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Saccogaster normae
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Saccogaster normae

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Main identification features
  • lateral linecontinuous
  • dorsal and anal finscontinuous with c
  • preopercle - no spine
  • pelvic = 1 threadpectoral base - long bones
  • scales: head none, body none/few


No forward-pointing spine on head; eye small; top jaw bone vertically expanded at rear; teeth on sides of roof of mouth; 0-6 gill rakers on first gill arch; scales absent from head and reduced or absent from body; no spines at lower corner of preoperculum, spine at upper corner of operculum; 8 branchiostegal rays; pectoral fin supported by long radial bones; dorsal and anal fins broadly joined to tail fin; pectoral fin 12-23 rays; pelvic fin is a single thread that originates under base of pectoral fin; anal fin originates on rear half of body; male with a stalked sex organ.

An Indo-Pacific and west Atlantic genus with eight species, one of them endemic to our region.

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