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Discover Life
177 kinds match

Abaeis nicippe  [popup] larva
Sleepy orange...
Acharia stimulea  [popup]
Saddleback Caterpillar Moth...
Actias luna  [popup] larva
Luna Moth
Agraulis vanillae  [popup]
Gulf Fritillary...
Agrius cingulata  [popup]
Pink-spotted Hawk Moth...
Amorpha juglandis  [popup] larva
Walnut Sphinx...
Anisota senatoria  [popup] larva
Orange-striped Oakworm
Anisota stigma  [popup] larva
Spiny Oakworm
Anisota virginiensis  [popup] larva
Pink-striped Oakworm
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup] larva
Polyphemus Moth
Anthocharis midea  [popup] larva
Apatelodes torrefacta  [popup] larva
Spotted Apatelodes
Arctia caja  [popup] larva
Garden Tiger Moth...
Artace cribrarius  [popup] larva
Dot-lined White
Automeris io  [popup] larva
Io Moth...
Basilodes pepita  [popup]
Gold Moth
Battus philenor  [popup] larva
Pipevine Swallowtail
Bombyx mori  [popup] larva
Callosamia promethea  [popup] larva
Promethea Moth...
Ceratomia amyntor  [popup] larva
Elm Sphinx...
Ceratomia catalpae  [popup] larva
Catalpa Sphinx
Ceratomia undulosa  [popup] larva
Waved Sphinx
Cercyonis pegala  [popup] larva
Wood Nymph
Cerura scitiscripta  [popup]
Black-etched Prominent
Charadra deridens  [popup]
The Laugher...
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup] larva
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cisthene plumbea  [popup] larva
Lead-colored Lichen Moth
Citheronia regalis  [popup] larva 4th instar
Regal Moth...
Citheronia regalis  [popup] larva 5th instar
Hickory Horned Devil...
Citheronia sepulcralis  [popup] larva
Pine Devil
Clemensia albata  [popup] larva
Little White Lichen Moth
Clostera albosigma  [popup] larva
Sigmoid Prominent
Clostera inclusa  [popup] larva
Angle-lined Prominent...
Coenonympha tullia  [popup] larva
Common Ringlet
Colias cesonia  [popup] larva
Southern Dogface...
Colias eurytheme  [popup] larva
Orange Sulphur...
Colias philodice  [popup] larva
Clouded Sulfur
Composia fidelissima  [popup]
Faithful Beauty
Ctenucha virginica  [popup] larva
Virginia Ctenucha
Cucullia alfarata  [popup]
Camphorweed Cucullia Moth
Danaus plexippus  [popup]
Darapsa choerilus  [popup] larva
Azalea Sphinx...
Darapsa myron  [popup] larva
Virginia Creeper Sphinx...
Darapsa versicolor  [popup] larva
Hydrangea Sphinx
Dasychira basiflava  [popup] larva
Yellow-based Tussock Moth
Dasychira obliquata  [popup] larva
Streaked Tussock Moth
Dasychira pinicola  [popup] larva
Pine Tussock Moth
Dasylophia anguina  [popup] larva
Black-spotted Prominent
Datana contracta  [popup] larva
Contracted Datana
Datana integerrima  [popup] larva
Walnut Caterpillar
Datana major  [popup] larva
Azalea Caterpillar
Datana ministra  [popup] larva
Yellow-necked Caterpillar
Deidamia inscriptum  [popup] larva
Lettered Sphinx
Diphthera festiva  [popup]
Hieroglyphic Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda  [popup] larva
Rosy Maple Moth
Eacles imperialis  [popup] larva
Imperial Moth
Ellida caniplaga  [popup] larva
Linden Prominent
Enodia anthedon  [popup] larva
Northern Pearly Eye...
Estigmene acrea  [popup] larva
Salt Marsh Moth...
Euchaetes egle  [popup] larva
Milkweed Tussock Moth...
Eumorpha fasciatus  [popup]
Eumorpha pandorus  [popup] larva
Pandorus Sphinx
Euptoieta claudia  [popup]
Variegated Fritillary
Eurema lisa  [popup] larva
Little Sulfur
Eurytides marcellus  [popup] larva
Zebra Swallowtail
Furcula borealis  [popup] larva
White Furcula
Furcula cinerea  [popup] larva
Gray Furcula
Gluphisia septentrionis  [popup] larva
Common Gluphisia
Grammia arge  [popup] larva
Arge Moth
Grammia figurata  [popup] larva
Harnessed Moth
Halysidota harrisii  [popup] larva
Sycamore Tussock Moth
Halysidota tessellaris  [popup] larva
Banded Tussock Moth...
