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Mothing · Results

Table 3. Sorting categories -- 33.9 -83.3
Updated: 2020-04-05 08:58:17 gmt

sorting categorycount
moth Acrolepiidae Acrolepiopsis new1
moth Acrolophidae227
moth Acrolophidae n19
moth Acrolophidae new1
moth Acrolophidae new aa1
moth Antaeotricha new1
moth Arctiidae5
moth Arctiidae Crambidia8
moth Blastobasidae596
moth Blastobasidae r5
moth Bucculatricidae1
moth Bucculatrix new5
moth Chordaceae Elachista new1
moth Coleophoridae185
moth Coleophoridae new1
moth Cosmopterigidae13
moth Cosmopterigidae Perimede4
moth Crambidae61
moth Crambidae Crambus11
moth Crambidae Crambus new5
moth Crambidae Crocidophora1
moth Crambidae Donacaula1
moth Crambidae Elophila1
moth Crambidae Microcrambus2
moth Crambidae Pyrausta43
moth Crambidae Scoparia8
moth Crambidae Udea1
moth Crambidae arrow140
moth Crambidae delta2
moth Crambidae new2
moth Crambidae spread79
moth Crambidae tent2
moth Crambidae tube22
moth Crambidae wing1
moth Elachistidae2
moth Eriocraniidae1
moth Gelechidiae Glyphidocera1
moth Gelechiidae134
moth Gelechiidae Aristotelia44
moth Gelechiidae Aristotelia difficult8
moth Gelechiidae Aristotelia new13
moth Gelechiidae Battaristis3
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes236
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes F2
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes difficult15
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes new1
moth Gelechiidae Chionodes x22
moth Gelechiidae Coleotechnites62
moth Gelechiidae Coleotechnites difficult2
moth Gelechiidae Dichomeris36
moth Gelechiidae Dichomeris new4
moth Gelechiidae Dichomeris zag8
moth Gelechiidae Gnorimoschema4
moth Gelechiidae Taygete3
moth Gelechiidae Taygete new1
moth Gelechiidae new1
moth Gelechiidae new aa3
moth Gelechiidae, Marimatha nigrofimbria, Black-bordered Lemon Moth1
moth Geometridae Eupithecia511
moth Geometridae Lambdina1
moth Geometridae Lambdina, group1
moth Geometridae Lambdina, underside52
moth Geometridae Macaria difficult1
moth Geometridae Macaria, underside16
moth Geometridae Metarranthis2
moth Geometridae carpet4
moth Geometridae carpet difficult1
moth Geometridae carpet, underside1
moth Geometridae difficult49
moth Geometridae gray28
moth Geometridae gray, underside13
moth Geometridae underside9
moth Geometridae white1
moth Gracillaridae Phyllonorycter new1
moth Gracillariidae56
moth Gracillariidae Caloptilia4
moth Gracillariidae Cameraria1
moth Gracillariidae Phyllonorycter2
moth Gracillariidae new7
moth Lasiocampidae Tolype12
moth Limacodidae2
moth Lymantriidae difficult1
moth Micropterigidae2
moth Momphidae Mompha1
moth Nepticulidae11
moth Nepticulidae Ectoedemia sp1
moth Noctuidae Apamea1
moth Noctuidae Arugisa2
moth Noctuidae Elaphria12
moth Noctuidae Hypena42
moth Noctuidae Hyperstrotia27
moth Noctuidae Idia52
moth Noctuidae Idia difficult21
moth Noctuidae Macrochilo12
moth Noctuidae Metaxaglaea22
moth Noctuidae Paectes3
moth Noctuidae Renia344
moth Noctuidae dagger170
moth Noctuidae dagger line27
moth Noctuidae dart186
moth Noctuidae delta60
moth Noctuidae difficult40
moth Noctuidae line3
moth Noctuidae looper134
moth Noctuidae marvel1
moth Noctuidae orange54
moth Noctuidae pinion11
moth Noctuidae round64
moth Noctuidae spread2
moth Noctuidae underwing69
moth Noctuidae underwing, moth Geometridae gray2
moth Noctuidae wainscot3
moth Notodontidae28
moth Notodontidae Datana1
moth Notodontidae Datana difficult2
moth Notodontidae Heterocampa29
moth Notodontidae Heterocampa difficult1
moth Notodontidae Schizura1
moth Oecophoridae3
moth Oecophoridae Antaeotricha3
moth Oecophoridae Autosticha18
moth Oecophoridae new6
moth Plutellidae new1
moth Pterophoridae plume1
moth Pyralidae202
moth Pyralidae Acrobasis270
moth Pyralidae Arta12
moth Pyralidae Arta new1
moth Pyralidae Dioryctria787
moth Pyralidae Dolichomia21
moth Pyralidae Ephestia10
moth Pyralidae Ephestiodes1
moth Pyralidae Fundella3
moth Pyralidae Peoria131
moth Pyralidae Phycitodes10
moth Pyralidae Pococera438
moth Pyralidae Pococera, new1
moth Pyralidae Salebriaria2
moth Pyralidae Sciota1
moth Pyralidae Varneria58
