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  • Neohecalus lineatus, Glossocratus lineatus;Glossocratus fenestratus Uhler, 1877;Hecalus lineatus
  • Oniscus asellus, Oniscus affinis Say;Oniscus vicarius Stuxberg;Oniscus fossor;Oniscus lamperti;Oniscus languidus;Oniscus lineatus;Oniscus murarius;Oniscus nodulosus;Oniscus taeniola;Porcellio lineatus;Porcellio taeniola
  • Phasianotrochus eximius, Kelp Shell;True Kelp Or Cantharidus;Cantharidus badius;Cantharidus eximius;Cantharidus leucostigma;Cantharidus peronii;Elenchus badius;Elenchus leucostigma;Elenchus lineatus;Phasianotrochus eximius;Trochus lineatus;Trochus roseus;Bulimus carinatus Perry, 1811;Elenchus ocellatus Gould, 1862;Elenchus splendidulus Swainson, 1840;Monodonta lineata Lamarck, 1822;Monodonta rosea Lamarck, 1822;Trochus australis Quoy and Gaimard, 1834;Trochus badius Wood, 1828;Trochus fulimineus Kiener, 1850;Trochus gracilis Philippi, 1851;Trochus leucostigma Philippi, 1845;Trochus lividus Kiener, 1850;Trochus nitidus Kiener, 1850;Trochus peronii Philippi, 1846;Trochus quoyi Philippi, 1846;Trochus vermiculosus Kiener, 1850;Bulimus eximius Perry, 1811

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