Uploading images to Discover Life from Mac OS X computers

The following steps explain how a Mac user can set up a photo album and share images on Discover Life.


  1. Contact us for an account
  2. Download and install software
  3. Upload images
  4. Edit associated information for where and when
  5. Identify species

How-to Videos:

  1. Downloading software and uploading images
  2. Editing images for where and when
  3. Identifying species

For More Details:

Myripristis jacobus
Photography by Andy Arrison
Myripristis jacobus Cuvier, 1829
Blackbar soldierfish
Updated: 11 June, 2018

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Contact Discover Life to get your user name and password for your account
  • email: dl@discoverlife.org (Becka Walcott)
Please provide us with your full name, email, location (country, state/province, and county) and name of a favorite species. If you are under 14, please use a parent, guardian, or teacher's email and not your own.

Download and install software

Note: Text on the page appearing in fucshia is a command you will enter. When text appears in green it refers to your personalized user information.

  1. Click download to put our install.sh file on your computer.
  2. Close Downloads window.
  3. Type Terminal in the spotlight search box -- the 'magnifying glass' usually located at the top right hand corner of the desktop.
  4. Click the Terminal icon to open a terminal window.
  5. Type in the following command:
    sh D*/install.sh (This command is case sensitive - be sure to use capital D not lowercase d)
  6. Hit Enter/Return.
  7. Type in your username.
  8. Hit Enter/return.
  9. Only if 'RSA key fingerprint is ...' appears, type yes and hit Enter/return.
  10. Type in your password. You will not be able to see the text that you are typing, this is for security purposes. Your password is case sensitive too.
  11. Hit Enter/return.
  12. When [Process completed] appears, close the terminal window by clicking on its red button.
  13. Now test if it works: Go to your desktop and open the DiscoverLife folder that was created.
  14. Double click on the __upload__ icon.
  15. Only if 'There is no default application specified to open..." appears, do the following:
    • Use 'Choose application'
    • Select 'All Applications' in the 'Recommended Applications' dropdown box, above the lists that appear.
    • Within the lists, then click on 'Applications' -> 'Utilities' -> 'Terminal'
    • Click 'Open'
    • Click 'Update'
  16. Enter your username. If you see [Process completed], the __upload__ program that sends images to Discover Life is installed.
  17. Close the terminal window by clicking on its red button.
  18. Go to the next step -- Upload images.

Uploading images

  1. Drag the jpg (or JPG) images that you would like to contribute into the DiscoverLife folder.
  2. Double click on the __upload__ icon inside your DiscoverLife folder. This will open a Terminal window.
  3. In the terminal window, type in your username.
  4. Hit Enter/Return.
  5. Type in your password.
  6. Hit Enter/Return.
  7. Your images should start uploading to Discover Life. If something goes wrong before all your images are uploaded, simply close the Terminal window and click the __upload__ icon again (step 2). All additions to your album should be available the next day on the website. If you need them sooner, please contact us.
  8. Once the images have been processed and put up on the web, go back to the DiscoverLife folder on your desktop and remove the images that you have just uploaded. Be careful not to delete __upload__.

If you have additional information pertaining to your images, such as a spreadsheet, please contact dl@discoverlife and we will assist you in processing the data.

Edit associated information for where and when

Identify species

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