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  • Pleurocladula albescens, Cephalozia albescens;Cephalozia islandica var albescens;Jungermannia albescens;Pleuroclada albescens fo islandica;Pleuroclada albescens var scotica;Pleuroclada albescens;Pleurocladula islandica;Trigonanthus albescens
  • Rorippa palustris, Bog yellowcress;Marsh Watercress;Yellow Cress;Yellow Marsh-cress;Marsh Yellow-cress;Marsh Cress;Sisymbrium amphibium var palustre L;Sisymbrium palustre L Leyss;Nasturtium palustre L Dc;Nasturtium terrestre With Aiton;Sisymbrium terrestre With;Nasturtium semipinnatifidum Hook;Nasturtium terrestre var semipinnatifidum Hook Hookf;Cardamine palustris f barbareaefolia Delile Kuntze;Sisymbrium barbareaefolium Delile;Nasturtium palustre;Rorippa islandica

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