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Discover Life
893 kinds match

Abaeis nicippe  [popup]
Sleepy Sulphur...
Achalarus albociliatus  [popup]
Skinners Cloudywing
Achalarus casica  [popup]
Desert Cloudywing...
Achalarus jalapus  [popup]
Jalapus Cloudywing...
Achalarus lyciades  [popup]
Hoary Edge
Achalarus tehuacana  [popup]
Achalarus toxeus  [popup]
Coyote Cloudywing
Achlyodes busirus  [popup]
Giant Sicklewing...
Achlyodes pallida  [popup]
Achlyodes thraso  [popup]
Sicklewing Skipper...
Adelpha basiloides  [popup]
Spot-celled Sister
Adelpha bredowii  [popup]
California Sister...
Adelpha californica  [popup]
California sister
Adelpha eulalia  [popup]
Arizona sister
Adelpha fessonia  [popup]
Band-celled Sister...
Adopaeoides prittwitzi  [popup]
Sunrise Skipper...
Agathymus alliae  [popup]
Alliae Giantskipper...
Agathymus aryxna  [popup]
Arizona Giant-Skipper...
Agathymus baueri  [popup]
Bauers Giant-Skipper
Agathymus estelleae  [popup]
Agathymus evansi  [popup]
Huachuca Giant-Skipper
Agathymus mariae  [popup]
Marys Giant Skipper...
Agathymus neumoegeni  [popup]
Chiso Giantskipper...
Agathymus polingi  [popup]
Polings Giant Skipper...
Agathymus remingtoni  [popup]
Valverde Giant Skipper...
Agathymus stephensi  [popup]
California giant-skipper
Aglais milberti  [popup]
Aglais urticae  [popup]
Small Tortoiseshell...
Agraulis vanillae  [popup]
Gulf Fritillary...
Agriades cassiope  [popup]
Heather Blue...
Agriades franklini  [popup]
Franklin Blue...
Aguna asander  [popup]
Gold-spotted Aguna
Aguna claxon  [popup]
Emerald Aguna
Aguna metophis  [popup]
Tailed Aguna
Allosmaitia pion  [popup]
Pion Hairstreak...
Allosmaitia strophius  [popup]
Strophius Hairstreak
Amblyscirtes aenus  [popup]
Bronze Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes aesculapius  [popup]
Lace-winged Roadside Skipper...
Amblyscirtes alternata  [popup]
Dusky Roadside Skipper...
Amblyscirtes belli  [popup]
Bells Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes carolina  [popup]
Carolina roadside skipper
Amblyscirtes cassus  [popup]
Cassus Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes celia  [popup]
Celias Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes elissa  [popup]
Elissa Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes eos  [popup]
Dotted Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes exoteria  [popup]
Large Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes fimbriata  [popup]
Orange-edged Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes hegon  [popup]
Pepper and Salt Skipper...
Amblyscirtes linda  [popup]
Lindas Roadside Skipper
Amblyscirtes nereus  [popup]
Slaty Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes nysa  [popup]
Nysa Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes oslari  [popup]
Oslars Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes phylace  [popup]
Orange-headed Roadside Skipper...
Amblyscirtes reversa  [popup]
Reversed Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes simius  [popup]
Simius Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes texanae  [popup]
Texas Roadside-Skipper...
Amblyscirtes tolteca  [popup]
Prenda roadside skipper...
Amblyscirtes vialis  [popup]
Common Roadside Skipper...
Anaea aidea  [popup]
Tropical Leafwing...
Anaea andria  [popup]
Goatwing Butterfly
Anaea echemus  [popup]
Chestnut Leafwing...
Anaea floridalis  [popup]
Florida Leafwing...
Anaea glycerium  [popup]
Angle Leafwing
Anaea pithyusa  [popup]
Pale-spotted Leafwing...
Anaea troglodyta  [popup]
Anartia chrysopelea  [popup]
Cuban Peacock...
Anartia fatima  [popup]
Brown Peacock...
Anartia jatrophae  [popup]
White Peacock
Anatrytone logan  [popup]
Delaware Skipper...
Ancyloxypha arene  [popup]
Tropical Least Skipper...
Ancyloxypha numitor  [popup]
Least Skipperling
Anteos clorinde  [popup]
Ghost Brimstone...
Anteos maerula  [popup]
Yellow Brimstone...
Anthanassa argentea  [popup]
Chestnut Crescent...
Anthanassa frisia  [popup]
Cuban Crescent...
Anthanassa ptolyca  [popup]
False Black Crescent...
Anthanassa texana  [popup]
Texan Crescent...
Anthanassa tulcis  [popup]
Pale-banded Crescent...
Anthocharis cethura  [popup]
Desert Orangetip...
Anthocharis lanceolata  [popup]
Invisible Orangetip...
Anthocharis midea  [popup]
Falcate Orangetip...
Anthocharis sara  [popup]
Julia orangetip...
Antigonus emorsus  [popup]
White Spurwing...
Antigonus erosus  [popup]
Aphrissa statira  [popup]
Statira Sulphur...
Apodemia chisosensis  [popup]
Apodemia duryi  [popup]
Mexican metalmark...
Apodemia hepburni  [popup]
Hepburn Metalmark
Apodemia mejicanus  [popup]
Sonoran metalmark
Apodemia mormo  [popup]
Sierra Metalmark...
Apodemia multiplaga  [popup]
Pointed Metalmark...
Apodemia nais  [popup]
Nais Metalmark...
Apodemia palmeri  [popup]
Mesquite Metalmark...
Apodemia phyciodoides  [popup]
Apodemia virgulti  [popup]
Behrs metalmark
Apodemia walkeri  [popup]
White Metalmark...
Appias drusilla  [popup]
Florida White...
Arawacus jada  [popup]
Creamy Stripe-streak...
Arawacus sito  [popup]
Fine-lined Hairstreak
Archaeoprepona demophon  [popup]
One-spotted Prepona
Arteurotia tractipennis  [popup]
Starred Skipper
Asbolis capucinus  [popup]
Palm Skipper...
