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Andrena stagei Linsley & MacSwain, 1962
Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Apoidea   Andrenidae   Andrena
Subgenus: Onagrandrena

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Text used courtesy of the Illinois Natural History Survey from: LaBerge, W. E., Thorp, R. W., 2005. A revision of the bees of the genus Andrena of the Western Hemisphere. Part XIV. Subgenus Onagrandrena. Illinois Natural History Survey Bulletin 37: 1-63.

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Andrena stagei is known only from the type material and only in the female sex. These females are very similar to those of boronensis with sparse punctures on terga 2-4, but have the scopal hairs of the hind tibiae slightly longer and sparser.

FEMALE: MEASUREMENTS AND RATIOS. N = 1; length, 11.0 mm; width, 3.5 mm; WL, 4.05 mm; FL/FW, 1.04; FOVL/FOVW, 2.81.

DIAGNOSIS. Color of vestiture and integument as in oenotherae but wings slightly more infumate. Galeae, labral process, clypeal sculpture and pronotum as in oenotherae. Vertex above lateral ocellus shorter than one ocellar diameter, ocelli slightly enlarged. Mesoscutum, scutellum, and propodeum sculptured as in oenotherae. Metasomal terga 2 and 3 with apical areas with punctures separated mostly by 3 to 5 puncture widths, punctures small to minute, basal areas with punctures separated by 1 to 3 or more puncture widths, surfaces shiny. Thoracic dorsum with long hairs as in oenotherae; scopal hairs long, simple, sparse, not hiding surface of tibia at least medially.

TYPE MATERIAL. The holotype female and two female paratypes of Andrena (O.) stagei (CAS No. 11, 280) were collected at Little America (22 miles W of Green River), Sweetwater County, Wyoming, June 20, 1960, at flowers of Oenothera pallida trichocalyx by. Stage (Fig. 5). Since this species is known only from the type specimens, no further distribution or floral data are cited.

Scientific source:

Andrena (Onagrandrena) stagei Linsley and MacSwain, 1962, Pan-Pacific Ent., 38: 52; Linsley, MacSwain, and Raven, 1963, Univ. California Publ. Ent., 33: 31, 38.

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