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  • We are a stock photo agency specializing in Anthropology and Behavioral Biology.

  • We have photos of tribal peoples, peasant societies, hunter-gatherers, human evolution, animal behavior, and natural history.

  • Contact us for expert help in illustrating books or articles in the social, behavorial, and biological sciences.


  • Claire DeVore - (617) 484-6490,

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Bedouin Chimpanzee Masai


  • Overview:
    Anthro-Photo provides clients with the images provided by scientists from long term field studies.  Begun thirty years ago with a small group of anthropologists, biologists and archeologists from Harvard University, Anthro-Photo has expanded to include many world famous scientists who provide historically accurate images with captions that are science based, not “guessed at” by the photographer. Our pictures aren’t “set up” or taken at a tourist demonstration of what the cultures used to do.  Our photographers were there, they lived in the field, they are the authorities on the cultures and animals they photographed.

  • Why we are different:
    Anthro-Photo is owned and run by Anthropologists and Biologists. We have been illustrating textbooks and magazines for thirty years.  We stand behind our photographs with not only accurate captions, but the scientific knowledge that allows us to know what you are looking for before you do.  Unlike “McStock Agencies” we specialize in certain topics, which enables us to drill down into our stock to provide the image you need to illustrate a concept.  We are reachable for personal help, not just an unanswered voice mail or email.  We take the time to get it right, and will contact our photographers for more information when needed.

  • Stock:
    Anthropology both biological and cultural, paleontology, animal behavior, scientists at work, with a focus on disappearing cultures.

  • Copyright:
    All Images Copyright Protected. All rights reserved.