Ascia monuste  [popup]
Great Southern White
Asterocampa celtis  [popup]
Hackberry Emperor...
Asterocampa clyton  [popup]
Tawny Emperor...
Asterocampa idyja  [popup]
Creamband Emperor
Asterocampa leilia  [popup]
Leilia Emperor...
Astraptes alardus  [popup]
Frosted Flasher...
Astraptes alector  [popup]
Astraptes anaphus  [popup]
Yellow-tipped Flasher...
Astraptes aulestes  [popup]
Aulestis Flasher
Astraptes egregius  [popup]
Small-spotted Flasher...
Astraptes fulgerator  [popup]
Two-barred Flasher...
Astraptes gilberti  [popup]
Gilberts Flasher
Atalopedes campestris  [popup]
Atlides halesus  [popup]
Great Purple Hairstreak...
Atrytone arogos  [popup]
Arogos Skipper
Atrytone mazai  [popup]
Glowing Skipper...
Atrytonopsis cestus  [popup]
Cestus Skipper...
Atrytonopsis deva  [popup]
Deva Skipper...
Atrytonopsis edwardsi  [popup]
Sheep Skipper...
Atrytonopsis hianna  [popup]
Dusted Skipper...
Atrytonopsis loammi  [popup]
Atrytonopsis lunus  [popup]
Moon-marked Skipper...
Atrytonopsis pittacus  [popup]
White-bar dusted skipper...
Atrytonopsis python  [popup]
Python Skipper...
Atrytonopsis vierecki  [popup]
Vierecks Skipper...
Autochton cellus  [popup]
Golden Banded-Skipper
Autochton cincta  [popup]
Chisos Banded-Skipper...
Autochton pseudocellus  [popup]
Sonoran Banded-Skipper...
Baeotis sulphurea  [popup]
Sulphur metalmark
Baeotis zonata  [popup]
Battus philenor  [popup]
Pipevine Swallowtail
Battus polydamas  [popup]
Gold-rim Swallowtail
Biblis hyperia  [popup]
Red Rim
Bolla brennus  [popup]
Obscure Bolla
Bolla clytius  [popup]
Mottled Bolla
Boloria alaskensis  [popup]
Boloria alberta  [popup]
Alberta Alpine Fritillary...
Boloria astarte  [popup]
Astarte Fritillary...
Boloria bellona  [popup]
Meadow Fritillary...
Boloria chariclea  [popup]
Arctic Fritillary...
Boloria epithore  [popup]
Pacific Fritillary...
Boloria eunomia  [popup]
Ladd Fritillary...
Boloria freija  [popup]
Freija Fritillary...
Boloria frigga  [popup]
Frigga Fritillary...
Boloria improba  [popup]
Dingy Arctic Fritillary...
Boloria kriemhild  [popup]
Relict Meadow Fritillary
Boloria napaea  [popup]
Hall Fritillary...
Boloria natazhati  [popup]
Cryptic Fritillary...
Boloria polaris  [popup]
Polar Fritillary
Boloria selene  [popup]
Astro Fritillary...
Boloria titania  [popup]
Titania Fritillary...
Brangas neora  [popup]
Common Brangas
Brephidium exilis  [popup]
Western Pygmy-Blue...
Brephidium isophthalma  [popup]
Eastern Pygmy-Blue
Brephidium pseudofea  [popup]
Cabares potrillo  [popup]
Potrillo Skipper
Calephelis arizonensis  [popup]
Arizona Metalmark
Calephelis borealis  [popup]
Northern Metalmark
Calephelis freemani  [popup]
Calephelis muticum  [popup]
Swamp Metalmark...
Calephelis nemesis  [popup]
Fatal Metalmark...
Calephelis perditalis  [popup]
Rounded metalmark...
Calephelis rawsoni  [popup]
Nogales Metalmark...
Calephelis virginiensis  [popup]
Little Metalmark
Calephelis wrighti  [popup]
Sweetbush Metalmark...
Callimormus saturnus  [popup]
Ubiquitous Skipper
Callophrys affinis  [popup]
Western Green Hairstreak...
Callophrys augustinus  [popup]
Brown Elfin...
Callophrys dumetorum  [popup]
Canyon Hairstreak...
Callophrys eryphon  [popup]
Western Pine Elfin...
Callophrys fotis  [popup]
Desert Elfin...
Callophrys gryneus  [popup]
Olive hairstreak...
Callophrys henrici  [popup]
Henrys Elfin...
Callophrys hesseli  [popup]
Hessels Hairstreak...
Callophrys irus  [popup]
Hadros Elfin...
Callophrys johnsoni  [popup]
Johnsons Hairstreak...
Callophrys lanoraieensis  [popup]
Bog Elfin...
Callophrys mcfarlandi  [popup]
Sandia mcfarlandi...
Callophrys mossii  [popup]
Moss Elfin...
Callophrys muiri  [popup]
Callophrys gryneus muiri...
Callophrys niphon  [popup]
Eastern Pine Elfin...
Callophrys perplexa  [popup]
Callophrys polios  [popup]
Hoary Elfin...
Callophrys sheridanii  [popup]
Sheridans hairstreak...
Callophrys spinetorum  [popup]
Thicket Hairstreak...
Callophrys thornei  [popup]
Thornes juniper...
Callophrys viridis  [popup]
Callophrys xami  [popup]
Xami Hairstreak...
Calpodes ethlius  [popup]
Brazilian Skipper...
Calycopis cecrops  [popup]
Red-banded Hairstreak
Calycopis clarina  [popup]
White-striped groundstreak
Calycopis isobeon  [popup]
Dusky-blue Groundstreak...
Carcharodus alceae  [popup]
Mallow Skipper
Caria ino  [popup]
Mel Metalmark...
