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Number scored for a state is in green.

1. Labia

80Entire    74Striate   

2. Excipulum

22Apically carbonized    70Completely carbonized    62Laterally carbonized   

3. Hymenium

134Clear    20Inspersed   

4. Spore septation

50Muriform    3Submuriform    4Terminally muriform    21Transverse: 10-20 septa    31Transverse: mostly under 10 septa    33Transverse: partly over 10 septa    12Transverse: partly over 20 septa   

5. Chemistry

4Anthraquinones: orange, with Koh dark pink    1Anthraquinones: yellow, with Koh orange    1Hypostictic    1Isohypocrellin: dark red, with Koh green    4Lichexanthone: under Uv light yellow    89No substances    3Norstictic and salazinic: with Koh yellow then red and red crystals    2Norstictic and stictic: with Koh yellow and with Koh red crystals    31Norstictic: with Koh red crystals    2Salazinic: with Koh yellow then red    16Stictic: with Koh yellow   

6. Lirellae shape

79Erumpent    13Immersed    50Prominent    12Sessile   

7. Thalline cover

42Absent    21Complete above labia    91Lateral above labia