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167 kinds match

Aedes aboriginis  [popup]
Aedes abserratus  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes aegypti  [popup]
Yellow fever mosquito
Aedes albopictus  [popup]
Asian tiger mosquito...
Aedes aloponotum  [popup]
Aedes atlanticus  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes atropalpus  [popup]
Aedes aurifer  [popup]
Aedes bicristatus  [popup]
Aedes bimaculatus  [popup]
Aedes brelandi  [popup]
Aedes burgeri  [popup]
Aedes campestris  [popup]
Aedes canadensis  [popup]
Woodland pool mosquito
Aedes cantator  [popup]
Brown saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes cataphylla  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes churchillensis  [popup]
Aedes cinereus  [popup]
Small woodland mosquito
Aedes clivis  [popup]
Aedes communis  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes decticus  [popup]
Aedes deserticola  [popup]
Western treehole mosquito
Aedes diantaeus  [popup]
Aedes dorsalis  [popup]
Aedes dupreei  [popup]
Aedes epactius  [popup]
Aedes euedes  [popup]
Aedes excrucians  [popup]
Woodland mosquito
Aedes fitchii  [popup]
Woodland mosquito
Aedes flavescens  [popup]
Aedes fulvus_pallens  [popup]
Aedes grossbecki  [popup]
Aedes hendersoni  [popup]
Aedes hexodontus  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes impiger  [popup]
Aedes implicatus  [popup]
Aedes increpitus  [popup]
Woodland mosquito
Aedes infirmatus  [popup]
Aedes intrudens  [popup]
Aedes kompi  [popup]
Aedes melanimon  [popup]
Medium-sized saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes mercurator  [popup]
Aedes mitchellae  [popup]
Aedes monticola  [popup]
Western treehole mosquito
Aedes muelleri  [popup]
Aedes nevadensis  [popup]
Aedes nigripes  [popup]
Aedes nigromaculis  [popup]
Medium-sized pasture floodwater mosquito
Aedes niphadopsis  [popup]
Aedes pionips  [popup]
Aedes provocans  [popup]
Aedes pullatus  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes punctodes  [popup]
Aedes punctor  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes purpureipes  [popup]
Aedes rempeli  [popup]
Aedes riparius  [popup]
Aedes scapularis  [popup]
Aedes schizopinax  [popup]
Aedes sierrensis  [popup]
Western treehole mosquito
Aedes sollicitans  [popup]
Saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes spencerii_idahoensis  [popup]
Praire floodwater mosquito
Aedes spencerii_spencerii  [popup]
Praire floodwater mosquito
Aedes squamiger  [popup]
Aedes sticticus  [popup]
Floodwater mosquito
Aedes stimulans  [popup]
Woodland mosquito
Aedes taeniorhynchus  [popup]
Black saltmarsh mosquito
Aedes thelcter  [popup]
Aedes thibaulti  [popup]
Aedes togoi  [popup]
Aedes tormentor  [popup]
Woodland floodwater mosquito
Aedes tortilis  [popup]
Aedes triseriatus  [popup]
Eastern treehole mosquito
Aedes trivittatus  [popup]
Plains floodwater mosquito
Aedes varipalpus  [popup]
Western treehole mosquito
Aedes ventrovittis  [popup]
Black Snow Mosquito
Aedes vexans  [popup]
Inland floodwater mosquito
Aedes washinoi  [popup]
Aedes zoosophus  [popup]
Anopheles albimanus  [popup]
Nyssorhynchus albimanus
Anopheles atropos  [popup]
Anopheles barberi  [popup]
Anopheles bradleyi  [popup]
Saltmarsh mosquito
Anopheles crucians  [popup]
Anopheles earlei  [popup]
Anopheles franciscanus  [popup]
Anopheles freeborni  [popup]
Anopheles georgianus  [popup]
Fresh flood-water mosquito
Anopheles hermsi  [popup]
Anopheles judithae  [popup]
Anopheles occidentalis  [popup]
Anopheles perplexens  [popup]
Anopheles pseudopunctipennis  [popup]
Anopheles punctipennis  [popup]
Anopheles quadrimaculatus  [popup]
Common malaria mosquito
Anopheles walkeri  [popup]
Coquillettidia perturbans  [popup]
Mansonia perturbans
Coquillettidia titillans  [popup]
Mansonia titillans
Culex abominator  [popup]
Culex anips  [popup]
Culex apicalis  [popup]
Culex arizonensis  [popup]
Culex atratus  [popup]
Culex bahamensis  [popup]
Culex boharti  [popup]
Culex chidesteri  [popup]
Culex coronator  [popup]
Culex declarator  [popup]
Culex erraticus  [popup]
Culex erythrothorax  [popup]
Culex interrogator  [popup]
Culex iolambdis  [popup]
Culex latisquama  [popup]
Culex molestus  [popup]
Culex mulrennani  [popup]
Culex nigripalpus  [popup]
Culex opisthopus  [popup]
Culex peccator  [popup]
Culex peus  [popup]
Culex pilosus  [popup]
Culex pipiens  [popup]
House mosquito
Culex quinquefasciatus  [popup]
Culex reevesi  [popup]
Culex restuans  [popup]
White-dotted mosquito
Culex salinarius  [popup]
Unbanded saltmarsh mosquito
Culex stigmatosoma  [popup]
Culex tarsalis  [popup]
Culex territans  [popup]
Culicidae  [popup]
Culiseta alaskaensis  [popup]
Culiseta impatiens  [popup]
Culiseta incidens  [popup]
Culiseta inornata  [popup]
Culiseta melanurus  [popup]
Black-tailed mosquito...