Carrhenes canescens  [popup]
Hoary Skipper
Carterocephalus palaemon  [popup]
Arctic Skipper
Catasticta nimbice  [popup]
Mexican Dartwhite
Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri  [popup]
Fritzgaertners Flat
Celaenorrhinus stallingsi  [popup]
Stallings Flat
Celastrina argiolus  [popup]
Holly blue...
Celastrina echo  [popup]
Celastrina idella  [popup]
American Holly Azure...
Celastrina ladon  [popup]
Spring azure...
Celastrina lucia  [popup]
Celastrina neglecta  [popup]
Summer azure...
Celastrina neglectamajor  [popup]
Appalachian azure...
Celastrina nigra  [popup]
Dusky Azure...
Celastrina serotina  [popup]
Cherry Gall Azure
Celotes limpia  [popup]
Scarce Streaky-Skipper...
Celotes nessus  [popup]
Common Streaky-Skipper...
Cercyonis meadii  [popup]
Meads Wood-Nymph...
Cercyonis oetus  [popup]
Charon Woodnymph...
Cercyonis pegala  [popup]
Pegala Woodnymph...
Cercyonis sthenele  [popup]
Great Basin Wood-Nymph...
Chioides albofasciatus  [popup]
White-striped Longtail...
Chioides catillus  [popup]
Albo Longtail...
Chioides zilpa  [popup]
Zilpa Longtail
Chiomara asychis  [popup]
White-patched Skipper...
Chiomara georgina  [popup]
White-patched skipper
Chiomara mithrax  [popup]
Slaty Skipper
Chlorostrymon maesites  [popup]
Amethyst Hairstreak...
Chlorostrymon simaethis  [popup]
Silver-banded Hairstreak
Chlorostrymon telea  [popup]
Telea Hairstreak
Chlosyne acastus  [popup]
Sagebrush Checkerspot...
Chlosyne californica  [popup]
California Patch
Chlosyne damoetas  [popup]
Damoetas Patch...
Chlosyne definita  [popup]
Definite Patch...
Chlosyne endeis  [popup]
Banded Patch
Chlosyne erodyle  [popup]
Erodyle Checkerspot
Chlosyne gabbii  [popup]
Gabbs Checkerspot...
Chlosyne gorgone  [popup]
Carlota Checkerspot...
Chlosyne harrisii  [popup]
Harris Checkerspot...
Chlosyne hoffmanni  [popup]
Hoffmanns Checkerspot...
Chlosyne janais  [popup]
Crimson Patch...
Chlosyne lacinia  [popup]
Adjutrix Patch...
Chlosyne marina  [popup]
Red-spotted Patch...
Chlosyne melitaeoides  [popup]
Melitaeoides Checkerspot
Chlosyne neumoegeni  [popup]
Neumoegen Checkerspot...
Chlosyne nycteis  [popup]
Silvery Checkerspot...
Chlosyne palla  [popup]
Calydon Checkerspot...
Chlosyne rosita  [popup]
Rosita Patch
Chlosyne theona  [popup]
Chinati checkerspot...
Chlosyne whitneyi  [popup]
Rockslide checkerspot
Choranthus haitensis  [popup]
Haiten Skipper
Cissia pompilia  [popup]
Plain Satyr
Codatractus alcaeus  [popup]
White-crescent Longtail
Codatractus arizonensis  [popup]
Arizona Skipper
Codatractus mysie  [popup]
Valeriana Skipper...
Coenonympha haydenii  [popup]
Yellowstone Ringlet...
Coenonympha tullia  [popup]
Ampelos Ringlet...
Cogia caicus  [popup]
Gold-costa Skipper...
Cogia calchas  [popup]
Mimosa Skipper
Cogia hippalus  [popup]
Acacia Skipper...
Cogia outis  [popup]
Outis Skipper...
Colias alexandra  [popup]
Colias krauthii...
Colias behrii  [popup]
Sierra Green Sulphur
Colias canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Sulphur
Colias chippewa  [popup]
Chippewa Sulphur...
Colias christina  [popup]
Christinas Sulphur...
Colias eurytheme  [popup]
Orange Sulphur...
Colias gigantea  [popup]
Giant Sulphur
Colias harfordii  [popup]
Harford sulphur...
Colias hecla  [popup]
Hecla Sulphur...
Colias interior  [popup]
Pink-edged Sulphur
Colias johanseni  [popup]
Coppermine Sulphur...
Colias meadii  [popup]
Meads Sulphur...
Colias nastes  [popup]
Artic Green Sulfur...
Colias occidentalis  [popup]
Chrysomelas Sulphur...
Colias palaeno  [popup]
Palaeno Sulphur...
Colias pelidne  [popup]
Pelidne Sulfur...
Colias philodice  [popup]
Lively Clouded Sulphur...
Colias scudderii  [popup]
Scudders sulphur...
Colias tyche  [popup]
Colias boothi...
Conga chydaea  [popup]
Hidden-ray Skipper
Copaeodes aurantiaca  [popup]
Orange Skipperling...
Copaeodes minima  [popup]
Southern skipperling...
Corticea corticea  [popup]
Redundant Swarthy Skipper
Cupido amyntula  [popup]
Western tailed-blue...
Cupido comyntas  [popup]
Eastern Tailed-blue...
Cyanophrys goodsoni  [popup]
Goodsons Greenstreak...
Cyanophrys herodotus  [popup]
Tropical Green Hairstreak...
Cyanophrys longula  [popup]
Long-winged Greenstreak
Cyanophrys miserabilis  [popup]
Clenchs Greenstreak...
Cyclargus ammon  [popup]
Cyclargus thomasi  [popup]
Cyllopsis gemma  [popup]
Gemmed Satyr...
Cyllopsis pertepida  [popup]
Canyonland Satyr...
Cyllopsis pyracmon  [popup]
Mexican Arroyo Satyr...
Cymaenes odilia  [popup]
Fawn-spotted Skipper...
Cymaenes trebius  [popup]
Cymaenes tripunctus  [popup]
Three-spotted Skipper...
