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Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Labill.) Steetz
Common Everlasting; Gnaphalium apiculatum Labill; Argyrocome apiculata Cass sensu Cassini, AHG 1825; Argyrocome apiculata Cass ex BDJacks sensu Jackson, BD 1893; Helichrysum apiculatum Labill DDon; Helichrysum apiculatum Labill Dc var apiculatum; Helichrysum apiculatum Labill Dc f apiculatum; Helichrysum apiculatum Labill Dc; Helichrysum apiculatum var typicum Domin sensu Domin, K 1930; Helichrysum odorum Dc; Helichrysum odorum Dc var odorum; Helichrysum odorum var typicum Domin sensu Domin, K 1930; Helichrysum odorum var arachnoideum Domin; Chrysocephalum odorum Dc Walp; Gnaphalium odorum Dc SchBip; Helichrysum squarrulosum Dc; Chrysocephalum squarrulosum Dc Steetz; Chrysocephalum squarrulosum Dc Steetz var squarrulosum; Gnaphalium squarrulosum Dc SchBip; Gnaphalium flavissimum Sieber ex Spreng; Helichrysum flavissimum Sieber ex Spreng Dc; Chrysocephalum flavissimum Sieber ex Spreng Steetz; Chrysocephalum flavispinum orth var Walp sensu Walpers, WG 1846; Helichrysum apiculatum var flavissimum Sieber ex Spreng Domin; Chrysocephalum helichrysoides Walp; Chrysocephalum canescens Turcz; Chrysocephalum glabratum Turcz; Helichrysum ramosissimum Hook; Helichrysum ramosissimum Hook var ramosissimum; Helichrysum apiculatum var minor Benth; Helichrysum apiculatum var occidentalis Benth; Helichrysum semiamplexicaule Domin; Helichrysum semiamplexicaule Domin var semiamplexicaule; Helichrysum semiamplexicaule var simpliciusculum Domin; Helichrysum ambiguum var paucisetum JMBlack; Helichrysum apiculatum var racemosum JMBlack; Yellow-buttons; Helichrysum apiculatum

Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Asteraceae   Chrysocephalum

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Associates · map
FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Lygaeidae  Nysius vinitor @ UNSW_ENT (9)
Miridae  Gn_orthotylinigp38 sp_004 @ UNSW_ENT (10)

Jiwarli exmaculae @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Wallabicoris chrysocephali @ AMNH_PBI (10)
Tingidae  Inoma arrernte @ UNSW_ENT (2)

Lasiacantha aureolus @ AMNH_PBI (3)

Nethersia sp_ms_tomentosa @ AMNH_PBI (2)
_  Asterophylus chrysocephali @ AMNH_PBI (124)


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