Map of Brosme brosme.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. -- map overlay Brosme brosme 43.65°N 63.87°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796126. Brosme brosme 44.01667°N 62.21667°W -- Click to see record GBIF122600148. Brosme brosme 62°N 15°E -- Click to see record GBIF624101199. Brosme brosme 63°N 12°E -- Click to see record GBIF188687554. Brosme brosme 65°N 18°W -- Click to see record GBIF188685337. Brosme brosme 43.81°N 49.02°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796397. Brosme brosme 72°N 40°W -- Click to see record GBIF42313076. Brosme brosme 52.49°N 51.8°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796421. Brosme brosme 60°N 95°W -- Click to see record GBIF45006894. Brosme brosme 45.2667°N 57.783299999999997°W -- Click to see record GBIF188687133. Brosme brosme 56.37°N 58.08°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796399. Brosme brosme 71.183333333333294°N 25.6666666666667°E -- Click to see record GBIF188685334. Brosme brosme 45°N 63°W -- Click to see record GBIF188685339. Brosme brosme 58.02114°N 7.49585°E -- Click to see record GBIF199445357. Brosme brosme 21.9°N 160.1°W -- Click to see record GBIF42929993. Brosme brosme 64.933°N 27.150°W -- Click to see record GBIF241169637. Brosme brosme 54.95°N 53.95°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796418. Brosme brosme 71.23°N 27.42°E -- Click to see record GBIF199444653. Brosme brosme 46.49°N 44.82°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796423. Brosme brosme 54°N 10°W -- Click to see record GBIF188685336. Brosme brosme 65.1333333333°N 36.25°W -- Click to see record GBIF207749114. Brosme brosme 65.81°N 56.07°W -- Click to see record GBIF17796489. Brosme brosme 37.6333333333°N 74.35°W -- Click to see record GBIF477313998. Brosme brosme 41.8892411149°N 70.2683793943°W -- Click to see record INAT23345886.
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