Uploading images to Discover Life from your PC

The following steps explain how a PC user can set up a photo album and share images on Discover Life.


  1. Contact us for an account
  2. Download and install software
  3. Upload images
  4. Edit associated information for where and when
  5. Identify species

How-to Videos:

  1. Downloading software and uploading images
  2. Editing images for where and when
  3. Identifying species

For More Details:

Vanessa atalanta rubria
Photograph by Michael Lindemann
Vanessa atalanta (Linnaeus, 1758)
Updated: 11 June, 2018

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Contact Discover Life to get your user name and password for your account
  • email: dl@discoverlife.org (Becka Walcott)
Please provide us with your full name, email, location (country, state/province, and county) and name of a favorite species. If you are under 14, please use a parent, guardian, or teacher's email and not your own.

Download and install software

Downloading and installing the following software enables you to transfer photos and other files from your PC to our servers.

[Note: Prior to 27 May, 2018, our contributors used SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe to upload files from PC's. The upload.discoverlife.org machine at SHSU does not support SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9.exe because it contains a security hole. Please use WINSCP instead.]

Uploading images

Becka, Pls tweak the following instructions for WINSCP. Currently they are for SSHSecureShellClient.

Note: Text on the page appearing in fucshia is a command you will enter. When text on this page appears in green it refers to your personalized Discover Life user information.

  1. Open up WINSCP File Transfer by clicking on its icon.
  2. In the top tool bar there is an option entitled "Quickconnect", click on this (or on the little computer icon).
  3. In the host name box type upload.discoverlife.org
  4. In the username box type the username assigned to you by Discover Life.
    NOTE: Your username is case sensitive.
    Leave the other values as they appear.
  5. You may get an error or host identification warning here, if so -- continue, yes, ignore, ... save key to your machine.
  6. Fill in your password in the appropriate box and login.
    NOTE: Your password is case sensitive.
  7. Make sure that the images that you want to send over are in jpeg format at the highest resolution your camera allows.
  8. Click "Window" then "New File Transfer".
  9. The left side of the frame contains all of the files on your PC.
    The right side of the frame contains all of your files on Discover Life.
  10. HEY! EVERYONE MISSES THIS STEP: On the right side, open the "images" folder.
  11. Select the jpeg images on your PC in the left frame,
    and drag them to the the right frame.
    Do not drag entire folders into the images folder, just your individual jpegs.
  12. You will have to wait for the images to upload before you shut the program down. Their progress is shown in blue under the two frames.
  13. All images that you upload should be available the next morning on the website. If you need them sooner, please contact dl@discoverlife.org

Edit associated information for where and when

Identify species

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