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Discover Life
65 kinds match


Alternanthera philoxeroides  [popup]
Alligator weed...
Amia calva  [popup]
Anthriscus sylvestris  [popup]
Wild chervil
Arundo donax  [popup]
Giant reed...
Astronotus ocellatus  [popup]
Balanus amphitrite  [popup]
Striped barnacle...
Balanus eburneus  [popup]
Ivory barnacle
Balanus reticulatus  [popup]
Brasenia schreberi  [popup]
Cabomba caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina fanwort
Carassius auratus  [popup]
Carcinus maenas  [popup]
European Green Crab...
Castor canadensis  [popup]
American beaver
Ceratophyllum demersum  [popup]
Coons tail
Channa argus  [popup]
Northern Snakehead...
Cipangopaludina chinensis  [popup]
Chinese Mystery Snail
Cipangopaludina japonica  [popup]
Japanese mysterysnail
Conium maculatum  [popup]
Poison hemlock
Corbicula fluminea  [popup]
Asian Clam
Ctenopharyngodon idella  [popup]
Chinese carp...
Cuthona perca  [popup]
Lake Merrit Cuthona
Cyprinus carpio  [popup]
Common carp...
Dreissena polymorpha  [popup]
Zebra Mussel
Egeria densa  [popup]
Brazilian elodea...
Eichhornia crassipes  [popup]
Water hyacinth...
Elodea canadensis  [popup]
Canadian waterweed
Eriocheir sinensis  [popup]
Chinese Mitten Crab
Hemigrapsus sanguineus  [popup]
Asian shore crab...
Hydrilla verticillata  [popup]
Florida elodea...
Hygrophila polysperma  [popup]
East Indian hygrophila...
Hyla cinerea  [popup]
Hyla squirella  [popup]
Squirrel treefrog
Ictalurus furcatus  [popup]
Blue catfish
Ictalurus punctatus  [popup]
Channel catfish
Iris pseudacorus  [popup]
Yellow Flag...
Iris versicolor  [popup]
Harlequin blueflag
Limnobium spongia  [popup]
American spongeplant...
Lythrum alatum  [popup]
Winged lythrum...
Lythrum salicaria  [popup]
Purple loosestrife...
Megabalanus coccopoma  [popup]
Titan acorn barnacle
Misgurnus anguillicaudatus  [popup]
Oriental Weatherfish
Morone americana  [popup]
Silver perch...
Morone mississippiensis  [popup]
Yellow bass
Myocastor coypus  [popup]
Myriophyllum aquaticum  [popup]
Brazilian watermilfoil...
Myriophyllum spicatum  [popup]
Eurasian water-milfoil...
Nymphoides peltata  [popup]
Yellow Floating Heart
Oncorhynchus mykiss  [popup]
Rainbow Trout...
Ondatra zibethicus  [popup]
Osteopilus septentrionalis  [popup]
Cuban treefrog
Phragmites australis  [popup]
Pistia stratiotes  [popup]
Water Lettuce
Potamogeton crispus  [popup]
Curly pondweed...
Pylodictis olivaris  [popup]
Flathead Catfish...
Salmo salar  [popup]
Atlantic salmon
Salmo trutta  [popup]
Brown trout...
Salvelinus fontinalis  [popup]
Brook trout...
Salvelinus namaycush  [popup]
Great Lakes trout...
Spartina cynosuroides  [popup]
Big cordgrass
Sphaerium occidentale  [popup]
Herrington fingernailclam
Sphaerium simile  [popup]
Grooved fingernail clam
Spirodela polyrrhiza  [popup]
Common duckmeat
Spirodela punctata  [popup]
Dotted duckmeat...
Trapa bicornis  [popup]
Horn nut
Trapa natans  [popup]
Bull nut...

REMAINING (number with state)
 Invasive (35)
 Native (16)
 Non-native (12)
Body Shape
 Fusiform (9)
 Laterally Compressed (5)
 Eel-Like (3)
Caudal Fin Shape
 Forked (7)
 Truncate (6)
 Rounded (4)
Dorsal Fin
 Single (14)
 Notched / Spiny (3)
 Continuous (1)
 Two (1)
Flower Color
 White (8)
 Purple (7)
 Yellow (2)
 Red (1)
 Small (8)
 Single (6)
 Clustered (4)
 Dense (2)
 Plants (28)
 Fish (17)
 Crustatians (7)
 Mullosks (7)
 Amphibian (3)
 Mammal (3)
 Emergent (10)
 Submersed (9)
 Riparian (7)
 Free-Floating (6)
Mouth Opens
 Anterior Forward (16)
 Ventral - Down (1)
 Small / None (12)
 Large / Noticable (5)
 Maryland (50)
 Virginia (50)