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Discover Life
834 kinds match

Acanthomyops arizonicus  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops bureni  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops californicus  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops claviger  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops colei  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops coloradensis  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops creightoni  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops interjectus  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops latipes  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops murphyi  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops occidentalis  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops plumopilosus  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops pogonogynus  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops pubescens  [popup] female worker
Acanthomyops subglaber  [popup] female worker
Acanthostichus arizonensis  [popup] female worker
Acanthostichus emmae  [popup] female worker
Acanthostichus punctiscapus  [popup] female worker
Acanthostichus texanus  [popup] female worker
Acromyrmex versicolor  [popup] female worker
Acropyga epedana  [popup] female worker
Amblyopone oregonensis  [popup] female worker
Amblyopone orizabana  [popup] female worker
Amblyopone pallipes  [popup] female worker
Stigmatomma pallipes
Amblyopone trigonignatha  [popup] female worker
Anergates atratulus  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Anochetus mayri  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster albisetosa  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster ashmeadi  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster boulderensis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster carolinensis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster cockerelli  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster flemingi  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster floridana  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster fulva  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster huachucana  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster lamellidens  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster mariae  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster megommata  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster miamiana  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster mutica  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster occidentalis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster patruelis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster picea  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster punctaticeps  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster rudis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster tennesseensis  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster texana  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster treatae  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster uinta  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster umphreyi  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster valida  [popup] female worker
Atta mexicana  [popup] female worker
Atta texana  [popup] female worker
Brachymyrmex depilis  [popup] female worker
Brachymyrmex musculus  [popup] female worker
Brachymyrmex obscurior  [popup] female worker
Camponotus acutirostris  [popup] female worker
Camponotus americanus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus anthrax  [popup] female worker
Camponotus bakeri  [popup] female worker
Camponotus caryae  [popup] female worker
Camponotus castaneus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus cerberulus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus chromaiodes  [popup] female worker
Camponotus ferrugineus
Camponotus clarithorax  [popup] female worker
Camponotus cuauhtemoc  [popup] female worker
Camponotus decipiens  [popup] female worker
Camponotus discolor  [popup] female worker
Camponotus dumetorum  [popup] female worker
Camponotus essigi  [popup] female worker
Camponotus etiolatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus festinatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus floridanus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus atriceps
Camponotus fragilis  [popup] female worker
Camponotus herculeanus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus hunteri  [popup] female worker
Camponotus hyatti  [popup] female worker
Camponotus impressus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus laevigatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus maccooki  [popup] female worker
Camponotus mina  [popup] female worker
Camponotus mississippiensis  [popup] female worker
Camponotus modoc  [popup] female worker
Camponotus nearcticus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus noveboracensis  [popup] female worker
Camponotus obliquus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus ocreatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus papago  [popup] female worker
Camponotus pennsylvanicus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus planatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus pylartes  [popup] female major worker
Camponotus pylartes  [popup] female minor worker
Camponotus quercicola  [popup] female worker
Camponotus sansabeanus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus sayi  [popup] female worker
Camponotus schaefferi  [popup] female worker
Camponotus semitestaceus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus sexguttatus  [popup] female minor worker
Camponotus sexguttatus  [popup] female major worker
Camponotus snellingi  [popup] female worker
Camponotus socius  [popup] female worker
Camponotus subbarbatus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus texanus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus tortuganus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus trepidulus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus ulcerosus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus vafer  [popup] female worker
Camponotus vicinus  [popup] female worker
Camponotus yogi  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla ectopia  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla emeryi  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla nuda  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla obscurior  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla venustula  [popup] female worker
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii  [popup] female worker
Cephalotes rohweri  [popup] female worker
Zacryptocerus rohweri
Cephalotes texanus  [popup] female worker
Cephalotes varians  [popup] female worker
Cryptocerus varians
Cerapachys augustae  [popup] female worker
Cerapachys davisi  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster ashmeadi  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster atkinsoni  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster browni  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster californica  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster cerasi  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster coarctata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster colei  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster creightoni  [popup] female queen
