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Number scored for a state is in green.

1. Color main

139Black, Dark Grey    84Blue, Aqua    507Brown, Grey-Brown    84Green, Olive    105Red, Orange, Pink    534Silver, Pale Grey    55White, Cream    69Yellow, Copper   

2. Color minor

723Black, Dark Grey    98Blue, Aqua    196Brown, Grey-Brown    22Green, Olive    143Red, Orange, Pink    199Silver, Pale Grey    275White, Cream    229Yellow, Copper   

3. Pattern    [Explain]

337Bars, Saddles    54Contrasting    330Fins contrasting    301Highlights    96Large blotches or ocellus    129Reticulations, Mottling, Giraffe    290Spotted    206Stripes    297Uniform, Darker above   

4. Group

105Eel, snake    45Ray, skate    57Shark    1058Other fish