Building Web Pages on

John Pickering
University of Georgia
17 November, 2002

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  • Overview
  • File Transfer -- FTP, Fetch or other File Transfer Software from your PC to Discover Life's Web servers
  • Login -- Putty.exe, NiftyTelnet or other terminal emulators to allow you to login to the Web server
  • Directory Structure on the Discover Life's Web servers
  • Operating system commands on Discover Life's Unix/Linux Web servers
  • Editing Text:
  • HTML -- explains file structure and tags to format Web pages
  • Browser -- use Internet Explorer, Netscape, or another browser to view Web pages
  • Email -- use Eudora, Pegassus, Pine, or other email software to allow you to use email

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This document tells you how to build Web pages and IDnature guides on Discover Life and other Websites.

Editing Text

Use a plain text editor such as SimpleText on a MacIntosh or Notepad on a PC. You can also use a word processor as long as you save the file as plain text.
If you use a word processor, be very certain that it is saved as a plain text file. SimpleText and Notepad automatically save as plain text.
Certain word processors, such as Word Perfect, have HTML converters that allow you to save your text documents in HTML format.

For example, in Word Perfect, go to "File," and use the "Save As..." option, choosing the "HTML" option.
Name your file with an .html extension.

File Transfer

Use Fetch to "Put" files from your local PC into your account on the Web server.

  1. Go to "File" and "Open" a session.
    The host name is
  2. Put the files in the appropriate directory.
    "Put" .html text files on the host server in TEXT mode.
    "Put" .jpg and .gif image files on the server in BINARY (RAW) mode.

  3. Exit Fetch using "File" and "Quit".


The UNIX operating system's commands are case sensitive.
Unless otherwise specified, always use lower case to enter your account name and other commands.


Netscape is an excellent Web browser for viewing Web pages.


Eudora is a good mail program for sending and receiving email on your local computer to and from your account on This allows you to read and send mail when you are "offline," which is preferable if you are connecting via modem. Netscape mail and Internet Explorer mail are less sophisticated versions of the same thing, but they work equally well. These mail clients are not required to build Web pages, nor are they necessary to receive your email.

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