Danaus eresimus  [popup]
Danaus gilippus  [popup]
Berenice Butterfly...
Danaus plexippus  [popup]
Monarch Butterfly
Decinea percosius  [popup]
Double-Dotted Skipper
Diaethria anna  [popup]
Annas Eighty-eight
Diaethria asteria  [popup]
Mexican Eighty-eight
Diaethria clymena  [popup]
Cramers Eighty-eight...
Dione moneta  [popup]
Mexican Silverspot...
Dircenna klugii  [popup]
Klugs Clearwing
Doxocopa laure  [popup]
Silver Emperor
Doxocopa pavon  [popup]
Pavon Emperor...
Dryadula phaetusa  [popup]
Banded Orange...
Dryas iulia  [popup]
Dryas julia  [popup]
Julia Heliconian...
Dymasia dymas  [popup]
Chara Checkerspot...
Dynamine dyonis  [popup]
Blue-eyed Sailor...
Dynamine postverta  [popup]
Dynamine tithia  [popup]
Tithian Sailor
Eantis tamenund  [popup]
Northern sicklewing...
Echinargus isola  [popup]
Electrostrymon angelia  [popup]
Fulvous Hairstreak
Electrostrymon canus  [popup]
Muted Hairstreak...
Electrostrymon endymion  [popup]
Ruddy Hairstreak
Electrostrymon hugon  [popup]
Electrostrymon sangala  [popup]
Sangala Hairstreak
Emesis ares  [popup]
Ares Metalmark...
Emesis emesia  [popup]
Curve-winged Metalmark...
Emesis tenedia  [popup]
Hook Metalmark...
Emesis zela  [popup]
Zela Metalmark...
Enantia albania  [popup]
Mimic Sulphur...
Enodia anthedon  [popup]
Northern Pearly-eye...
Enodia creola  [popup]
Creole Pearly-eye...
Enodia portlandia  [popup]
Portland Pearlyeye...
Entheus priassus  [popup]
Priassus Skipper
Epargyreus clarus  [popup]
Silver-spotted Skipper...
Epargyreus exadeus  [popup]
Silverdrip Skipper...
Epargyreus zestos  [popup]
Zestos skipper
Ephyriades brunnea  [popup]
Ephyriades brunneus  [popup]
Florida Duskywing...
Epiphile adrasta  [popup]
Common Banner...
Erebia callias  [popup]
Colorado Alpine...
Erebia dabanensis  [popup]
Four-Dot Alpine...
Erebia disa  [popup]
Disa Alpine...
Erebia discoidalis  [popup]
Red-Disk Alpine...
Erebia epipsodea  [popup]
Common Alpine
Erebia fasciata  [popup]
Banded Alpine...
Erebia kozhantshikovi  [popup]
Four-Dot Alpine...
Erebia lafontainei  [popup]
Lafontaines alpine
Erebia mackinleyensis  [popup]
Mt McKinley alpine
Erebia magdalena  [popup]
Magdalena Alpine...
Erebia mancinus  [popup]
Mancinus Alpine...
Erebia occulta  [popup]
Eskimo Alpine...
Erebia rossii  [popup]
Ross Alpine...
Erebia theano  [popup]
Theano Alpine...
Erebia vidleri  [popup]
Vidlers Alpine
Erebia youngi  [popup]
Four-dotted alpine
Erionota thrax  [popup]
Banana Skipper
Erora laeta  [popup]
Early Hairstreak...
Erora quaderna  [popup]
Arizona Hairstreak
Erynnis afranius  [popup]
Afranius Duskywing...
Erynnis baptisiae  [popup]
Indigo Dusky Wing
Erynnis brizo  [popup]
Sleepy Duskywing...
Erynnis funeralis  [popup]
Funereal Duskywing
Erynnis horatius  [popup]
Horaces Duskywing...
Erynnis icelus  [popup]
Dreamy Duskywing...
Erynnis juvenalis  [popup]
Juvenals Duskywing...
Erynnis lucilius  [popup]
Columbine Duskywing
Erynnis martialis  [popup]
Mottled Dusky Wing
Erynnis meridianus  [popup]
Meridian Duskywing
Erynnis pacuvius  [popup]
Pacuvius Duskywing...
Erynnis persius  [popup]
Persius Duskywing...
Erynnis propertius  [popup]
Propertius Duskywing...
Erynnis scudderi  [popup]
Scudders Dusky Wing...
Erynnis tages  [popup]
Tages Duskywing
Erynnis telemachus  [popup]
Rocky Mountain Duskywing...
Erynnis tristis  [popup]
Mournful Duskywing...
Erynnis zarucco  [popup]
Zarucco Duskywing...
Euchloe ausonides  [popup]
Large marble...
Euchloe creusa  [popup]
North White...
Euchloe guaymasensis  [popup]
Sonoran Marble
Euchloe hyantis  [popup]
Desertpearl White
Euchloe lotta  [popup]
Desert marble
Euchloe naina  [popup]
Green Marble
Euchloe olympia  [popup]
Rosy Marble...
Eueides isabella  [popup]
Isabellas Heliconian...
Eumaeus atala  [popup]
Atala Hairstreak...
Eumaeus minijas  [popup]
Cycad Hairstreak...
Eumaeus toxea  [popup]
Mexican cycadian
Eunica monima  [popup]
Dingy Purplewing
Eunica tatila  [popup]
Tatilista Purplewing...
Euphilotes ancilla  [popup]
Euphilotes battoides  [popup]
Bauers Dotted-Blue...
Euphilotes bernardino  [popup]
Bernardino Blue
Euphilotes centralis  [popup]
Euphilotes columbiae  [popup]
Euphilotes enoptes  [popup]
Dammaers Dotted-Blue...
Euphilotes glaucon  [popup]
Euphilotes mojave  [popup]
Euphilotes rita  [popup]
Desert Buckwheat Blue...
Euphilotes spaldingi  [popup]
Colorado-Plateau Blue...
