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901 kinds match

Acrostichum aureum  [popup]
Swamp fern...
Acrostichum danaeifolium  [popup]
Giant leather fern...
Actinostachys pennula  [popup]
Ray fern...
Adenophorus abietinus  [popup]
elegant kihifern
Adenophorus epigaeus  [popup]
Kauai kihifern
Adenophorus haalilioanus  [popup]
island kihifern
Adenophorus hymenophylloides  [popup]
filmy kihifern
Adenophorus montanus  [popup]
Adenophorus oahuensis  [popup]
Adenophorus periens  [popup]
pendant kihifern
Adenophorus pinnatifidus  [popup]
graceful kihifern
Adenophorus tamariscinus  [popup]
wahini noho mauna
Adenophorus tripinnatifidus  [popup]
royal kihifern
Adiantum aleuticum  [popup]
Western maidenhair...
Adiantum anceps  [popup]
Double edge maidenhair...
Adiantum capillus-veneris  [popup]
Common maidenhair
Adiantum caudatum  [popup]
Tailed maidenhair...
Adiantum concinnum  [popup]
polished maidenhair
Adiantum fragile  [popup]
fragile maidenhair
Adiantum hispidulum  [popup]
Rough maidenhair...
Adiantum jordanii  [popup]
California maidenhair...
Adiantum latifolium  [popup]
broadleaf maidenhair
Adiantum macrophyllum  [popup]
largeleaf maidenhair
Adiantum melanoleucum  [popup]
Fragrant maidenhair...
Adiantum obliquum  [popup]
oblique maidenhair
Adiantum pedatum  [popup]
Northern maidenhair...
Adiantum petiolatum  [popup]
stalked maidenhair
Adiantum pulverulentum  [popup]
glossy maidenhair
Adiantum pyramidale  [popup]
pyramid maidenhair
Adiantum raddianum  [popup]
delta maidenhair
Adiantum tenerum  [popup]
Fan maidenhair...
Adiantum tetraphyllum  [popup]
fourleaf maidenhair
Adiantum trapeziforme  [popup]
diamond maidenhair
Adiantum tricholepis  [popup]
Fuzzy maidenhair...
Adiantum villosum  [popup]
Woolly maidenhair...
Adiantum viridimontanum  [popup]
Green mountain maidenhair...
Adiantum vivesii  [popup]
Puerto Pteridophyta
Adiantum wilsonii  [popup]
Alsophila amintae  [popup]
forest alsophila
Alsophila brooksii  [popup]
Alsophila bryophila  [popup]
helecho gigante de la sierra
Anemia adiantifolia  [popup]
Pineland fern...
Anemia hirsuta  [popup]
hairy flowering fern
Anemia hirta  [popup]
streambank flowering fern
Anemia mexicana  [popup]
Mexican fern...
Anemia portoricensis  [popup]
Puerto Pteridophyta
Anemia wrightii  [popup]
Wrights flowering fern...
Anetium citrifolium  [popup]
treetrunk fern
Angiopteris evecta  [popup]
oriental vessel fern
Anopteris hexagona  [popup]
Antrophyum cajenense  [popup]
forked lineleaf fern
Antrophyum intramarginale  [popup]
tufted lineleaf fern
Antrophyum lanceolatum  [popup]
straight lineleaf fern
Antrophyum lineatum  [popup]
narrow lineleaf fern
Antrophyum urbanii  [popup]
Urbans lineleaf fern
Arachniodes chaerophylloides  [popup]
false hollyfern
Arachniodes insularis  [popup]
Santa Cruz Island hollyfern...
Arachniodes simplicior  [popup]
Variegated shield fern...
Argyrochosma dealbata  [popup]
Powdery false cloak fern...
Argyrochosma fendleri  [popup]
Fendlers false cloak fern...
Argyrochosma incana  [popup]
Hairy false cloak fern...
Argyrochosma jonesii  [popup]
Jones false cloak fern
Argyrochosma limitanea  [popup]
Southwestern false cloak fern...
Argyrochosma microphylla  [popup]
Small-leaf false cloak fern...
Aspidotis californica  [popup]
California lacefern...
Aspidotis carlotta-halliae  [popup]
Tufted lacefern...
Aspidotis densa  [popup]
Indians dream fern...
Asplenium abscissum  [popup]
Cutleaf spleenwort fern...
Asplenium acuminatum  [popup]
tapertip spleenwort
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum  [popup]
Black spleenwort fern...
Asplenium adulterinum  [popup]
Corrupt spleenwort fern
Asplenium aethiopicum  [popup]
Asplenium auriculatum  [popup]
treetrunk spleenwort
Asplenium auritum  [popup]
Asplenium auritum var auritum  [popup]
eared spleenwort
Asplenium auritum var bipinnatifidum  [popup]
eared spleenwort
Asplenium bradleyi  [popup]
Bradleys spleenwort...
