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Alnus rhombifolia Nutt.
Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Betulaceae   Alnus

Alnus rhombifolia
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Alnus rhombifolia

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Achilidae  Synecdoche cara @ UCR_ENT (1)

Synecdoche nervata @ UCR_ENT (1)
Aphididae  Euceraphis gillettei @ AMNH_PBI (8)

Myzocallis @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Oestlundiella flava @ AMNH_PBI (42); CSUC_TCN (2)

Pterocallis alni @ CSCA_TCN (6); CSUC_TCN (2)

Pterocallis alnifoliae @ CSCA_TCN (5); AMNH_PBI (17)

Pterocallis rhombifoliae @ CSUC_TCN (2); AMNH_PBI (1)
Botryosphaeriaceae  Phyllosticta @ BPI (1)
Cicadellidae  Idiocerus ( @ UCR_ENT (1)

Typhlocyba commissuralis @ UCR_ENT (8)
Coniophoraceae  Coniophora cerebella @ BPI (1)
Corticiaceae  Corticium incarnatum @ BPI (1)
Dermateaceae  Pezicula alni @ BPI (2)
Diaspididae  Diaspidiotus aesculi @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Diaspidiotus juglansregiae @ CSCA_TCN (2)
Diatrypaceae  Diatrype bullata @ BPI (1)

Diatrypella discoidea @ BPI (2)

Eutypella stellulata @ BPI (6)
Erysiphaceae  Microsphaera alni @ BPI (1)

Phyllactinia corylea @ BPI (3)
Gnomoniaceae  Gnomonia alni @ BPI (17)
Helotiaceae  Cenangium furfuraceum @ BPI (1)
Hymenochaetaceae  Polystictus hirsutus @ BPI (3)
Lygaeidae  Kleidocerys franciscanus @ UCR_ENT (3)

Kleidocerys resedae @ UCR_ENT (3)
Marasmiaceae  Marasmius felix @ BPI (1)
Melanconidaceae  Melanconis thelebola @ BPI (1)

Melanconium apiocarpum @ BPI (2)

Melanconium bicolor @ BPI (2)

Melanconium dimorphum @ BPI (1)

Melanconium parvulum @ BPI (1)
Membracidae  Telonaca ramona @ UCR_ENT (6)

Tortistilus albidosparsus @ UCR_ENT (1)
Miridae  Blepharidopterus angulatus @ AMNH_IZC (3)

Blepharidopterus provancheri @ AMNH_IZC (6)

Deraeocoris brevis @ AMNH_ENT (15)

Pilophorus vicarius @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Reuteroscopus unknown @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Mycosphaerellaceae  Septoria alnifolia @ BPI (12)
Nectriaceae  Nectria cinnabarina @ BPI (1)

Tubercularia confluens @ BPI (2)
Noctuidae  Hypospila californica @ BPI (1)
Peniophoraceae  Peniophora aurantiaca @ BPI (2)

Peniophora setigera @ BPI (1)
Pentatomidae  Banasa dimiata @ UCR_ENT (1)
Phanerochaetaceae  Erythricium laetum @ BPI (2)
Polyporaceae  Fomes igniarius @ BPI (1)

Lentinus lecomtei @ BPI (1)

Polyporus adustus @ BPI (1)

Polyporus chioneus @ BPI (1)

Polyporus gilvus @ BPI (3)

Polyporus hirsutus @ BPI (2)

Polyporus semipileatus @ BPI (1)
Pseudococcidae  Phenacoccus solani @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Psyllidae  Psylla alni @ UCR_ENT (38)
Pucciniastraceae  Melampsoridium alni @ BPI (6)

Melampsoridium hiratsukanum @ BPI (1)
Schizophyllaceae  Schizophyllum commune @ BPI (1)
Sebacinaceae  Sebacina @ BPI (1)
Steccherinaceae  Irpex farinaceus @ BPI (1)

Odontia bombycina @ BPI (1)

Odontia fimbriata @ BPI (1)
Stereaceae  Stereum fasciatum @ BPI (3)

Stereum hirsutum @ BPI (2)
Strophariaceae  Hypholoma perplexum @ BPI (1)

Stropharia ambigua @ BPI (1)
Taphrinaceae  Taphrina occidentalis @ BPI (5)

Taphrina robinsoniana @ BPI (1)

Taphrina tosquinetii @ BPI (2)
Tricholomataceae  Clitocybe odora @ BPI (1)

Helotium lenticulare @ BPI (1)

Trogia alni @ BPI (1)
Valsaceae  Valsa ceratophora @ BPI (1)

Valsa truncata @ BPI (1)
Xylariaceae  Daldinia concentrica @ BPI (1)

Daldinia occidentalis @ BPI (1)

Hypoxylon fuscum @ BPI (1)

Hypoxylon multiforme @ BPI (1)
_  Cytosporina cerviculata @ BPI (3)

Grandinia farinacea @ BPI (1)

Leptothyrium alneum @ BPI (3)

unknown unknown @ AMNH_PBI (4)

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Alnus rhombifolia Nutt.
white alder

Image of Alnus rhombifolia

General Information
Symbol: ALRH2
Group: Dicot
Family: Betulaceae
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit : Tree
Native Status : L48   N
Data Source and Documentation
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Native Status:
lower 48 status L48    Alaska status AK    Hawaii status HI    Puerto Rico status PR    Virgin Islands status VI    Navassa Island NAV    Canada status CAN    Greenland status GL    Saint Pierre and Michelon status SPM    North America NA   


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Symbol Scientific Name
ALRHB Alnus rhombifolia Nutt. var. bernardina Munz & I.M. Johnst.


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Rank Scientific Name and Common Name
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Hamamelididae
Order Fagales
Family Betulaceae – Birch family
Genus Alnus Mill. – alder
Species Alnus rhombifolia Nutt. – white alder

Subordinate Taxa

This plant has no children

Legal Status

Wetland Status

Interpreting Wetland Status

North America
Arid West FACW
Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast FACW

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Value Class Food Cover

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3. Alnus rhombifolia Nuttall, N. Amer. Sylv. 1: 49. 1842.

White alder, California alder

Alnus rhombifolia var. bernardina Munz & I. M. Johnston

Trees , to 35 m; trunks often several, crowns spreading, open. Bark light gray, smooth, becoming darker and breaking into scales in age; lenticels inconspicuous. Winter buds stipitate, ellipsoid to obovoid, 3--9 mm, apex rounded; stalks 3--5 mm; scales 2, equal, valvate, sometimes incompletely covering underlying leaves, moderately to heavily resin-coated. Leaf blade narrowly elliptic to rhombic, rarely ovate, 4--9 × 2--5 cm, base cuneate to rounded, margins flat, finely serrate or serrulate, sometimes slightly lobed, without noticeably larger secondary teeth, apex acute or obtuse to rounded; surfaces abaxially sparsely pubescent to villous. Inflorescences formed season before flowering and exposed during winter; staminate catkins in 1 or more clusters of 3--7, 3--10 cm, stamens 2, or 4 with 2 reduced in size; pistillate catkins in 1 or more clusters of 2--6. Flowering before new growth in spring. Infructescences ovoid to nearly cylindric, 1--2.2 × 0.7--1 cm; peduncles 1--10 mm. Samaras broadly elliptic, wings narrower than body, irregular in shape, leathery.