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1. Lateral Cirrus A

558Absent    430Present   

2. Rows of Placoids

559Multiple    14None    415Single   

3. Cephalic Papilla

558Absent    430Present   

4. Primary Clavaa

574Absent    414Present   

5. Median Cirrus

835Absent    153Present   

6. Legs end with

302 Branched Claws    12 Claws on Legs I, Ii, Iii, 1 claw on Leg Iv    2972 Branched, Unequal Claws    2312 Branched Equal Claws    142 Brannched and 2 Unbranched Claws    54 Unbranched Claws    14 Unbranched, Unequal Claws    2534 Unbranched, Equal Claws    944 Digits with Claws    204 Cressent Shaped Claws    256 Digits with pads    10More than 4 Unbranched, Equal Claws   

7. Claw Pattern

142 Rows    2312112    3272121    139Fanned    270In a row   

8. Secondary Branch of Claw

551Flexable    7Rigid    14Separated   

9. Cuticular Bars at Base of Claws

672Absent    20Present    289Some Times   

10. Lunulae on Base of Claw

744Absent    6Lunulae    231Some Species   

11. Cuticle

93Lateral Lobes    270Plates    23Sculptured    595Smooth   

12. Environment

2Aquatic    825Limno-Terrestrial    161Marine