Euphydryas anicia  [popup]
Euphydryas chalcedona  [popup]
Western Checkerspot...
Euphydryas colon  [popup]
Euphydryas editha  [popup]
Ediths Checkerspot...
Euphydryas gillettii  [popup]
Gillettes Checkerspot...
Euphydryas phaeton  [popup]
Euphyes arpa  [popup]
Palmetto Skipper
Euphyes bayensis  [popup]
Bay Skipper
Euphyes berryi  [popup]
Berrys Skipper...
Euphyes bimacula  [popup]
Two-spotted Skipper...
Euphyes conspicua  [popup]
Dash Skipper...
Euphyes dion  [popup]
Dion Skipper...
Euphyes dukesi  [popup]
Dukes Skipper...
Euphyes pilatka  [popup]
Palatka Skipper...
Euphyes vestris  [popup]
Cola Skipper...
Euptoieta claudia  [popup]
Variegated Fritillary
Euptoieta hegesia  [popup]
Mexican Fritillary
Eurema albula  [popup]
Ghost Sulphur...
Eurema boisduvaliana  [popup]
Poodle-face Sulphur...
Eurema daira  [popup]
Barred Sulphur...
Eurema dina  [popup]
Bush Sulphur...
Eurema messalina  [popup]
Shy Yellow...
Eurema mexicana  [popup]
Wolf-face Sulphur...
Eurema nise  [popup]
Blacktip Sulphur...
Eurema proterpia  [popup]
Pointytail Sulphur...
Eurema salome  [popup]
Monkey-face Sulphur...
Eurytides celadon  [popup]
Cuban Kite Swallowtail
Eurytides marcellus  [popup]
Zebra Swallowtail...
Eurytides philolaus  [popup]
Dark Kite-Swallowtail
Feniseca tarquinius  [popup]
Ganyra howarthi  [popup]
Howarths White...
Ganyra josephina  [popup]
Giant White
Gesta gesta  [popup]
False Duskywing
Gesta invisus  [popup]
False duskywing
Glaucopsyche lygdamus  [popup]
Behr Blue...
Glaucopsyche piasus  [popup]
Arrowhead Blue
Gorgopas viridiceps  [popup]
Viridiceps Skipper
Gorgythion begga  [popup]
Variegated Skipper
Grais stigmaticus  [popup]
Hermit Skipper...
Gyrocheilus patrobas  [popup]
Red-bordered Satyr...
Habrodais grunus  [popup]
Golden Hairstreak...
Hamadryas amphichloe  [popup]
Pale Cracker...
Hamadryas amphinome  [popup]
Red Cracker
Hamadryas atlantis  [popup]
Black-patched Cracker...
Hamadryas februa  [popup]
Gray Cracker
Hamadryas feronia  [popup]
Variable Cracker...
Hamadryas fornax  [popup]
Yellow Cracker
Hamadryas glauconome  [popup]
Glaucous Cracker...
Hamadryas guatemalena  [popup]
Guatemala Cracker...
Hamadryas iphthime  [popup]
Brownish Cracker...
Heliconius charithonia  [popup]
Zebra Heliconian...
Heliconius erato  [popup]
Erato Heliconian...
Heliopetes arsalte  [popup]
Veined White-Skipper...
Heliopetes domicella  [popup]
Erichsons White-Skipper...
Heliopetes ericetorum  [popup]
Northern White-Skipper...
Heliopetes laviana  [popup]
Laviana White-Skipper...
Heliopetes macaira  [popup]
Turks Cap White-Skipper...
Heliopyrgus domicella  [popup]
Heliopyrgus sublinea  [popup]
Hemiargus ammon  [popup]
Nickerbean Blue...
Hemiargus ceraunus  [popup]
Bub Blue...
Hemiargus isola  [popup]
Alce Blue...
Hemiargus thomasi  [popup]
Beth Blue...
Hermeuptychia hermes  [popup]
Southern Satyr...
Hermeuptychia sosybius  [popup]
Carolina Satyr...
Hesperia assiniboia  [popup]
Plains skipper
Hesperia attalus  [popup]
Dotted Skipper
Hesperia colorado  [popup]
Western branded skipper
Hesperia columbia  [popup]
Columbian Skipper...
Hesperia comma  [popup]
Boia Skipper...
Hesperia dacotae  [popup]
Dakota Skipper
Hesperia juba  [popup]
Juba Skipper...
Hesperia leonardus  [popup]
Leonards Skipper...
Hesperia lindseyi  [popup]
Lindseys Skipper...
Hesperia meskei  [popup]
Meskes Skipper...
Hesperia metea  [popup]
Cobweb Skipper
Hesperia miriamae  [popup]
Sierra Skipper...
Hesperia nevada  [popup]
Nevada Skipper...
Hesperia ottoe  [popup]
Ottoe Skipper...
Hesperia pahaska  [popup]
Pahaska Skipper...
Hesperia sassacus  [popup]
Indian Skipper
Hesperia uncas  [popup]
Uncas Skipper...
Hesperia viridis  [popup]
Green Skipper...
Hesperia woodgatei  [popup]
Apache Skipper...
Hesperopsis alpheus  [popup]
Saltbush Sootywing...
Hesperopsis gracielae  [popup]
Hesperopsis alpheus gracielae...
Hesperopsis libya  [popup]
Mojave Sootywing...
Historis acheronta  [popup]
Historis odius  [popup]
Hylephila phyleus  [popup]
Fiery Skipper
Hypanartia lethe  [popup]
Orange Mapwing
Hypaurotis crysalus  [popup]
Colorado Hairstreak
Hypolimnas misippus  [popup]
Mimic Butterfly
Hypostrymon critola  [popup]
Sonoran Hairstreak...
Inachis io  [popup]
European peacock
Itaballia demophile  [popup]
Junonia coenia  [popup]
Junonia evarete  [popup]
Mangrove Buckeye...
Junonia genoveva  [popup]
Tropical Buckeye...
