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Platythyrea parallela SmithF. 1859
Platythyrea wroughtonii; Platythyrea cephalotes Viehmeyer, 1924; Platythyrea parva Crawley, 1915; Platythyrea pusilla australis Forel, 1915; Ponera parallela Smith, 1859

Life   Insecta   Hymenoptera   Formicidae   Platythyrea


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Platythyrea parallela, side
© Copyright Gary Alpert, 2005-2008 · 0
Platythyrea parallela, side
Platythyrea parallela, top
© Copyright Gary Alpert, 2005-2008 · 0
Platythyrea parallela, top
Scientific source:

Geographic distribution
In the Philippines, Mt. Isarog Natural Park, Camarines Sur Province, Luzon Island.

VIETNAM - A junior synonym of this species, i.e., Platythyrea annamita Forel, 1911, was described from Vietnam. We have not yet recognized this species from Vietnam. [written by K. Eguchi, 23.Sept.2005]

Natural history
This species forages in the foliage.

How to encounter
Beat low vegetation over a white sheet.

Forel, A. 1911. Ameisen aus Ceylon, gesammelt von Prof. K. Escherich (einige von Prof. E. Bugnion). Pp. 215-228 in: Escherich, K. Termitenleben auf Ceylon. Jena: Gustav Fischer,/i>, xxxii 262 pp.
Brown, W. L. Jr. 1975. Contributions toward a reclassification of the Formicidae. 5. Ponerinae, tribes Platythyreini, Cerapachyini, Cylindromyrmecini, Acanthostichini, and Aenictogitini. Search Agriculture 5. Entomology (Ithaca) 15:1-115.

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