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Eratoneura lata Beamer, 1932
Life   Insecta   Hemiptera   Auchenorrhyncha   Cicadellidae   Eratoneura

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  • Illinois Natural History Survey

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Aceraceae  Acer rubrum @ III (1)
Aquifoliaceae  Ilex decidua @ III (1)
Betulaceae  Alnus sp @ III (1)

Carpinus caroliniana @ III (2)

Carpinus sp @ III (3)

Corylus americana @ III (1); NCSU (1)

Corylus sp @ III (1)
Cornaceae  Cornus florida @ III (8)

Cornus sp @ III (3)
Fabaceae  Cercis canadensis @ III (1)
Hippocastanaceae  Aesculus sp @ III (1)
Juglandaceae  Carya sp @ III (1)
Myricaceae  Myrica sp @ III (1)
Platanaceae  Platanus occidentalis @ III (1)
Ulmaceae  Ulmus alata @ AMNH_IZC (1); III (3)