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1. Group

121Fungi    196Insects    302Microorganisms    59Mollusks    356Plants    94Vertebrates    111Other Invertebrates   

2. Vertebrate Group

14Amphibians; Reptiles    9Birds    54Fish    17Mammals   

3. Plant growth form

16Aquatic    48Grasses; Rushes; Sedges    30Herbs    124Not a plant    24Vines; Climbers    68Woody plants   

4. Source

486APHIS Regulated Plant Pest List    6Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002 List    8Alden, Peter    4American Phytopathological Society Pest List 2000 - Exotic Pests    1CAPS FY 2003 National Committee Target Pests    8CAPS FY 2005 Consideration List    13Entomological Society of America 2000 Pest List    16GPPD    112GSMFC    112Global Invasive Species Team, The Nature Conservancy    14Miller, James H.    257NBII    153Offshore Pest Information System    66Society of Nematologists Exotic Pest List Vol. 1    16Weed Science Society of America 2001 List    25Weed Science Society of America 2002 List