possible inquiline ant
Crematogaster dentinodis  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster depilis  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster emeryana  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster hespera  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster isolata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster kennedyi  [popup] female queen
possible inquiline ant
Crematogaster laeviuscula  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster larreae  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster lineolata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster clara
Crematogaster marioni  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster minutissima  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster missuriensis  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster mormonum  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster mutans  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster navajoa  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster nocturna  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster obscurata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster agnita
Crematogaster opaca  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster opuntiae  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster pilosa  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster punctulata  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster rifelna  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster smithi  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster torosa  [popup] female worker
Crematogaster vermiculata  [popup] female worker
Cryptopone gilva  [popup] female worker
Cyphomyrmex flavidus  [popup] female worker
Cyphomyrmex minutus  [popup] female worker
Cyphomyrmex rimosus  [popup] female worker
Cyphomyrmex wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Discothyrea testacea  [popup] female worker
Dolichoderus mariae  [popup] female worker
Dolichoderus plagiatus  [popup] female worker
Dolichoderus pustulatus  [popup] female worker
Dolichoderus taschenbergi  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex bicolor  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex bossutus  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex bureni  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex elegans  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex flavopectus  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex flavus  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex grandulus  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex insanus  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex lipan  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex paiute  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex reginicula  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex smithi  [popup] female worker
Dorymyrmex wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Eurhopalothrix floridana  [popup] female worker
Forelius analis  [popup] female worker
Forelius mccooki  [popup] female worker
Forelius pruinosus  [popup] female worker
Formica accreta  [popup] female worker
Formica adamsi  [popup] female worker
Formica aerata  [popup] female worker
Formica alpina  [popup] female worker
Formica altipetens  [popup] female worker
Formica archboldi  [popup] female worker
Formica argentea  [popup] female worker
Formica aserva  [popup] female worker
Formica bradleyi  [popup] female worker
Formica calviceps  [popup] female worker
Formica canadensis  [popup] female worker
Formica ciliata  [popup] female worker
Formica coloradensis  [popup] female worker
Formica comata  [popup] female worker
Formica creightoni  [popup] female worker
Formica criniventris  [popup] female worker
Formica curiosa  [popup] female worker
Formica dakotensis  [popup] female worker
Formica densiventris  [popup] female worker
Formica difficilis  [popup] female worker
Formica dirksi  [popup] female queen
possible inquiline ant
Formica dolosa  [popup] female worker
Formica schaufussi
Formica emeryi  [popup] female worker
Formica exsectoides  [popup] female worker
Formica ferocula  [popup] female worker
Formica foreliana  [popup] female worker
Formica fossaceps  [popup] female worker
Formica francoeuri  [popup] female worker
Formica fuliginothorax  [popup] female worker
Formica fusca  [popup] female worker
Formica glacialis  [popup] female worker
Formica gnava  [popup] female worker
Formica gynocrates  [popup] female worker
Formica hewitti  [popup] female worker
Formica impexa  [popup] female worker
Formica incerta  [popup] female worker
Formica indianensis  [popup] female worker
Formica integra  [popup] female worker
Formica integroides  [popup] female worker
Formica knighti  [popup] female worker
Formica laeviceps  [popup] female worker
Formica lasioides  [popup] female worker
Formica lepida  [popup] female worker
Formica limata  [popup] female worker
Formica longipilosa  [popup] female worker
Formica lugubris  [popup] female worker
Formica manni  [popup] female worker
Formica microgyna  [popup] female worker
Formica microphthalma  [popup] female worker
Formica moki  [popup] female worker
Formica montana  [popup] female worker
Formica cinerea neocinerea
Formica morsei  [popup] female worker
Formica mucescens  [popup] female worker
Formica neoclara  [popup] female worker
Formica neogagates  [popup] female worker
Formica neorufibarbis  [popup] female worker
Formica nepticula  [popup] female worker
Formica nevadensis  [popup] female worker
Formica obscuripes  [popup] female worker
Formica obscuriventris  [popup] female worker
Formica obtusopilosa  [popup] female worker
Formica occulta  [popup] female worker
Formica opaciventris  [popup] female worker
Formica oreas  [popup] female worker
Formica oregonensis  [popup] female worker
Formica pacifica  [popup] female worker
Formica pallidefulva  [popup] female worker
Formica delicata...
Formica pergandei  [popup] female worker
Formica perpilosa  [popup] female worker
Formica planipilis  [popup] female worker
Formica podzolica  [popup] female worker
Formica postoculata  [popup] female worker
Formica prociliata  [popup] female worker
Formica propinqua  [popup] female worker
Formica puberula  [popup] female worker
Formica querquetulana  [popup] female worker
Formica ravida  [popup] female worker
Formica reflexa  [popup] female worker
Formica rubicunda  [popup] female worker
Formica scitula  [popup] female queen
possible inquiline ant
Formica sibylla  [popup] female worker
Formica sp_trager_01  [popup] female worker
Formica spatulata  [popup] female worker
Formica subelongata  [popup] female worker
Formica subintegra  [popup] female worker
Formica subnitens  [popup] female worker
Formica subpolita  [popup] female worker
Formica subsericea  [popup] female worker
Formica talbotae  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Formica transmontanis  [popup] female worker
Formica ulkei  [popup] female worker
Formica vinculans  [popup] female worker
Formica wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Formica whymperi  [popup] female worker
Formica microgyna californica...
