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Pinus muricata D. Don
Life   Plantae   Gymnospermae   Pinaceae   Pinus

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Achilidae  Synecdoche nemoralis @ UDCC_TCN (1)
Amphisphaeriaceae  Pestalotia funerea @ BPI (1)
Biatorellaceae  Biatorella resinae @ 662315B (1); 662315A (1); BPI (1)
Boletaceae  Boletus edulis @ BPI (1)
Clavulinaceae  Clavulina cristata @ BPI (1)
Coccidae  Physokermes insignicola @ CSCA_TCN (23)
Coniophoraceae  Coniophora cerebella @ BPI (3)
Cronartiaceae  Cronartium cerebrum @ BPI (1)

Cronartium coleosporioides @ BPI (1)

Cronartium fusiforme @ BPI (1)

Cronartium harknessii @ BPI (2)

Cronartium quercuum @ BPI (1)

Cronartium strobilinum @ BPI (1)
Gomphaceae  Gomphus clavatus @ BPI (1)
Hyaloscyphaceae  Cistella parksii @ BPI (2)

Hyaloscypha stevensonii @ BPI (1)
Marasmiaceae  Marasmius androsaceus @ BPI (1)
Meruliaceae  Merulius corium @ BPI (1)
Miridae  Pappus usingeri @ AMNH_PBI (2); AMNH_ENT (1)

Phytocoris stellatus @ AMNH_PBI (33)
Polyporaceae  Cryptoporus volvatus @ BPI (1)

Fomes pini @ BPI (1)

Polyporus schweinitzii @ BPI (1)

Polyporus volvatus @ BPI (1)

Poria xantha @ BPI (1)
Pseudococcidae  Dysmicoccus pinicolus @ CSCA_TCN (9)
Psyllidae  Cacopsylla curta @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Reduviidae  Sinea @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Rhytismataceae  Naemacyclus niveus @ BPI (1)
Sparassidaceae  Sparassis radicata @ BPI (1)
Tricholomataceae  Helotium @ BPI (1)

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38. Pinus muricata D. Don, Trans. Linn. Soc. London, Bot. 17: 441. 1836.

Bishop pine

Pinus muricata var. borealis Axelrod; P . muricata var. cedrosensis J.T. Howell; P . muricata var. stantonii Axelrod; P . radiata var. binata (Engelmann) Brewer & S.Watson; P . remorata H.Mason

Trees to 24m; trunk to 0.9m diam., straight to contorted; crown becoming rounded, flattened, or irregular. Bark dark gray, deeply furrowed, ridges long, scaly-plated. Branches spreading-ascending, often contorted; twigs stout to slender, orange-brown, aging darker brown, rough. Buds ovoid-cylindric, dark brown, 1--2.5cm, resinous. Leaves 2 per fascicle, spreading to upcurved, persisting 2--3 years, 8--15cm ´ (1.2--)1.5(--2)mm, slightly twisted, dark yellow-green, all surfaces with stomatal lines, margins strongly serrulate, apex abruptly conic-acute; sheath to 1.5cm, base persistent. Pollen cones ellipsoid, to 5mm, orange. Seed cones maturing in 3 years, serotinous, long-persistent, mostly in whorls, mostly asymmetric, lanceoloid-ovoid before opening, curved-ovoid when open, 4--9cm, glossy bright to pale red-brown, sessile or on stalks to 1cm, mostly downcurved, scales with deep red-brown border distally on adaxial surface; apophyses much thickened, the abaxial ones progressively more angulately dome-shaped toward base of cone; umbo central, a stout-based, curved claw. Seeds obliquely ellipsoid; body 6--7mm, dark brown to near black; wing 15--20mm. 2 n =24.

Dry ridges to coastal, windshorn forests, often in or around bogs; of conservation concern; 0--300m; Calif.; Mexico in Baja California.

The several varieties described for Pinus muricata reflect the high variability in leaf characters and in degree of elaboration of apophysis and umbo in this species. The extremes can sometimes occur together.

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