Haploa clymene  [popup] larva
Clymene Moth
Heliothis virescens  [popup]
Tobacco Budworm...
Hemaris diffinis  [popup] larva
Snowberry Clearwing
Hemaris thysbe  [popup] larva
Hummingbird Clearwing
Hemileuca maia  [popup] larva
Eastern Buckmoth
Hermeuptychia sosybius  [popup] larva
Carolina Satyr
Heterocampa biundata  [popup] larva
Wavy-lined Heterocampa...
Heterocampa guttivitta  [popup] larva
Saddled Prominent
Heterocampa obliqua  [popup] larva
Oblique Heterocampa
Heterocampa umbrata  [popup] larva
White-blotched Heterocampa
Hyalophora cecropia  [popup] larva
Cecropia Moth...
Hyles euphorbiae  [popup] larva
Spurge Hawkmoth
Hyles gallii  [popup] larva
Bedstraw Hawkmoth...
Hyles lineata  [popup] larva
White-lined Sphinx
Hyperaeschra georgica  [popup] larva
Georgian Prominent
Hypercompe scribonia  [popup] larva
Giant Leopard Moth...
Hyphantria cunea  [popup] larva
Fall Webworm Moth...
Hypoprepia miniata  [popup] larva
Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth
Junonia coenia  [popup] larva
Lapara coniferarum  [popup] larva
Southern Pine Sphinx
Limenitis archippus  [popup] larva
Limenitis arthemis_astyanax  [popup] larva
Red Spotted Purple
Lithophane querquera  [popup]
Shivering Pinion
Lochmaeus bilineata  [popup] larva
Double-lined Prominent
Lochmaeus manteo  [popup] larva
Variable Oak Leaf Caterpillar Moth
Lophocampa caryae  [popup] larva
Hickory Tussock Moth
Lophocampa maculata  [popup] larva
Spotted Tussock Moth
Lymantria dispar  [popup] larva
Gypsy Moth
Lymire edwardsii  [popup] larva
Edwards Wasp Moth
Macrurocampa marthesia  [popup] larva
Mottled Prominent
Malacosoma americana  [popup] larva
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Malacosoma disstria  [popup] larva
Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth...
Manduca sexta  [popup]
Carolina Sphinx Moth...
Megisto cymela  [popup] larva
Little Wood Satyr
Misogada unicolor  [popup] larva
Drab Prominent
Nadata gibbosa  [popup] larva
White-dotted Prominent
Nerice bidentata  [popup] larva
Double-toothed Prominent
Nymphalis antiopa  [popup] larva
Mourning Cloak
Odontosia elegans  [popup] larva
Elegant Prominent
Olceclostera angelica  [popup] larva
The Angel
Oligocentria lignicolor  [popup] larva
White-streaked Prominent...
Oligocentria semirufescens  [popup] larva
Red-washed Prominent
Orgyia definita  [popup] larva
Definite Tussock Moth
Orgyia leucostigma  [popup] larva
White-marked Tussock Moth
Pachysphinx modesta  [popup] larva
Modest Sphinx...
Paonias excaecatus  [popup] larva
Blinded Sphinx
Paonias myops  [popup] larva
Small-eyed Sphinx
Papilio canadensis  [popup] larva
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio cresphontes  [popup] larva
Giant Swallowtail
Papilio glaucus  [popup] larva
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio palamedes  [popup] larva
Palamedes Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenes  [popup] larva
Black Swallowtail
Papilio rutulus  [popup] larva
Western Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio troilus  [popup] larva
Spicebush Swallowtail
Paratrea plebeja  [popup] larva
Plebeian Sphinx
Peridea angulosa  [popup] larva
Angulose Prominent
Peridea basitriens  [popup] larva
Oval-based Prominent
Peridea sp  [popup] larva
Pheosia rimosa  [popup]
Black-rimmed Prominent
Phobetron pithecium  [popup]
Hag Moth
Phoebis philea  [popup] larva
Oranged-barred Sulphur
Phoebis sennae  [popup] larva
Cloudless Giant Sulphur
Phragmatobia fuliginosa  [popup] larva
Ruby Tiger Moth
Phragmatobia lineata  [popup] larva
Lined Tiger Moth
Phyciodes tharos  [popup] larva
Pearl Crescent
Phyllodesma americana  [popup] larva
American Lappet Moth
Pieris napi  [popup] larva
Mustard White
Pieris rapae  [popup] larva
European Cabbage White
Polygonia comma  [popup] larva
Eastern Comma
Polygonia interrogationis  [popup] larva
Question Mark
Polygonia progne  [popup] larva
Gray Comma
Pontia protodice  [popup] larva
Checkered White...