Formica xerophila  [popup] female worker
Formicoxenus chamberlini  [popup] female worker
Formicoxenus diversipilosus  [popup] female worker
Formicoxenus hirticornis  [popup] female worker
Formicoxenus provancheri  [popup] female worker
Formicoxenus quebecensis  [popup] female worker
Gnamptogenys hartmani  [popup] female worker
Gnamptogenys triangularis  [popup] female worker
Harpagoxenus canadensis  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera gleadowi  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera inexorata  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera opaciceps  [popup] female worker
Ponera opaciceps
Hypoponera opacior  [popup] female worker
Hypoponera punctatissima  [popup] female worker
Labidus coecus  [popup] female worker
Lasius alienus  [popup] female worker
Lasius atopus  [popup] female worker
Lasius crypticus  [popup] female worker
Lasius fallax  [popup] female worker
Lasius flavus  [popup] female worker
Lasius flavus_myops
Lasius humilis  [popup] female worker
Lasius minutus  [popup] female worker
Lasius nearcticus  [popup] female worker
Lasius neoniger  [popup] female worker
Lasius nevadensis  [popup] female worker
Lasius niger  [popup] female worker
Lasius pallitarsis  [popup] female worker
Lasius sitiens  [popup] female worker
Lasius speculiventris  [popup] female worker
Lasius subumbratus  [popup] female worker
Lasius umbratus  [popup] female worker
Lasius vestitus  [popup] female worker
Lasius xerophilus  [popup] female worker
Leptogenys elongata  [popup] female worker
Leptogenys manni  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax acervorum  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax calderoni
Leptothorax crassipilis  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax muscorum  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax paraxenus  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax pocahontas  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Leptothorax retractus  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax sphagnicola  [popup] female worker
Leptothorax wilsoni  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Linepithema humile  [popup] female worker
Argentine Ant...
Liometopum apiculatum  [popup] female worker
Liometopum luctuosum  [popup] female worker
Liometopum occidentale  [popup] female worker
Manica bradleyi  [popup] female worker
Aphaenogaster calderoni
Manica hunteri  [popup] female worker
Manica invidia  [popup] female worker
Manica parasitica  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Messor andrei  [popup] female worker
Messor chamberlini  [popup] female worker
Messor chicoensis  [popup] female worker
Messor julianus  [popup] female worker
Messor lariversi  [popup] female worker
Messor lobognathus  [popup] female worker
Messor pergandei  [popup] female worker
Messor smithi  [popup] female worker
Messor stoddardi  [popup] female worker
Monomorium cyaneum  [popup] female worker
Monomorium destructor  [popup] female worker
Monomorium ebeninum  [popup] female worker
Monomorium emarginatum  [popup] female worker
Monomorium emersoni  [popup] female worker
Monomorium ergatogyna  [popup] female worker
Monomorium floricola  [popup] female worker
Monomorium inquilinum  [popup] female worker
Monomorium minimum  [popup] female worker
Monomorium pergandei  [popup] female inquline
Inquiline Ant
Monomorium pharaonis  [popup] female worker
Monomorium talbotae  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Monomorium trageri  [popup] female worker
Monomorium viride  [popup] female worker
Monomorium wheelerorum  [popup] female worker
Mycetosoritis hartmanni  [popup] female worker
Myrmecina americana  [popup] female worker
Myrmecina californica  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus christineae  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus colei  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus creightoni  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus depilis  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus ewarti  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus flaviceps  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus hammettensis  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus kathjuli  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus kennedyi  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus koso  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus lugubris  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus melliger  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus mendax  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus mexicanus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus melanoticus
Myrmecocystus mimicus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus navajo  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus placodops  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus pyramicus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus romainei  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus semirufus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus snellingi  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus tenuinodis  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus testaceus  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Myrmecocystus yuma  [popup] female worker
Myrmelachista ramulorum  [popup] female worker
Myrmica alaskensis  [popup] female worker
Myrmica americana  [popup] female worker
Myrmica brevispinosa  [popup] female worker
Myrmica colax  [popup] female worker
Myrmica discontinua  [popup] female worker
Myrmica emeryana  [popup] female worker
Myrmica fracticornis  [popup] female worker
Myrmica hamulata  [popup] female worker
Myrmica incompleta  [popup] female worker
Myrmica lampra  [popup] female inquline
Inquiline Ant
Myrmica latifrons  [popup] female worker
Myrmica lobicornis  [popup] female worker
Myrmica lobifrons  [popup] female worker
Myrmica mexicana  [popup] female worker
Myrmica monticola  [popup] female worker
Myrmica nearctica  [popup] female worker
Myrmica pinetorum  [popup] female worker
Myrmica punctiventris  [popup] female worker
Myrmica quebecensis  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Myrmica rubra  [popup] female worker
Myrmica rugiventris  [popup] female worker
Myrmica spatulata  [popup] female worker
Myrmica striolagaster  [popup] female worker
Myrmica tahoensis  [popup] female worker
Myrmica wheeleri  [popup] female worker
Myrmica whymperi  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex agilis  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex andrei  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex baylori  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex californicus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex carolinensis  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex fallax  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex fuscipennis  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex harrisii  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex isodentatus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex leonardi  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex macropterus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex melanocephalus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex melshaemeri  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex microps  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex minor  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex mojave  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex moseri  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex nigrescens  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex nyensis  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex opacithorax  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex pauxillus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex pilosus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex rugulosus  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex swainsonii  [popup] female worker
Neivamyrmex texanus  [popup] female worker
Nomamyrmex esenbeckii  [popup] female worker
Ochetellus glaber  [popup] female worker
Odontomachus brunneus  [popup] female worker
