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19 kinds match


Cratichneumon anisotae  [popup] male
Cratichneumon annulatipes  [popup] male facetops
Cratichneumon carolinae  [popup] male
Cratichneumon excors  [popup] male
Cratichneumon facetus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon flavipectus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon paraparatus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon paratus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon proximus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon pseudanisotae  [popup] male
Cratichneumon pteridis  [popup] male
Cratichneumon ritus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon rubricus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon scitulus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon subfilatus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon tyloidifer  [popup] male
Cratichneumon unifasciatorius  [popup] male
Cratichneumon variegatus  [popup] male
Cratichneumon vinnulus  [popup] male

REMAINING (number with state)
Antennae color
 Dark; 1 light band in middle (16)
 Light and dark; 1 light band in middle (2)
 Dark (1)
Carina oralis shape
 Not elevated (12)
 Markedly lamelliformly raised at mandible base (3)
Cheek color
 Ivory (16)
 Black (10)
 Lower section ivory to mandible base (3)
Clypeus shape
 Slightly convex (10)
 Small, sometimes indistinct apico-median impression (5)
 Slightly concave (2)
 Strongly concave from side to side, dish shaped (2)
Eye size
 Eyes not bulging (15)
 Eyes somewhat bulging (4)
Face color
 White or ivory (18)
 Black (1)
Flagellum color
 White annulus (18)
 No annulus (2)
Hind coxa color
 Black (15)
 Ivory (10)
 Dorsal white mark (6)
 Ferruginous, without ivory mark (2)
 Orange or ferruginous (1)
Hind femur pattern
 Orange (13)
 Infuscated tip (7)
 At least apically, sometimes entirely black (6)
 Black, ivory toward base on ventral side, orange toward base on dorsal side (2)
Hind tibia base color contains black
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Mesopleuron color
 Black (9)
 Ivory; black marks (7)
 Conspicuous ivory band (5)
 Extensively white marked (5)
 Orange, black and ivory (3)
Mesoscutum color
 Black; median ivory mark (13)
 Black (4)
 Ferruginous or orange, sometimes with ivory mark (4)
 Mainly or all orange; no median mark (3)
 Black with ivory (1)
Mesosoma color
 Combinations of black, white or ivory, orange, and brown (13)
 Black with some white or ivory markings (5)
Mesosternum color
 Ivory (12)
 Predominantly black at least between middle and sternauli (10)
Metasoma color
 Orange ferruginous; sometimes yellow, ivory or black marks (15)
 Mainly black; sometimes white marked (3)
Metasoma pattern
 Predominantly orange with black and-or yellow markings (9)
 Orange (6)
 Mainly black (4)
 Orange, except black base and segment-1 tip ivory (4)
Metatarsus 3 color
 Uniformly orange or ferruginous (8)
 Black (3)
 White marked (3)
Overall amount of color
 Orange with or without white, orange and black markings (15)
 Black and ivory marked (3)
Postpetiole texture
 Shiny (14)
 Middle rugose (2)
 Middle striate longitudinally (1)
Prescutellar carina color
 Not white (18)
 White (1)
Propodeum color
 Ivory marked (8)
 Predominantly ivory (7)
 Predominantly orange (6)
 Black (5)
 Black; W-shaped ivory mark (5)
 Second plural area, area netapleuralis, predominantly or entirely black (4)
 Other (3)
 Second plural area, area netapleuralis, predominantly or entirely ivory or orange (1)
Propodeum shape
 Not strongly abbreviated (14)
 Strongly abbreviated (4)
Scape ventral color
 White (18)
 Black (1)
Scutellum color
 Ivory (18)
 White marked (9)
Scutellum shape
 Barely convex (12)
 Very convex (2)
 Laterally ridged at base (1)
Tarsus color
 Pale orange (11)
 Tarsi 3 ivory (10)
 Tarsi 3 uniformly orange ferruginous (3)
 Black (2)
 Segments 1 or 1-2 of tarsi 3 blackish infuscated (2)
 Tarsi 3 without infuscations (2)
 Tarsi 3 white marked (1)
Temple size
 Slightly narrowed behind eyes (11)
 Slightly curved behind eyes (3)
 Strongly narrowed behind eyes (2)
Tibia 3 color
 Blackish infuscated at apex, ivory tinged toward base (6)
 Uniformly pale orange ferruginous (4)
 Apically infuscated or black (3)
 Dorsal white stripe beyond base (3)
 Narrowly blackish infuscated at base, more broadly at apex, orange-tinged ivory between infuscated sections (3)
 Black (2)
 Ferruginous, with median yellowish mark on dorsal side (1)
 No basal black section (1)
Tyloid size
 Small size, narrow shape (15)
 Less strongly widened, twice as long as wide; largest segments 9-14 (2)
 Enormously widened, as wide as long, largest segments 9-14 (1)
 Very large, longest on segments 8-14 covering entire segment (1)