Pyrrharctia isabella  [popup] larva
Isabella Tiger Moth...
Satyrodes appalachia  [popup] larva
Appalachian Brown
Satyrodes eurydice  [popup] larva
Eyed Brown...
Schinia nundina  [popup]
Goldenrod Flower Moth
Schizura badia  [popup] larva
Chestnut Schizura
Schizura ipomoeae  [popup] larva
Morning-glory Prominent
Schizura leptinoides  [popup] larva
Black-blotched Schizura
Schizura unicornis  [popup] larva
Unicorn Caterpillar Moth
Seirarctia echo  [popup] larva
Echo Moth
Smerinthus jamaicensis  [popup] larva
Twin-spotted Sphinx
Speyeria aphrodite  [popup] larva
Aphrodite Fritillary
Speyeria atlantis  [popup] larva
Atlantis Fritillary
Speyeria cybele  [popup] larva
Great Spangled Fritillary
Speyeria diana  [popup] larva
Diana Fritillary
Speyeria idalia  [popup] larva
Regal Fritillary
Sphecodina abbottii  [popup] larva
Abbotts Sphinx
Sphinx chersis  [popup]
Great Ash Sphinx...
Sphinx drupiferarum  [popup] larva
Wild-cherry Sphinx
Sphinx gordius  [popup] larva
Apple Sphinx
Spilosoma virginica  [popup] larva
Virginia Tiger Moth
Symmerista albifrons  [popup] larva
White-headed Prominent
Symmerista leucitys  [popup]
Orange-humped Mapleworm
Syntomeida epilais  [popup]
Polka-Dot Wasp Moth...
Syssphinx hubbardi  [popup]
Sphingicampa hubbardi
Tolype velleda  [popup] larva
Large Tolype...
Trichordestra legitima  [popup]
Striped Garden Caterpillar
Utetheisa ornatrix  [popup] larva
Bella Moth...
Vanessa atalanta  [popup] larva
Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui  [popup] larva
Painted Lady
Vanessa virginiensis  [popup] larva
American Painted Lady...
Virbia aurantiaca  [popup] larva
Orange Holomelina...
Virbia opella  [popup] larva
Tawny Holomelina...
Xylophanes tersa  [popup]
Tersa Sphinx

REMAINING (number with state)
Body main color
 Green (77)
 Black (65)
 Yellow, white (54)
 Brown (45)
 Red, orange (32)
 Gray, blue (24)
Body main pattern
 Striped (65)
 None (59)
 Spotted (51)
 Slashed (23)
 Banded (21)
 Camouflaged (17)
Distinct features
 None (51)
 Spines (44)
 1 tail (31)
 Knobs (23)
 Split tail (22)
 Head horns (18)
 Lashes (12)
Hair density
 None (112)
 Sparse (42)
 Tufts (25)
 Dense (24)
 North America EAST (132)
 North America WEST (122)
 Mexico (57)
 Canada (48)
Range in Canada
 Alberta (6)
 Manitoba (6)
 Ontario (6)
 Quebec (5)
 Saskatchewan (5)
 British Columbia (4)
 Labrador (1)
 New Brunswick (1)
 Newfoundland (1)
 Northwest Territories (1)
 Nova Scotia (1)
 Prince Edward Island (1)
 Yukon (1)
Range in U.S.A.
 Indiana (117)
 New York (117)
 Pennsylvania (113)
 Illinois (111)
 New Jersey (110)
 Connecticut (109)
 Virginia (109)
 Kentucky (107)
 Ohio (106)
 Texas (105)
 Massachusetts (104)
 Tennessee (103)
 West Virginia (103)
 Florida (101)
 Missouri (101)
 North Carolina (101)
 Maryland (99)
 Michigan (99)
 Mississippi (99)
 Nebraska (98)
 New Hampshire (98)
 Rhode Island (98)
 Georgia (97)
 Louisiana (97)
 Vermont (97)
 Wisconsin (97)
 Iowa (95)
 Maine (95)
 Arkansas (94)
 Oklahoma (94)
 South Carolina (94)
 Kansas (93)
 Alabama (92)
 Delaware (88)
 South Dakota (82)
 Minnesota (81)
 Colorado (74)
 Wyoming (72)
 North Dakota (61)
 Utah (60)
 Montana (58)
 New Mexico (58)
 Arizona (53)
 California (48)
 Idaho (48)
 Oregon (46)
 Nevada (45)
 Washington (43)
 District of Columbia (27)
 Alaska (3)
 Puerto Rico (2)
 Hawaii (1)