Odontomachus clarus  [popup] female worker
Odontomachus relictus  [popup] female worker
Odontomachus ruginodis  [popup] female worker
Oligomyrmex longii  [popup] female worker
Pachycondyla chinensis  [popup] female worker
Brachyponera solitaria
Pachycondyla harpax  [popup] female worker
Pachycondyla stigma  [popup] female worker
Pachycondyla villosa  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina arenivaga  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina austroccidua  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina bourbonica  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina bruesii  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina concinna  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina faisonensis  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina flavipes  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina guatemalensis  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina hystrix  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina longicornis  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina parvula  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina phantasma  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina pubens  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina terricola  [popup] female worker
Prenolepis melanderi
Paratrechina vividula  [popup] female worker
Paratrechina wojciki  [popup] female worker
Pheidole absurda  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole ridicula
Pheidole absurda  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole ridicula
Pheidole adrianoi  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole adrianoi  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole artemisia  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole artemisia  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole aurea  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole aurea  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole bajaensis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole bajaensis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole barbata  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole barbata  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole bicarinata  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole bicarinata  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole bureni  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole bureni  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole californica  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole californica  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole carrolli  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole carrolli  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole casta  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole casta  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole cavigenis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole cavigenis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole cerebrosior  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole cerebrosior  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole ceres  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole ceres  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole clementensis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole clementensis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole clydei  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole clydei  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole cockerelli  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole cockerelli  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole coloradensis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pilifera var neomexicana
Pheidole coloradensis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pilifera var neomexicana
Pheidole constipata  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole constipata  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole crassicornis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole crassicornis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole creightoni  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole creightoni  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole davisi  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole davisi  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole dentata  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole dentata  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole dentigula  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole dentigula  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole desertorum  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole desertorum  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole diversipilosa  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole diversipilosa  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole elecebra  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Pheidole fervens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole fervens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole flavens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole flavens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole floridana  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole floridana  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole furtiva  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole furtiva  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole gilvescens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole gilvescens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole granulata  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole granulata  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole grundmanni  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole grundmanni  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole hoplitica  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole hoplitica  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole humeralis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole humeralis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole hyatti  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole hyatti  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole inquilina  [popup] female inquiline
Inquiline Ant
Pheidole juniperae  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole juniperae  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole lamia  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole lamia  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole littoralis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole littoralis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole macclendoni  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole macclendoni  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole macrops  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole macrops  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole marcidula  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole marcidula  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole megacephala  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole megacephala  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole mera  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole mera  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole metallescens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole metallescens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole micula  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole micula  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole militicida  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole militicida  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole moerens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole moerens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole morrisi  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole morrisi var impexa (Wheeler 1908)
Pheidole morrisi  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole morrisi var impexa (Wheeler...
