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  • Ardisia brevis, Icacorea brevis
  • Bromus brevis, Ceratochloa brevis Nees ex Steud DOCross & Vickery;Bromus unioloides var rupestris Speg;Bromus catharticus var rupestris Speg Planchuelo & PMPeterson;Ceratochloa brevis Nees ex BDJacks sensu Jackson, BD 1893;Patagonian Brome;Ceratochloa brevis
  • Bryopteris filicina, Bryopteris brevis;Bryopteris flaccida;Bryopteris fruticulosa subsp fruticulosa;Bryopteris fruticulosa subsp monoica;Bryopteris fruticulosa;Bryopteris galapagona;Bryopteris liebmanniana;Bryopteris longispica;Bryopteris tenuicaulis;Bryopteris trinitensis;Jungermannia filicina;Jungermannia trinitensis;Lejeunea filicina;Lejeunea longispica
  • Chiloscyphus brevis, Lophocolea brevis
  • Diminovula whitworthi, Prionovolva brevis;Pseudosimnia whitworthi Cate, 1973
  • Haploperla brevis, Chloroperla brevis;Alloperla brevis;Isopteryx oculata Klapalek, 1923;Hastaperla calcarea Ricker, 1935;Hastaperla brevis;Least sallfly
  • Liostomia consobrina, Austrorissopsis consobrina Tate and May, 1900;Rissopsis brevis;Rissopsis brevis May, 1919;Rissopsis consobrina Tate and May, 1900
  • Myadora brevis, Anatina brevis;Myadora triggi Cotton and Godfrey, 1938;Pandora brevis Sowerby, 1829
  • Prionovolva brevis, Ovula brevis;Phenacovolva brevis;Prionovolva brevis;Ovula bullata Gould, 1861;Ovulum breve Sowerby, 1828
  • Scaphosepalum breve, Scaphosepalum verrucosum;Masdevallia brevis
  • Stictocephala brevis, Ceresa brevis
  • Trichosalpinx memor, Trichosalpinx greenwoodiana;Trichosalpinx nageliana;Pleurothallis memor;Trichosalpinx minutipetala;Pleurothallis minutipetala;Pleurothallis gnomonifera;Pleurothallis brevis;Humboldtia memor;Pleurothallis ciliaris

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