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  • Anolis nebulosus, Clouded Anole;Norops nebulosus
  • Cyphon variablis, Cantharis variabilis;Cyphon ovalis Say, 1825;Cyphon fuscipes Kirby, 1837;Helodes modesta LeConte, 1853;Helodes picea LeConte, 1853;Helodes punctata LeConte, 1853;Helodes nebulosa LeConte, 1853;Cyphon modestus;Cyphon nebulosus
  • Enochrus pygmaeus_nebulosus, Hydrophilus nebulosus
  • Gastrops nebulosus, Gastrops nebulosus
  • Leptophlebia nebulosa, Blasturus nebulosus;Palingenia nebulosa;Potamanthus nebulosus;Potamanthus odonatus Walsh, 1862;Whirling dun;Early brown quill;Black quill;Black gnat;Early black quill
  • Zenopsis nebulosa, Mirror Dory;Deepsea Dory;Deepwater Dory;Mirror Perch;Silver Dory;Trawl Dory;Zeus nebulosus Temminck and Schlegel, 1845;Zenopsis nebulosus

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