Kricogonia castalia  [popup]
Castalia Sulphur
Kricogonia lyside  [popup]
Lyside Sulphur...
Lampides boeticus  [popup]
Pea Blue...
Lasaia maria  [popup]
Marias metalmark
Lasaia sula  [popup]
Blue Metalmark
Leptophobia aripa  [popup]
Leptotes cassius  [popup]
Cassius Blue...
Leptotes marina  [popup]
Marine Blue...
Lerema accius  [popup]
Clouded Skipper
Lerema liris  [popup]
Liris Skipper...
Lerodea arabus  [popup]
Violet-clouded Skipper...
Lerodea eufala  [popup]
Eufala Skipper...
Lethe appalachia  [popup]
Lethe eurydice  [popup]
Libytheana carinenta  [popup]
American Snout...
Limenitis archippus  [popup]
Limenitis arthemis  [popup]
Red-Spotted Purple...
Limenitis lorquini  [popup]
Lorquins Admiral...
Limenitis weidemeyerii  [popup]
Weidemeyers Admiral...
Lycaena arota  [popup]
Tailed Copper
Lycaena cupreus  [popup]
Lustrous Copper...
Lycaena dione  [popup]
Gray Copper...
Lycaena dorcas  [popup]
Dorcas Copper...
Lycaena editha  [popup]
Ediths Copper...
Lycaena epixanthe  [popup]
Bog Copper...
Lycaena gorgon  [popup]
Gorgon Copper...
Lycaena helloides  [popup]
Purplish Copper...
Lycaena hermes  [popup]
Hermes Copper...
Lycaena heteronea  [popup]
Blue Copper...
Lycaena hyllus  [popup]
Bronze Copper...
Lycaena mariposa  [popup]
Mariposa Copper...
Lycaena nivalis  [popup]
Lilac-bordered Copper...
Lycaena phlaeas  [popup]
Phlaeas Copper...
Lycaena rubidus  [popup]
Whitemountain Copper...
Lycaena xanthoides  [popup]
Great Copper...
Lycorea cleobaea  [popup]
Large Tiger...
Lycorea halia  [popup]
Marpesia chiron  [popup]
Many-banded Daggerwing
Marpesia coresia  [popup]
Waiter Daggerwing...
Marpesia eleuchea  [popup]
Antillean Daggerwing
Marpesia petreus  [popup]
Ruddy Daggerwing...
Megathymus cofaqui  [popup]
Cofaqui Giant Skipper...
Megathymus streckeri  [popup]
Streckers Giant-Skipper...
Megathymus ursus  [popup]
Ursine Giant-Skipper...
Megathymus yuccae  [popup]
Yucca Giant-Skipper...
Megisto cymela  [popup]
Violas wood-satyr...
Megisto rubricata  [popup]
Rouge Satyr...
Melanis cephise  [popup]
White-rayed pixie
Melanis pixe  [popup]
Pixy Metalmark...
Melete lycimnia  [popup]
Memphis eurypyle  [popup]
Pointed leafwing
Memphis forreri  [popup]
Forrers leafwing
Memphis pithyusa  [popup]
Mestra amymone  [popup]
Common Mestra...
Microtia elva  [popup]
Mimoides phaon  [popup]
Variable swallowtail
Ministrymon azia  [popup]
Gray Ministreak...
Ministrymon clytie  [popup]
Clytie Ministreak...
Ministrymon leda  [popup]
Leda Ministreak...
Mnasilus allubita  [popup]
Monca crispinus  [popup]
Violet-patched Skipper...
Morpho polyphemus  [popup]
White Morpho
Mylon pelopidas  [popup]
Myscelia cyananthe  [popup]
Blackened Bluewing...
Myscelia ethusa  [popup]
Mexican Bluewing...
Nastra julia  [popup]
Julias Skipper...
Nastra lherminier  [popup]
Swarthy Skipper
Nastra neamathla  [popup]
Neamathla Skipper...
Nathalis iole  [popup]
Dainty Sulphur
Neominois ridingsii  [popup]
Grasshopper Satyr...
Neonympha areolatus  [popup]
Georgia Satyr...
Neonympha mitchellii  [popup]
Mitchells Satyr...
Neophasia menapia  [popup]
Pine White
Neophasia terlooii  [popup]
Neophasia terlootii  [popup]
Chiricahua White...
Nisoniades rubescens  [popup]
Purplish-black Skipper
Noctuana stator  [popup]
Red-studded Skipper
Nyctelius nyctelius  [popup]
Violet-banded Skipper
Nymphalis antiopa  [popup]
Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis californica  [popup]
California Tortoiseshell...
Nymphalis milberti  [popup]
Milberts Tortoiseshell...
Nymphalis vaualbum  [popup]
Compton Tortoiseshell...
Oarisma edwardsii  [popup]
Edwards Skipperling...
Oarisma garita  [popup]
Garita Skipperling...
Oarisma poweshiek  [popup]
Poweshiek Skipperling...
Ocaria ocrisia  [popup]
Black Hairstreak
Ochlodes agricola  [popup]
Rural Skipper...
Ochlodes snowi  [popup]
Snow skipper
Ochlodes sylvanoides  [popup]
Woodland Skipper...
Ochlodes yuma  [popup]
Yuma Skipper...
Oeneis alberta  [popup]
Alberta Arctic...
Oeneis alpina  [popup]
Sentinel Arctic...
Oeneis bore  [popup]
White-veined Arctic...
Oeneis chryxus  [popup]
Chryxus Arctic...
Oeneis jutta  [popup]
Jutta Arctic...
Oeneis macounii  [popup]
Macouns Arcitc...
Oeneis melissa  [popup]
Melissa Arctic...
Oeneis nevadensis  [popup]
Great Arctic...
Oeneis polixenes  [popup]
Polixenes Arctic...
Oeneis rosovi  [popup]
Philips Arctic...
Oeneis uhleri  [popup]
Rocky Mountain Arctic...
Oenomaus ortygnus  [popup]
Aquamarine Hairstreak...
