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  • Acanthis flammea, Common Redpoll;Carduelis flammea;Common redpoll
  • Blandfordia grandiflora, Christmas Bells;Blandfordia flammea Lindl ex Paxton;Blandfordia aurea Hookf;Blandfordia flammea var aurea Hookf FMBailey;Blandfordia flammea var aurea Hookf Har sensu Hariot, P 1893;Blandfordia flammea var aurea FMBailey;Blandfordia flammea var princeps WGSm Baker;Blandfordia princeps WGSm;Blandfordia flammea Lindl ex Paxton var flammea;Blandfordia cunninghamii var splendens WBull
  • Littoraria luteola, Melarapha luteola;Melarhaphe luteola;Littorina scabra scabra;Littorina flammea;Littorina scabra filosa;Littorina scabra;Littorina filosa subcingulata Nevill, 1885;Littorina luteola Quoy and Gaimard, 1833

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