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Mapping Cricket and Katydid Results

As data during the night of the 11th come in, we will upload the information to Discover Life. We will use their Global Mapper to create a cricket and katydid specific interface for the NYC region. We will have maps that display where people have done their surveys as well as maps for each of the species.


      Click on maps to zoom in. Click on points to see details.

  • Sound Files : If you would like to download any or all of the sound
    files of the phone calls from the field or some of the field recordings
    you can do so at the following two web addresses:

A flat file with $ delimited data is available here and will be refreshed every 10-15 minutes throughout the 12-14th and then once a day thereafter. Simply use CTRL-S to save or the "save page as" function on your bowser and the import it into Excel or whatever program you please. Please download and use/evaluate/play with the data it can be used for any purpose. Contact Sam Droege ( if you have additional questions.

Six Significant Landscapes
Wallace Stevens

 An old man sits
 In the shadow of a pine tree
 In China.
 He sees larkspur,
 Blue and white,
 At the edge of the shadow,
 Move in the wind.
 His beard moves in the wind.
 The pine tree moves in the wind.
 Thus water flows
 Over weeds.
 The night is of the colour
 Of a woman's arm:
 Night, the female,
 Fragrant and supple,
 Conceals herself.
 A pool shines,
 Like a bracelet
 Shaken in a dance.
 I measure myself
 Against a tall tree.
 I find that I am much taller,
 For I reach right up to the sun,
 With my eye;
 And I reach to the shore of the sea
 With my ear.
 Nevertheless, I dislike
 The way ants crawl
 In and out of my shadow.
 When my dream was near the moon,
 The white folds of its gown
 Filled with yellow light.
 The soles of its feet
 Grew red.
 Its hair filled
 With certain blue crystallizations
 From stars,
 Not far off.
 Not all the knives of the lamp-posts,
 Nor the chisels of the long streets,
 Nor the mallets of the domes
 And high towers,
 Can carve
 What one star can carve,
 Shining through the grape-leaves.
 Rationalists, wearing square hats,
 Think, in square rooms,
 Looking at the floor,
 Looking at the ceiling.
 They confine themselves
 To right-angled triangles.
 If they tried rhomboids,
 Cones, waving lines, ellipses --
 As, for example, the ellipse of the half-moon --
 Rationalists would wear sombreros.

Katydids are not Optional

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