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177 kinds match

Asilidae sp_UGA_1  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_2  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_3  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_4  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_5  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_6  [popup]
Bee mimic
Asilidae sp_UGA_7  [popup]
Bee mimic
Bombus affinis  [popup] female queen
Bombus affinis  [popup] female worker
Bombus affinis  [popup] male
Bombus appositus  [popup] female queen
Bombus appositus  [popup] female worker
Bombus appositus  [popup] male
Bombus ashtoni  [popup] female
Bombus ashtoni  [popup] male
Bombus auricomus  [popup] female queen
Bombus auricomus  [popup] female worker
Bombus auricomus  [popup] male
Bombus balteatus  [popup] female queen
Bombus balteatus  [popup] female worker
Bombus bifarius_bifarius  [popup] female queen
Bombus bifarius_bifarius  [popup] female worker
Bombus bifarius_bifarius  [popup] male
Bombus bifarius_nearcticus  [popup] female
Bombus bimaculatus  [popup] female queen
Bombus bimaculatus  [popup] female worker
Bombus bimaculatus  [popup] male
Bombus borealis  [popup] female queen
Bombus borealis  [popup] female worker
Bombus borealis  [popup] male
Bombus caliginosus  [popup] female queen
Bombus caliginosus  [popup] female worker
Bombus caliginosus  [popup] male
Bombus centralis  [popup] female queen
Bombus centralis  [popup] female worker
Bombus centralis  [popup] male
Bombus citrinus  [popup] female
Bombus crotchii_dark_form  [popup] female queen
Bombus crotchii_dark_form  [popup] female worker
Bombus crotchii_red_form  [popup] female queen
Bombus crotchii_red_form  [popup] female worker
Bombus crotchii_red_form  [popup] male
Bombus crotchii_yellow_form  [popup]
Bombus dahlbomii  [popup] female queen
Bombus dahlbomii  [popup] female worker
Bombus ephippiatus_light_form  [popup] female queen
Bombus ephippiatus_light_form  [popup] female worker
Bombus ephippiatus_light_form  [popup] male
Bombus ephippiatus_red_form  [popup] female
Bombus fernaldae  [popup] female
Bombus fernaldae  [popup] male
Bombus fervidus  [popup] female fervidus queen
Bombus fervidus  [popup] female fervidus worker
Bombus fervidus  [popup] male fervidus
Bombus fervidus_californicus  [popup] female queen
Bombus fervidus_californicus  [popup] female worker
Bombus fervidus_californicus  [popup] male
Bombus flavifrons  [popup] female queen
Bombus flavifrons  [popup] female worker
Bombus flavifrons  [popup] male
Bombus fraternus  [popup] female queen
Bombus fraternus  [popup] female worker
Bombus fraternus  [popup] male
Bombus frigidus  [popup] female queen
Bombus frigidus  [popup] female worker
Bombus frigidus  [popup] male
Bombus griseocollis  [popup] female queen
Bombus griseocollis  [popup] female worker
Bombus griseocollis  [popup] male
Bombus hortorum  [popup] female queen
Bombus hortorum  [popup] female worker
Bombus hortorum  [popup] male
Bombus huntii  [popup] female queen
Bombus huntii  [popup] female worker
Bombus huntii  [popup] male
Bombus impatiens  [popup] female queen
Bombus impatiens  [popup] female worker
Bombus impatiens  [popup] male
Bombus insularis  [popup] female
Bombus insularis  [popup] male
Bombus jonellus  [popup] female
Bombus lapidarius  [popup] female queen
Bombus lapidarius  [popup] female worker
Bombus lapponicus  [popup] female queen
Bombus lapponicus  [popup] female worker
Bombus lapponicus  [popup] male
Bombus lucorum_lucorum  [popup] female queen
Bombus lucorum_lucorum  [popup] female worker
Bombus lucorum_lucorum  [popup] male
Bombus lucorum_moderatus  [popup] female
Bombus medius  [popup] female
Bombus melanopygus  [popup] female queen
Bombus melanopygus  [popup] female worker
Bombus melanopygus  [popup] male
Bombus melanopygus_edwardsii  [popup] female
Bombus melanopygus_edwardsii  [popup] male
Bombus mixtus  [popup] female queen
Bombus mixtus  [popup] female worker
Bombus mixtus  [popup] male
Bombus morrisoni  [popup] female queen
Bombus morrisoni  [popup] female worker
Bombus morrisoni  [popup] male
Bombus nevadensis_nevadensis  [popup] female
Bombus opifex  [popup] female
Bombus pascuorum  [popup] female
Bombus pensylvanicus  [popup] female queen
