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1. Sex


2. Mesosoma color

5Black with some white or ivory markings    13Combinations of black, white or ivory, orange, and brown   

3. Tyloid size

1Enormously widened, as wide as long, largest segments 9-14    2Less strongly widened, twice as long as wide; largest segments 9-14    15Small size, narrow shape    1Very large, longest on segments 8-14 covering entire segment   

4. Tibia 3 color

3Apically infuscated or black    2Black    6Blackish infuscated at apex, ivory tinged toward base    3Dorsal white stripe beyond base    1Ferruginous, with median yellowish mark on dorsal side    3Narrowly blackish infuscated at base, more broadly at apex, orange-tinged ivory between infuscated sections    1No basal black section    4Uniformly pale orange ferruginous   

5. Mesosternum color

12Ivory    10Predominantly black at least between middle and sternauli   

6. Propodeum color

5Black    5Black; W-shaped ivory mark    8Ivory marked    7Predominantly ivory    6Predominantly orange    4Second plural area, area netapleuralis, predominantly or entirely black    1Second plural area, area netapleuralis, predominantly or entirely ivory or orange    3Other   

7. Hind femur pattern

6At least apically, sometimes entirely black    2Black, ivory toward base on ventral side, orange toward base on dorsal side    7Infuscated tip    13Orange