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Chlopsis apterus
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Chlopsis apterus

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Chlopsis bicollaris
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Chlopsis bicollaris
Chlopsis apterus
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Chlopsis apterus

Chlopsis kazuko
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Chlopsis kazuko
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Main identification features
  • lower jaw shorter
  • dorsal fin origin over gill opening
  • median fins well developed, confluent
  • nostrils: anterior tubular, posterior in upper lip
  • pectorals absent


Elongate, slightly compressed; snout bluntly pointed; front nostril tubular, points downward; rear nostril opens in top lip under eye; mouth moderately large, extends behind eye; jaw teeth small, in 2 rows; 2 series of teeth on front roof of mouth; lateral line pores on head only; gill opening small, oval, lateral; pectoral fins absent; dorsal and anal fins well developed, continuous with tail fin, dorsal origin ~over gill opening.

A tropical to warm temperate genus with about 6 species; occurs on both sides of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the western Indian Ocean, as well as our region, in which there are 3 endemics.

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