Bombus pensylvanicus  [popup] female worker
Bombus pensylvanicus  [popup] male
Bombus pensylvanicus_sonorus  [popup] female queen
Bombus pensylvanicus_sonorus  [popup] female worker
Bombus pensylvanicus_sonorus  [popup] male
Bombus perplexus  [popup] female queen
Bombus perplexus  [popup] female worker
Bombus perplexus  [popup] male
Bombus polaris  [popup] female queen
Bombus polaris  [popup] female worker
Bombus ruderarius  [popup] female
Bombus ruderatus  [popup] female queen
Bombus ruderatus  [popup] female worker
Bombus rufocinctus_dark_form  [popup] female queen
Bombus rufocinctus_dark_form  [popup] female worker
Bombus rufocinctus_dark_form  [popup] male
Bombus rufocinctus_red_form  [popup] female queen
Bombus rufocinctus_red_form  [popup] female worker
Bombus rufocinctus_red_form  [popup] male
Bombus sandersoni_dark_form  [popup]
Bombus sandersoni_light_form  [popup]
Bombus sitkensis  [popup] female queen
Bombus sitkensis  [popup] female worker
Bombus sitkensis  [popup] male
Bombus suckleyi  [popup] female
Bombus suckleyi  [popup] male
Bombus sylvestris  [popup] male
Bombus ternarius  [popup] female queen
Bombus ternarius  [popup] female worker
Bombus ternarius  [popup] male
Bombus terricola  [popup] female queen
Bombus terricola  [popup] female worker
Bombus terricola_occidentalis  [popup] female queen
Bombus terricola_occidentalis  [popup] female worker
Bombus terricola_occidentalis  [popup] male
Bombus vagans  [popup] female queen
Bombus vagans  [popup] female worker
Bombus vagans  [popup] male
Bombus vandykei  [popup] female queen
Bombus vandykei  [popup] female worker
Bombus variabilis  [popup] female
Bombus variabilis  [popup] male
Bombus vosnesenskii  [popup] female queen
Bombus vosnesenskii  [popup] female worker
Bombus vosnesenskii  [popup] male
Bombus weisi  [popup] male
Xylocopa californica_arizonensis  [popup] female
Xylocopa californica_arizonensis  [popup] male
Xylocopa frontalis_dark_form  [popup] female
Xylocopa frontalis_dark_form  [popup] male
Xylocopa frontalis_red_form  [popup] female
Xylocopa mexicanorum  [popup] female
Xylocopa mexicanorum  [popup] male
Xylocopa micans  [popup] female
Xylocopa micans  [popup] male
Xylocopa nigrita  [popup] female
Xylocopa nigrocincta  [popup] female
Xylocopa nigrocincta  [popup] male
Xylocopa rufa  [popup] female
Xylocopa sp_UGA_1  [popup]
Xylocopa sp_UGA_2  [popup]
Xylocopa tabaniformis_androleuca  [popup] female
Xylocopa tabaniformis_androleuca  [popup] male
Xylocopa tabaniformis_azteca  [popup] female
Xylocopa tabaniformis_azteca  [popup] male
Xylocopa tabaniformis_orpifex  [popup] female
Xylocopa tabaniformis_orpifex  [popup] male
Xylocopa veripuncta  [popup] female
Xylocopa veripuncta  [popup] male
Xylocopa virginica  [popup] female
Eastern Carpenter Bee
Xylocopa virginica  [popup] male
Eastern Carpenter Bee

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen lower segment-5 color
 Black (152)
 Mixed (29)
 Light (13)
Abdomen top front to rear color change number
 1, divided (57)
 2, single band (56)
 Over 2, numerous bands (56)
 0, solid (27)
Abdomen top segment-1 color
 Light (73)
 Mixed (71)
 Black (60)
Abdomen top segment-2 color
 Light (80)
 Black (60)
 Mixed (30)
Abdomen top segment-3 color
 Black (85)
 Light (66)
 Mixed (11)
Abdomen top segment-4 color
 Light (20)
 Black (15)
 Mixed (10)
Abdomen top segment-5 color
 Black (118)
 Light (42)
 Mixed (14)
Abdomen top segment-5 with light fringe
 No (160)
 Yes (12)
Abdomen top texture
 Thick hairs (134)
 Sparse hairs (32)
 Over 2 segments bald (24)
Abdomen with red
 No (129)
 Yes (43)
Antennae elbowed
 Yes (170)
 No (7)
Antennae segment number
 12 (114)
 13 (53)
Face color
 Black (105)
 Light (68)
Head top color
 Light (85)
 Black (80)
 Mixed (24)
 North America WEST (120)
 North America EAST (70)
 Mexico (29)
 Outside New World (21)
 Arctic (15)
 South America (9)
 Central America (6)
Rear leg with hairy pollen pocket
 Yes (128)
 No (46)
Thorax side color
 Light (103)
 Black (64)
 Mixed (4)
Thorax top front color
 Light (145)
 Mixed (24)
 Black (22)
Thorax top pattern
 Band side to side (75)
 Solid (50)
 Divided front to rear (38)
 Dark spot (30)
Thorax top rear color
 Light (107)
 Black (55)
 Mixed (36)
Wing number
 4 (170)
 2 (7)