Pheidole nuculiceps  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole nuculiceps  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole obscurithorax  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole obscurithorax  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole obtusospinosa  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole obtusospinosa  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pacifica  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pacifica  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole paiute  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole paiute  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pelor  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pelor  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole perpilosa  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole perpilosa  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pilifera  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pilifera  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pilosior  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pilosior  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole pinealis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole pinealis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole porcula  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole porcula  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole portalensis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole portalensis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole psammophila  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole psammophila  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole rhea  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole rhea  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole rugulosa  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole rugulosa  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole sciara  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole sciara  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole sciophila  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole sciophila  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole senex  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole senex  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole sitiens  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole sitiens  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole soritis  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole sitarches
Pheidole soritis  [popup] female minor worker
Pheidole sitarches
Pheidole spadonia  [popup] female major worker
Pheidole spadonia  [popup] female minor worker
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen main color
 Brown, red (565)
 Yellow (215)
 Black (140)
Antenna scape hair, except tip
 Fuzz only (276)
 Erect only (107)
 Erect and fuzz (55)
 Bald (5)
Antenna scape length, to head top
 Long, well beyond (258)
 Medium, yes or just beyond (243)
 Short, no (226)
Antenna scape shape
 Curve (669)
 Angle (27)
Antenna segment number
 12 (662)
 11 (88)
 6 (42)
 10 (24)
 9 (4)
 4 (1)
 7 (1)
 8 (1)
Antenna socket, at lip edge
 Yes (782)
 Above (56)
Antenna tip, number larger segments
 3 (238)
 0, even (152)
 1 (57)
 4 (51)
 Gradual increase (40)
 2 (32)
Body length mm
 3 (169)
 2 (147)
 4 (131)
 5 (88)
 6 (68)
 1 (36)
 7 (33)
 8 (14)
 Over 9 (14)
 9 (11)
Eye shape
 Oval (502)
 Round (147)
 Absent, not obvious (45)
 Tear (22)
Eye size, times scape maximum width
 Large, over 2 (343)
 Medium, 1-2 (309)
 Small, under 1 (59)
 Eye absent, not obvious (44)
 Pheidole (164)
 Formica (95)
 Camponotus (53)
 Temnothorax (50)
 Pyramica (39)
 Crematogaster (33)
 Myrmica (26)
 Pogonomyrmex (26)
 Aphaenogaster (25)
 Myrmecocystus (25)
 Neivamyrmex (25)
 Solenopsis (23)
 Lasius (18)
 Stenamma (17)
 Paratrechina (16)
 Acanthomyops (15)
 Monomorium (15)
 Dorymyrmex (13)
 Pseudomyrmex (10)
 Messor (9)
 Tetramorium (9)
 Leptothorax (8)
 Proceratium (8)
 Trachymyrmex (7)
 Cardiocondyla (6)
 Formicoxenus (5)
 Hypoponera (5)
 Strumigenys (5)
 Acanthostichus (4)
 Amblyopone (4)
 Cyphomyrmex (4)
 Dolichoderus (4)
 Manica (4)
 Odontomachus (4)