moth Pyralidae dead2
moth Pyralidae difficult11
moth Pyralidae new31
moth Pyralidae new Ephestiodes1
moth Pyralidae new ufa rubedinella2
moth Pyralidae pink1
moth Pyralidae temp1
moth Sesiidae13
moth Symmocidae9
moth Symmocidae Dichomeris new1
moth Symmocidae Glyphidocera7
moth Symmocidae dead1
moth Symmocidae new1
moth Tineidae149
moth Tineidae Amydria new1
moth Tineidae Aristotelia3
moth Tineidae Homosetia31
moth Tineidae Homosetia new1
moth Tineidae Monopis2
moth Tineidae Nemapogon24
moth Tineidae Tinea1
moth Tineidae new29
moth Tineidae, Hypoprepia fucosa, Painted Lichen Moth1
moth Tischeriidae8
moth Tischeriidae Coptotriche2
moth Tortricidae2
moth Tortricidae Acleris3
moth Tortricidae Acleris new2
moth Tortricidae Aethes1
moth Tortricidae Ancylis new1
moth Tortricidae Argyrotaenia new3
moth Tortricidae Bactra6
moth Tortricidae Cochylini13
moth Tortricidae Cydia4
moth Tortricidae Epiblema new1
moth Tortricidae Epinotia10
moth Tortricidae Epinotia new1
moth Tortricidae Eucosma6
moth Tortricidae Grapholita3
moth Tortricidae Gretchena6
moth Tortricidae Gretchena difficult2
moth Tortricidae Gypsonoma1
moth Tortricidae Larisa1
moth Tortricidae Olethreutes61
moth Tortricidae Olethreutes G1
moth Tortricidae Pelochrista new1
moth Tortricidae Phaneta1
moth Tortricidae Platynota4
moth Tortricidae Proteoteras17
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera617
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera BB22
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera aa3
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera difficult24
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera difficult RR150
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera eee1
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera new AA12
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera p14
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera rr4
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera tt3
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera ttf4
moth Tortricidae Pseudexentera y7
moth Tortricidae Retinia10
moth Tortricidae Rhyacionia121
moth Tortricidae Sparganothidini1
moth Tortricidae Tortricinae4
moth Tortricidae Zeiraphera1
moth Tortricidae difficult3
moth Tortricidae new24
moth Tortricidae other2
moth Tortricidae, new, cenopis directana2
moth Totricidae1
moth Totricidae Pseudexentera1
moth Yponomeutidae2
moth Zygaenidae3
moth dead20
moth difficult38
moth micro287
moth micro dead2
moth misc macros4
moth misc micros9
moth to_be_deleted Hypoprepia fucosa6
moth underside19
moth wingless female, Paleacrita vernata, Spring Cankerworm Moth, maybe3
moth, Agrotis ipsilon, Ipsilon Dart2
moth, Aphanistes crepuscularis1
moth, Catocala vidua, Widow Underwing1
moth, Ceratomia undulosa, Waved Sphinx1
moth, Clostera inclusa, Angle-lined Prominent1
moth, Coelostathma discopunctana, The Batman Moth1
moth, Crambidia pallida, Pale Lichen Moth1
moth, Cydia toreuta, Eastern Pine Seedworm Moth, maybe1
moth, Dichomeris punctipennella, Many-spotted Dichomeris Moth, maybe1
moth, Dolichomia olinalis, Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth, Walshia miscecolorella, Sweetclover Root Borer Moth1
moth, Elaphria grata, Grateful Midget1
moth, Eupithecia miserulata, Common Eupithecia Moth1
moth, Harmonia axyridis, Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle1
moth, Hypagyrtis unipunctata, One-spotted Variant3
moth, Hypoprepia fucosa, Painted Lichen Moth1
moth, Lochmaeus bilineata, Double-lined Prominent1
moth, Macrurocampa marthesia, Mottled Prominent2
moth, Microcrambus elegans, Elegant Grass-veneer Moth1
moth, Microcrambus elegans, Elegant Grass-veneer Moth, 21
moth, Orthosia hibisci, Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth1
moth, Paectes abrostoloides, Large Paectes3
moth, Peridea angulosa, Angulose Prominent1
moth, Satronia tantilla, Southern Pine Catkinworm Moth, maybe1
moth, Schizura ipomoeae, Morning-glory Prominent1
moth, Trichordestra legitima, Striped Garden Caterpillar1
moth, wing2

Updated: 2020-04-05 08:58:17 gmt
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