Oligoria maculata  [popup]
Twin-spot Skipper...
Opsiphanes boisduvallii  [popup]
Orange owl-butterfly
Panoquina errans  [popup]
Wandering Skipper
Panoquina evansi  [popup]
Evans Skipper...
Panoquina fusina  [popup]
White-barred skipper...
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Distinctive color
 None (349)
 Orange (297)
 Yellow (173)
 Blue (96)
 Green (28)
 Red (20)
 Hesperiidae (292)
 Nymphalidae (214)
 Lycaenidae (145)
 Pieridae (70)
 Papilionidae (39)
 Riodinidae (22)
Forewing upperside distinctive color
 None (320)
 Orange (292)
 Yellow (201)
 Blue (107)
 Red (48)
 Green (45)
Forewing upperside distinctive pattern
 Other (345)
 Spot (338)
 Band (171)
 Checker (122)
 Vein (54)
 None (23)
 Papilio (28)
 Amblyscirtes (22)
 Colias (19)
 Hesperia (19)
 Callophrys (18)
 Erynnis (18)
 Chlosyne (17)
 Satyrium (17)
 Lycaena (16)
 Boloria (15)
 Strymon (15)
 Speyeria (14)
 Erebia (13)
 Polites (12)
 Oeneis (11)
 Urbanus (11)
 Phyciodes (10)
 Plebejus (10)
 Atrytonopsis (9)
 Euphyes (9)
 Eurema (9)
 Hamadryas (9)
 Agathymus (8)
 Apodemia (8)
 Calephelis (8)
 Panoquina (8)
 Poanes (8)
 Pyrgus (8)
 Polygonia (7)
 Thorybes (7)
 Anaea (6)
 Astraptes (6)
 Celastrina (6)
 Euchloe (6)
 Phoebis (6)
 Achalarus (5)
 Anthanassa (5)
 Euphilotes (5)
 Heliopetes (5)
 Parnassius (5)
 Piruna (5)
 Vanessa (5)
 Anthocharis (4)
 Asterocampa (4)
 Cercyonis (4)
 Cogia (4)
 Cyanophrys (4)
 Electrostrymon (4)
 Emesis (4)
 Euphydryas (4)
 Hemiargus (4)
 Limenitis (4)
 Marpesia (4)
 Megathymus (4)
 Nymphalis (4)
 Ochlodes (4)
 Pieris (4)
 Pontia (4)
 Staphylus (4)
 Thessalia (4)
 Adelpha (3)
 Aguna (3)
 Anartia (3)
 Autochton (3)
 Brephidium (3)
 Calycopis (3)
 Chlorostrymon (3)
 Codatractus (3)
 Cyllopsis (3)
 Danaus (3)
 Diaethria (3)
 Enodia (3)
 Eurytides (3)
 Junonia (3)
 Ministrymon (3)
 Nastra (3)
 Oarisma (3)
 Phocides (3)
 Rekoa (3)
 Synapte (3)
 Vettius (3)
 Achlyodes (2)
 Agriades (2)
 Allosmaitia (2)
 Ancyloxypha (2)
 Anteos (2)
 Arawacus (2)
 Atrytone (2)
 Battus (2)
 Bolla (2)
 Celaenorrhinus (2)
 Celotes (2)
 Chioides (2)
 Chiomara (2)
 Coenonympha (2)
 Copaeodes (2)
 Cupido (2)
 Cymaenes (2)
 Doxocopa (2)
 Dynamine (2)
 Epargyreus (2)
 Erora (2)
 Eumaeus (2)
 Eunica (2)
 Euptoieta (2)
 Ganyra (2)
 Glaucopsyche (2)
 Heliconius (2)
 Hermeuptychia (2)
 Hesperopsis (2)
 Historis (2)
 Kricogonia (2)
 Leptotes (2)
 Lerema (2)
 Lerodea (2)
 Lethe (2)
 Megisto (2)
 Melanis (2)
 Memphis (2)
 Myscelia (2)
 Neonympha (2)
 Neophasia (2)
 Parides (2)
 Pellicia (2)
 Pholisora (2)
 Poladryas (2)
 Polygonus (2)
 Polythrix (2)
 Problema (2)
 Pyrrhopyge (2)
 Satyrodes (2)
 Siproeta (2)
 Smyrna (2)
 Stinga (2)
 Systasea (2)
 Wallengrenia (2)
 Zerene (2)
 Abaeis (1)
 Adopaeoides (1)
 Aglais (1)
 Agraulis (1)
 Anatrytone (1)
 Antigonus (1)
 Aphrissa (1)
 Appias (1)
 Archaeoprepona (1)
 Arteurotia (1)
 Asbolis (1)
 Ascia (1)
 Atalopedes (1)
 Atlides (1)
 Baeotis (1)
 Biblis (1)
 Brangas (1)
 Cabares (1)
 Callimormus (1)
 Calpodes (1)
 Carcharodus (1)
 Caria (1)
 Carrhenes (1)
 Carterocephalus (1)
 Catasticta (1)
 Choranthus (1)
 Cissia (1)
 Conga (1)
 Corticea (1)
 Decinea (1)
 Dione (1)
 Dircenna (1)
 Dryadula (1)
 Dryas (1)
 Dymasia (1)
 Enantia (1)
 Entheus (1)
 Ephyriades (1)
 Epiphile (1)
 Erionota (1)
 Eueides (1)
 Feniseca (1)
 Gesta (1)
 Gorgopas (1)
 Gorgythion (1)
 Grais (1)
 Gyrocheilus (1)
 Habrodais (1)
 Heliopyrgus (1)
 Hylephila (1)
 Hypanartia (1)
 Hypaurotis (1)
 Hypolimnas (1)
 Hypostrymon (1)
 Inachis (1)
 Lampides (1)
 Lasaia (1)
 Libytheana (1)
 Lycorea (1)
 Mestra (1)
 Microtia (1)
 Mimoides (1)
 Monca (1)
 Morpho (1)
 Nathalis (1)
 Neominois (1)
 Nisoniades (1)
 Noctuana (1)
 Nyctelius (1)
 Ocaria (1)
 Oenomaus (1)
 Oligoria (1)
 Opsiphanes (1)
 Panthiades (1)
 Paramacera (1)
 Paratrytone (1)
 Parrhasius (1)
 Perichares (1)
 Phaeostrymon (1)
 Phanes (1)
 Philotes (1)
 Philotiella (1)