Asplenium caudatum  [popup]
Asplenium cirrhatum  [popup]
chestnut scale spleenwort
Asplenium contiguum  [popup]
forest spleenwort
Asplenium corderoanum  [popup]
Asplenium cristatum  [popup]
Crested spleenwort fern...
Asplenium cuneatum  [popup]
wedgeleaf spleenwort
Asplenium dalhousiae  [popup]
Countess dalhousies spleenwort fern...
Asplenium exiguum  [popup]
Little spleenwort fern...
Asplenium feei  [popup]
Asplenium flabellulatum  [popup]
Asplenium formosum  [popup]
showy spleenwort
Asplenium heterochroum  [popup]
Long spleenwort fern...
Asplenium hobdyi  [popup]
Asplenium horridum  [popup]
lacy spleenwort
Asplenium insiticium  [popup]
royal spleenwort
Asplenium juglandifolium  [popup]
walnut spleenwort
Asplenium kaulfussii  [popup]
Kaulfuss spleenwort...
Asplenium laetum  [popup]
brownstem spleenwort
Asplenium lobulatum  [popup]
piipiilau manamana
Asplenium macraei  [popup]
Asplenium monanthes  [popup]
Single-sorus fern...
Asplenium montanum  [popup]
Mountain spleenwort fern...
Asplenium myriophyllum  [popup]
Limestone spleenwort...
Asplenium neobrackenridgei  [popup]
Asplenium nidus  [popup]
Asplenium normale  [popup]
rainforest spleenwort
Asplenium obtusifolium  [popup]
bluntleaf spleenwort
Asplenium ocoense  [popup]
rockledge spleenwort
Asplenium palmeri  [popup]
Palmers spleenwort fern...
Asplenium patens  [popup]
spreading spleenwort
Asplenium pinnatifidum  [popup]
Asplenium platyneuron  [popup]
Ebony spleenwort fern...
Asplenium plenum  [popup]
Ruffled spleenwort fern...
Asplenium polyodon  [popup]
sickle speenwort
Asplenium pseudoerectum  [popup]
Antilles spleenwort
Asplenium pteropus  [popup]
Asplenium pumilum  [popup]
Asplenium radicans  [popup]
dullgreen spleenwort
Asplenium resiliens  [popup]
Black-stemmed spleenwort fern...
Asplenium rhizophyllum  [popup]
Asplenium rhomboidale  [popup]
Asplenium rhomboideum  [popup]
diamond spleenwort
Asplenium ruta-muraria  [popup]
Wall-rue fern...
Asplenium rutaceum  [popup]
rue spleenwort
Asplenium salicifolium  [popup]
willowleaf spleenwort
Asplenium schizophyllum  [popup]
fringed spleenwort
Asplenium scolopendrium  [popup]
Asplenium septentrionale  [popup]
Forked spleenwort fern...
Asplenium serra  [popup]
creeping spleenwort
Asplenium serratum  [popup]
Asplenium sessilifolium  [popup]
Asplenium trichomanes  [popup]
Asplenium trichomanes-dentatum  [popup]
Toothed spleenwort fern...
Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum  [popup]
Asplenium unilaterale  [popup]
Asplenium uniseriale  [popup]
shinystem spleenwort
Asplenium varians  [popup]
variable spleenwort
Asplenium vespertinum  [popup]
Western spleenwort fern...
Asplenium xebenoides  [popup]
Scotts spleenwort fern...
Asplenium xheteroresiliens  [popup]
Wagners spleenwort...
Astrolepis cochisensis  [popup]
Cochise scaly cloakfern
Astrolepis integerrima  [popup]
Astrolepis sinuata  [popup]
Astrolepis windhamii  [popup]
Windhams scaly cloakfern...
Athyrium alpestre  [popup]
American alpine lady fern
Athyrium americanum  [popup]
alpine ladyfern
Athyrium filix-femina  [popup]
Lady fern...
Athyrium microphyllum  [popup]
Azolla caroliniana  [popup]
Carolina mosquito fern...
Azolla filiculoides  [popup]
Large mosquito fern...
Azolla mexicana  [popup]
Mexican water-fern...
Azolla pinnata  [popup]
feathered mosquitofern
Blechnum chordatum  [popup]
Blechnum divergens  [popup]
ravine midsorus fern
Blechnum fragile  [popup]
fragile midsorus fern
Blechnum insularum  [popup]
graceful midsorus fern
Blechnum lineatum  [popup]
rockbank midsorus fern
Blechnum occidentale  [popup]
Swamp fern...
Blechnum polypodioides  [popup]
narrowleaf midsorus fern
Blechnum serrulatum  [popup]
Blechnum spicant  [popup]
Bolbitis aliena  [popup]
diamond creepingfern
Bolbitis nicotianifolia  [popup]
thinleaf creepingfern
Bolbitis pergamentacea  [popup]
woodland creepingfern
Bolbitis portoricensis  [popup]
Puerto Pteridophyta
Bommeria hispida  [popup]
Copper fern...
