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Callitris glaucophylla Joy Thomps. &. L. A. S. Johnson
White Pine; White Cypress; White Cypress Pine; Callitris columellaris var campestris Silba; Callitris glauca RBr ex RTBaker & HGSm

Life   Plantae   Gymnospermae   Cupressaceae   Callitris

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Miridae  Coridromius @ UNSW_ENT (1)

Gn_bb_orthotylini sp_bbhen13msp057 @ UNSW_ENT (5)

Gn_bb_orthotylini sp_bbhen13msp062 @ UNSW_ENT (2)

Gn_bb_orthotylini sp_bbhen13msp064 @ UNSW_ENT (22)

Orthotylus sp_ms_antennarubrus @ AMNH_PBI (16)

Orthotylus sp_ms_aptus @ AMNH_PBI (7)

Orthotylus sp_ms_aus1_and_2 @ AMNH_PBI (30)

Orthotylus sp_ms_cordylinus @ AMNH_PBI (13)

Orthotylus sp_ms_gammoni @ AMNH_PBI (7)

Orthotylus sp_ms_glaucophylla @ AMNH_PBI (22)

Orthotylus sp_ms_graciliphilus @ AMNH_PBI (2)

Orthotylus sp_ms_majori @ AMNH_PBI (28)

Orthotylus sp_ms_pullabooka @ AMNH_PBI (19)

Orthotylus sp_ms_schuhi @ AMNH_PBI (11)

Orthotylus sp_ms_xerophilus @ AMNH_PBI (8)
Pachygronthidae  Stenophyella macreta @ UNSW_ENT (1)
Pentatomidae  Alcaeus @ UNSW_ENT (1)

Sciomenida mcfarlandi @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Tingidae  Eritingis aporema @ AMNH_PBI (11)

Eritingis sp_03_poss_aporema @ AMNH_PBI (66)

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1. Callitris glaucophylla J. Thompson & L. P. Johnson, Telopea. 2: 731. 1986.

White cypress-pine

Callitris columellaris F. Mueller var. campestris Silba

Shrubs or trees to 30 m. Bark brown, furrowed. Leaves in whorls of 3 (sometimes 4 or 5 when juvenile), usually glaucous, juvenile leaves 7--8 mm, mature leaves 1--3 mm with apex broadly acute. Pollen cones cylindric-oblong, 5--10 ´ 2--5 mm. Seed cones depressed-globose to ovoid, 1.2--2 cm, dark brown; peduncle 7--8 mm; scales thin, indistinctly dentate along margin, separating almost to base when mature, alternate ones short and narrow, larger ones angled, often sharply, toward apex. Seeds 4--5 mm, chestnut brown.

Sand pine scrub and thickets, often near plantings of the species; introduced; 0--10 m; Fla.; Australia.

Callitris glaucophylla is naturalized in Brevard, Indian River, Orange, and Seminole counties in Florida.

This inland Australian species is sometimes united with the eastern coastal Callitris columellaris F. Mueller under that name or distinguished at varietal rank (var. campestris Silba). The names C . glauca R. Brown ex R. T. Baker & H. G. Smith and C . hugelii (Carrière) Franco have been applied erroneously to it.

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