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  • Fulvia australis, The Southern Cockle;Papyridea australe;Cardium tenuicostatum;Cardium australe Sowerby, 1834;Cardium pulchrum Reeve, 1845;Cardium striatum Spengler, 1799;Cardium varium Sowerby, 1834
  • Fulvia tenuicostata, Common Southern Cockle;Narrowly Ribbed Heart Cockle;Rackett's Strawberry Cockle;The Thin-ribbed Cockle;Papyridea tenuicostatum;Regozara racketti;Fulvia fagea;Cardium racketti Donovan, 1825;Cardium radiatum Reeve, 1845;Cardium tenuicostatum Lamarck, 1819;Hemicardium tegulatum Dautzenberg, 1900

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