 Pieriballia (1)
 Pompeius (1)
 Proteides (1)
 Pseudocopaeodes (1)
 Pseudolycaena (1)
 Pyrisitia (1)
 Quasimellana (1)
 Rhinthon (1)
 Siderus (1)
 Sostrata (1)
 Spathilepia (1)
 Stallingsia (1)
 Texola (1)
 Thespieus (1)
 Thymelicus (1)
 Timochares (1)
 Tmolus (1)
 Typhedanus (1)
 Udara (1)
 Vacciniina (1)
 Vidius (1)
 Windia (1)
 Xenophanes (1)
 Zestusa (1)
 Ziegleria (1)
 Zizula (1)
Hindwing edge
 Smooth (621)
 Tail (139)
 Wavy (136)
Hindwing underside distinctive color
 None (304)
 Orange (248)
 Yellow (201)
 Blue (131)
 Green (74)
 Red (54)
Hindwing underside distinctive pattern
 Spot (395)
 Band (209)
 Other (129)
 None (123)
 Checker (103)
 Vein (84)
Hindwing underside main color
 Black/Brown (452)
 White/Grey (213)
 Yellow/Orange (170)
 Blue/Purple (46)
 Green (42)
 Red/Orange (29)
Hindwing underside spot number
 Over 2 (533)
 1 (66)
 2 (56)
 08 Aug (571)
 07 Jul (567)
 06 Jun (554)
 05 May (509)
 09 Sep (484)
 04 Apr (440)
 10 Oct (425)
 03 Mar (406)
 11 Nov (350)
 02 Feb (272)
 01 Jan (257)
 12 Dec (234)
 Texas (479)
 Arizona (411)
 New Mexico (389)
 Colorado (278)
 Utah (278)
 California (264)
 Nevada (247)
 Wyoming (227)
 Oklahoma (214)
 Nebraska (209)
 Montana (203)
 Kansas (197)
 Idaho (189)
 Florida (186)
 Oregon (177)
 South Dakota (177)
 Georgia (169)
 Missouri (161)
 North Carolina (160)
 Illinois (156)
 Minnesota (155)
 Arkansas (152)
 South Carolina (152)
 Washington (152)
 Virginia (151)
 North Dakota (148)
 Indiana (147)
 Louisiana (145)
 Ohio (144)
 Wisconsin (144)
 Michigan (141)
 Kentucky (140)
 Mississippi (140)
 Alabama (136)
 New Jersey (136)
 New York (136)
 Tennessee (136)
 Iowa (135)
 West Virginia (134)
 Pennsylvania (133)
 Maryland (130)
 Delaware (125)
 Rhode Island (121)
 British Columbia (118)
 Connecticut (118)
 New Hampshire (118)
 Massachusetts (117)
 District of Columbia (115)
 Vermont (110)
 Maine (105)
 Alberta (101)
 Ontario (81)
 Saskatchewan (78)
 Manitoba (69)
 Quebec (60)
 Alaska (52)
 New Brunswick (45)
 Nova Scotia (43)
 Yukon (37)
 Prince Edward Island (30)
 Northwest Territories (27)
 Mexico (20)
 Hawaii (12)
 Labrador (12)
 Puerto Rico (11)
 Central America (9)
 Newfoundland (8)
 South America (2)
 Europe (1)
Stray no image
 No (754)
 Yes but dynamic link (15)
 Yes but static link (3)
 Not Available (1)
Wing upperside main color
 Black/Brown (539)
 Red/Orange (216)
 Yellow/Orange (139)
 White-grey (133)
 Blue/Purple (75)
 Green (19)
Z Band shape
 Broken (26)
 smooth (8)
Z Distinct palpi
 Yes (96)
 No (87)
Z Front Wing Top Dark Band
 No Band (9)
 Band (5)
Z Front and Rear Wing undersides have pattern other than light spots
 Yes (72)
 No (21)
Z Front wing shape
 Not pointed (553)
 Point (53)
Z Front wing underside distinctive pattern
 Spot (121)
 Band (47)
 Other (42)
 Checker (36)
 None (28)
 Line (26)
 Vein (19)
Z Front wing upperside edge color
 Mostly dark (315)
 Mostly light (82)
Z Front wing upperside edge markings
 No (90)
 Yes (68)
Z Front wing upperside white spots
 None (314)
 Many small (107)
 Less than 5 small (76)
 Few large (65)
Z Front wing upperside with bold zebra stripe pattern
 No (41)
 Yes (8)
Z Rear wing tail upperside pattern
 No Yellow (19)
 Yellow edge (13)
 Yellow spot (3)
 Yellow Line (2)
Z Rear wing underside distinctive white markings
 No (172)
 Yes (65)
Z Rear wing underside has a light band bordered by black
 No (103)
 Yes (26)
Z Rear wing underside white spots
 None (295)
 Greater than 4 (101)
 Fewer than 5 (60)
Z Rear wing upperside distinctive pattern
 None (25)
 Band (19)
 Spot (16)
 Other (4)
 Checker (2)
Z Rear wing upperside white spots
 None (167)
 Many small (24)
 Less than 5 small (17)
 Few large (7)
Z Wing edges checkered
 Yes (59)
 No (56)
Z Wing span is less than 5 cm 2 in
 Yes (49)
 No (26)
Z Wing underside distinctive color
 Orange (138)
 None (96)
 Yellow (34)
 Blue (27)
 Green (23)
 Red (10)
 Pink (5)