°N 81.58639°W -- Click to see record UDCC_TCN00013842.
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