Culiseta minnesotae  [popup]
Culiseta silvestris
Culiseta morsitans  [popup]
Culiseta particeps  [popup]
Deinocerites cancer  [popup]
Deinocerites mathesoni  [popup]
Deinocerites pseudes  [popup]
Haemagogus equinus  [popup]
Mansonia dyari  [popup]
Orthopodomyia alba  [popup]
Orthopodomyia kummi  [popup]
Orthopodomyia signiferus  [popup]
Psorophora ciliata  [popup]
Psorophora columbiae  [popup]
Dark rice field mosquito
Psorophora cyanescens  [popup]
Psorophora discolor  [popup]
Psorophora ferox  [popup]
White-footed woods mosquito
Psorophora horridus  [popup]
Psorophora horrida
Psorophora howardii  [popup]
Psorophora johnstonii  [popup]
Psorophora longipalpus  [popup]
Psorophora mathesoni  [popup]
Psorophora mexicanus  [popup]
Psorophora pygmaea  [popup]
Psorophora signipennis  [popup]
Psorophora varipes  [popup]
Toxorhynchites rutilus  [popup]
Uranotaenia anhydor  [popup]
Uranotaenia lowii  [popup]
Uranotaenia sapphirina  [popup]
Wyeomyia haynei  [popup]
Wyeomyia mitchellii  [popup]
Wyeomyia smithii  [popup]
Wyeomyia vanduzeei  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Abdomen with scales present
 Yes (151)
 No (16)
Acrostichal setae
 Present (116)
 Not present (35)
Antenna and proboscis
 Antenna shorter than proboscis (83)
 Antenna longer than proboscis (9)
Antennal flagellomere relative size
 First and second about same length (164)
 First twice as long as second (3)
Antepronotum color
 Dark (105)
 Light (49)
Anteprotunum size and proximity, top view
 Small, far apart (162)
 Large, close together (5)
Base of vein 4 5 scale color
 Dark (1)
 Pale (1)
Base of vein A scale color
 Pale (2)
 Dark (1)
Coxa 1 scale color
 Pale (62)
 Some pale, some brown (59)
 Brown (38)
Hypostigmal area color
 Dark appearance (84)
 Light appearance or covered in pale scales (61)
Iridescent blue patches of scales present on the thorax
 No (156)
 Yes (9)
Leg color, last 3 to 4 tarsomeres
 With pale rings (74)
 Solid dark legs (35)
 Some solid pale tarsomeres, some solid dark tarsomeres (24)
 Mostly metallically scaled (20)
 Pale and dark scales intermixed (17)
 Solid pale legs (10)
Location of spiracular bristles
 Postspiracular area (81)
 None present (36)
 Prespiracular and postspiracular area (23)
 Prespiracular area (11)
Main scale attributes on scutum
 Not broad, not metallic (126)
 Broad, metallic (31)
 With a patch of scales, na437 (1)
 Without scales (1)
Mesopostnotum setae present
 No (146)
 Yes (17)
Pale rings on last 3-4 tarsomeres
 No pale rings (93)
 At tip of tarsomeres (70)
 Not at tip of tarsomeres, fl181 (4)
Posterior wing edge shape
 Slight or no indenture at vein Cu-2 (166)
 Large indenture at vein Cu-2 (1)
Proboscis length compared to
 Same length, slight or no recurve (166)
 Long, recurved (1)
 North America WEST (135)
 North America EAST (100)
 Canada (71)
Range in Canada
 Ontario (56)
 Quebec (53)
 British Columbia (48)
 Manitoba (47)
 Alberta (43)
 Saskatchewan (41)
 Northwest Territories (28)
 New Brunswick (27)
 Yukon (27)
 Labrador (26)
 Nova Scotia (26)
 Prince Edward Island (18)
 Newfoundland (16)
Range in U.S.A.