 Pachycondyla (4)
 Tapinoma (4)
 Brachymyrmex (3)
 Cephalotes (3)
 Forelius (3)
 Liometopum (3)
 Atta (2)
 Cerapachys (2)
 Gnamptogenys (2)
 Leptogenys (2)
 Myrmecina (2)
 Polyergus (2)
 Ponera (2)
 Rogeria (2)
 Acromyrmex (1)
 Acropyga (1)
 Anergates (1)
 Anochetus (1)
 Cryptopone (1)
 Discothyrea (1)
 Eurhopalothrix (1)
 Harpagoxenus (1)
 Labidus (1)
 Linepithema (1)
 Mycetosoritis (1)
 Myrmelachista (1)
 Nomamyrmex (1)
 Ochetellus (1)
 Oligomyrmex (1)
 Plagiolepis (1)
 Platythyrea (1)
 Prenolepis (1)
 Prionopelta (1)
 Protomognathus (1)
 Technomyrmex (1)
 Vollenhovia (1)
 Wasmannia (1)
 Xenomyrmex (1)
Hair color
 Light, or no hair (811)
 Dark (20)
 Same color as body (11)
Hair type
 Erect (308)
 Erect and fuzz (87)
 Fuzz (35)
 Flat or club (16)
 None (10)
 Branched (2)
Head 3 ocelli present
 No (565)
 Yes (128)
Head main color
 Brown, red (517)
 Yellow (292)
 Black (68)
Head main texture
 Smooth (372)
 Line (178)
 Zit (160)
 Crinkle (103)
 Pit (78)
 Leather (10)
 Wrinkle (10)
Head top shape
 Flat (459)
 Dent (265)
 Round (106)
 Horn (12)
 Myrmicinae (489)
 Formicinae (227)
 Dolichoderinae (30)
 Ecitoninae (27)
 Ponerinae (20)
 Pseudomyrmecinae (10)
 Proceratiinae (9)
 Cerapachyinae (6)
 Amblyoponinae (5)
 Ectatomminae (2)
Thorax front main texture
 Smooth (381)
 Zit (192)
 Crinkle (110)
 Line (95)
 Pit (49)
 Wrinkle (28)
 Leather (8)
Thorax main color
 Brown, red (590)
 Yellow (247)
 Black (65)
 Dark brown (10)
 Yellowish-brown (1)
Thorax profile
 Over 1 curve (535)
 1 curve (183)
 Rear horn (17)
 Shark fin (4)
Thorax rear spine shape from side
 No spines (345)
 Short tooth like (219)
 Long curved downward (76)
 Long curved or angled upward (56)
 Long straight level with thorax (39)
 Medium (6)
 Pair of ridges (1)
Thorax rear spine shape from top
 No spines (344)
 Short tooth like (184)
 Long curved outward (50)
 Long straight (42)
 Long curved inward (39)
 Medium (6)
 Pair of ridges (1)
Thorax spine number
 2 (357)
 0 (341)
 1 (17)
 4 (7)
 Over 4 (6)
Thorax top erect hair density
 Many, over 10 (468)
 Few, 1-10 (197)
 Bald, fuzz only (89)
Waist bumps
 2 stalk (346)
 1 point (173)
 2 close (150)
 1 round (108)
 1 flat (17)
 1 square (14)
 1 join (9)
Waist connects to abdomen
 Bottom, middle (796)
 Top (40)
Waist petiole number
 2 (531)
 1 (301)
Wings or wing scars present
 No (814)
 Yes (19)
Z Abdomen color, brown shade
 Dark brown (18)
 Yellowish brown (15)
 Reddish brown (11)
Z Abdomen color, yellow shade
 Yellow, pale tan (7)
 Yellow, orangey or reddish (3)
Z Abdomen tergite-6 hair density
 Dense, hairs closer than their length (12)
 Sparse, hairs separated by their length (7)
Z Antenna scape surpassing the occipital margin
 Yes, by an amount not less than the tip thickness (24)
 No or by an amount less than the tip thickness (17)
Z Antennae and leg color darker than head
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Z Eye facets in greatest diameter
 9 or more (37)
 1-2 (4)
 7-8 (4)
 5-6 (2)
 3-4 (1)
Z Gastric hair
 Dilute (24)
 Dense (22)
 None (3)
Z Head color, brown shade
 Dark brown (24)
 Reddish brown (22)
 Yellowish brown (13)
Z Head color, yellow shade
 Yellow, orangey or reddish (10)
 Yellow, pale tan (7)
Z Head texture lines
 No lines (70)
 Vertical lines only (67)
 Vertical and horizontal lines (18)
 Horizontal lines only (1)
Z JT Main body color
 Red-brown (33)
 Black (22)
 Dark brown (22)
 Two-colored (14)
 Orange-red (10)
 Yellow-brown (8)
 Pale yellow (7)
 Tan-brown (7)
Z Thorax color, yellow shade
 Tan-brown (11)
 Yellow, orangey or reddish (9)
 Yellow, pale tan (8)
Z Thorax top erect hair length
 Not long (16)
 Long (11)
 None (3)
 Not Long (2)
Z erect hair on the on fore femora
 Yes and evenly distribute (4)
 No or mainly confined to the flexor surface (3)
Z good picture
 Retake (125)
 Focus (12)
 Side/dorsal view (8)
 No picture (6)
 Worker face view (6)
 Head position (3)
 Too dark (3)
 Scape pilosity (2)
 Antenna position (1)
 Color balance (1)
Z suberect hair on the antennal scape
 No or near the scape tip (25)
 Over the entire scape (15)
Zz Antenna scape lobed
 No (643)
 Yes (9)
Zz Pheidole group
 Pilifera (77)
 Fallax (26)
 Flavens (26)
 Crassicornis (14)
 Granulata (6)
 Lamia (4)
 Megacephala (2)
 Teneriffana (2)
 Tristis (2)