 Texas (79)
 Florida (66)
 Georgia (58)
 Illinois (58)
 Michigan (58)
 Oklahoma (58)
 Maryland (57)
 New York (57)
 Ohio (57)
 Louisiana (56)
 New Jersey (56)
 Alabama (55)
 South Carolina (55)
 Indiana (53)
 Mississippi (53)
 Delaware (52)
 Missouri (52)
 North Carolina (52)
 Kansas (51)
 Kentucky (51)
 Minnesota (51)
 New Mexico (51)
 Pennsylvania (51)
 Virginia (51)
 Wisconsin (51)
 Idaho (50)
 Nebraska (50)
 Tennessee (50)
 Arkansas (49)
 Iowa (49)
 California (47)
 Oregon (47)
 Wyoming (46)
 Arizona (45)
 Massachusetts (45)
 Montana (45)
 Utah (45)
 New Hampshire (44)
 Washington (44)
 Connecticut (41)
 Colorado (40)
 South Dakota (40)
 Maine (37)
 District of Columbia (35)
 Nevada (35)
 Alaska (33)
 North Dakota (31)
 Rhode Island (31)
 Vermont (28)
 West Virginia (25)
 Puerto Rico (1)
Relative length of flagellomeres 1 and 2
 1 and 2 about same length (138)
 1 longer than 2 (14)
Relative lengths of tarsomeres of fore- and midlegs
 1 shorter than other 4 combined (149)
 1 longer than other 4 combined (3)
Relative location of the bases of the hindcoxa and mesomeron
 Hindcoxa distinctly closer to the bottom side (161)
 Lined-up evenly (4)
Relative width of abdomen segments 6 and 7
 6 much wider than 7 (71)
 Nearly equal (71)
Resting position
 Body parallel to the surface (150)
 Body at an angle with surface (17)
Scale pattern of the palpi
 Completely dark-scaled (60)
 Pale-scaled rings (41)
 Intermittent pale scales (34)
 Metalic-scaled rings (14)
Scales on the occiput, top, back of head
 Narrow and curved (96)
 Broad and flat (51)
Scales on the proboscis
 Dark-scaled throughout (67)
 With metallic scales (29)
 Non-ringed mixture of pale and dark (21)
 With pale rings (17)
 Mostly pale throughout, an barberi (14)
Scutal setae shape
 Thick and long (87)
 Thin and short (73)
 Not present (17)
Scutellum shape and setae distribution
 Trilobed, setae in 3 patches (150)
 Rounded, evenly distributed (17)
Scutum color pattern
 Pale pattern on dark background (114)
 Solid dark (13)
 Dark pattern on pale background (8)
Scutum with longitudinal line of metallic scales
 No (1)
 Yes (1)
Scutum with thin, pale, vertical lines
 No (162)
 Yes (5)
Setae between the eyes, tgma2
 All pale (89)
 None present (27)
 All dark (24)
 Some dark, some pale (18)
 Ochlerotatus (68)
 Anopheles (16)
 Culex (15)
 Melanoconion (9)
 Not specified (8)
 Janthinosoma (7)
 Culiseta (5)
 Neoculex (5)
 Protomacleaya (5)
 Grabhamia (4)
 Wyeomyia (4)
 Mansonia (3)
 Culicella (2)
 Psorophora (2)
 Stegomyia (2)
 Uranotaenia (2)
 Aedes (1)
 Aedimorphus (1)
 Climacura (1)
 Finlaya (1)
 Kompia (1)
 Nyssorhynchus (1)
 Pseudoficalbia (1)
 Rusticoidus (1)
 Tinolestes (1)
Tarsomere 4 of fore- and midlegs relative width and length
 Longer than it is wide (164)
 Almost as short as wide (3)
Top abdominal terga scale pattern
 Anterior pale scale spots or band (110)
 Solid scale pattern (32)
 Posterior pale scale spots or band (20)
Top view of abdomen segment 7
 Bluntly rounded (99)
 Tapered (60)
Vector of Cache Valley Virus
 No (164)
 Yes (3)
Vector of California Encephalitis
 No (165)
 Yes (2)
Vector of Eastern Equine Encephalitis
 No (159)
 Yes (8)
Vector of Jamestown Canyon Virus
 No (159)
 Yes (8)
Vector of La Crosse Virus
 No (161)
 Yes (6)
Vector of St. Louis Encephalitis
 No (161)
 Yes (6)
Vector of West Nile Virus
 No (130)
 Yes (37)
Vector of Western Equine Encephalitis
 No (164)
 Yes (3)
Vector of dengue
 No (165)
 Yes (2)
Vector of dog heartworm
 No (163)
 Yes (4)
Vector of filariasis
 No (165)
 Yes (2)
Vector of yellow fever
 No (165)
 Yes (2)
Wing bottom, base of vein Sc with setae
 No (70)
 Yes (70)
Wing length
 About 2.5 mm (1)
 About 2.9 mm (1)
Wing scale color pattern
 Mostly dark (92)
 Dark and pale scales (24)
 Mostly pale (19)
 Pale with dark patches (15)
 Dark with pale patches (3)
Wing top side and posterior edge color
 Checked (69)
 Mostly dark (54)
 Mostly pale (43)
Wing top, relative length of cell R-2 and vein R-2,3
 Cell R-2 at least as long as vein R-2,3 (164)
 Cell R-2 shorter than vein R-2,3 (3)
Wing top, scale shape on radial sector and media
 Thin, pointed or round at tip (143)
 Broad, not pointed at tip (23)