Botrychium acuminatum  [popup]
Pointed moonwort fern...
Botrychium alaskense  [popup]
Botrychium ascendens  [popup]
Unswept moonwort fern...
Botrychium biternatum  [popup]
Southern grape fern...
Botrychium boreale  [popup]
Northern moonwort fern
Botrychium campestre  [popup]
Prairie moonwort fern...
Botrychium crenulatum  [popup]
Botrychium dissectum  [popup]
Dissected grapefern...
Botrychium echo  [popup]
Echo moonwort fern...
Botrychium gallicomontanum  [popup]
Frenchmans bluff moonwort fern...
Botrychium hesperium  [popup]
Western moonwort fern...
Botrychium jenmanii  [popup]
Alabama grapefern...
Botrychium lanceolatum  [popup]
Botrychium lineare  [popup]
Botrychium lunaria  [popup]
Common moonwort fern...
Botrychium lunarioides  [popup]
Winter grapefern
Botrychium matricariifolium  [popup]
Matricary grapefern...
Botrychium minganense  [popup]
Mingan moonwort fern...
Botrychium montanum  [popup]
Botrychium mormo  [popup]
Goblin fern...
Botrychium multifidum  [popup]
Leathery grapefern...
Botrychium oneidense  [popup]
Oneida grape fern...
Botrychium pallidum  [popup]
Pale moonwort fern...
Botrychium paradoxum  [popup]
Botrychium pedunculosum  [popup]
Stalked moonwort fern...
Botrychium pinnatum  [popup]
Botrychium pseudopinnatum  [popup]
False northwestern moonwort fern...
Botrychium pumicola  [popup]
Pumice moonwort fern...
Botrychium robustum  [popup]
leathery grapefern
Botrychium rugulosum  [popup]
Rugulose grape fern...
Botrychium simplex  [popup]
Botrychium spathulatum  [popup]
Spatulate moonwort fern...
Botrychium subbifoliatum  [popup]
island grapefern
Botrychium tunux  [popup]
Botrychium virginianum  [popup]
Rattlesnake fern
Botrychium yaaxudakeit  [popup]
Campyloneurum angustifolium  [popup]
Narrow strap fern...
Campyloneurum costatum  [popup]
Tailed strap fern...
Campyloneurum latum  [popup]
Wide strap fern...
Campyloneurum phyllitidis  [popup]
Long strap fern...
Campyloneurum repens  [popup]
creeping strapfern
Ceratopteris pteridoides  [popup]
Floating water fern...
Ceratopteris richardii  [popup]
Triangle waterfern...
Ceratopteris thalictroides  [popup]
Indian fern...
Cheilanthes aemula  [popup]
Texas lip fern...
Cheilanthes alabamensis  [popup]
Cheilanthes arizonica  [popup]
Arizona lip fern...
Cheilanthes bonariensis  [popup]
Bonaire lip fern...
Cheilanthes clevelandii  [popup]
Clevelands lipfern
Cheilanthes cooperae  [popup]
Mrs coopers lip fern...
Cheilanthes covillei  [popup]
Covilles lip fern...
Cheilanthes eatonii  [popup]
Eatons lip fern...
Cheilanthes feei  [popup]
Slender lip fern...
Cheilanthes fendleri  [popup]
Fendlers lip fern...
Cheilanthes gracillima  [popup]
lace lipfern
Cheilanthes horridula  [popup]
rough lipfern
Cheilanthes intertexta  [popup]
coastal lipfern
Cheilanthes kaulfussii  [popup]
Kaulfuss lipfern
Cheilanthes lanosa  [popup]
Hairy lipfern
Cheilanthes lendigera  [popup]
nitbearing lipfern
Cheilanthes leucopoda  [popup]
whitefoot lipfern
Cheilanthes lindheimeri  [popup]
Cheilanthes microphylla  [popup]
southern lipfern
Cheilanthes newberryi  [popup]
Cheilanthes notholaenoides  [popup]
royal lipfern
Cheilanthes parryi  [popup]
Parrys lipfern
Cheilanthes paupercula  [popup]
streambank lipfern
Cheilanthes pringlei  [popup]
Pringles lipfern
Cheilanthes tomentosa  [popup]
Woolly lipfern
Cheilanthes villosa  [popup]
villous lipfern
Cheilanthes viscida  [popup]
viscid lipfern
Cheilanthes wootonii  [popup]
beaded lipfern
Cheilanthes wrightii  [popup]
Cheilanthes yavapensis  [popup]
graceful lipfern
Cheiroglossa palmata  [popup]
hand fern
Cibotium chamissoi  [popup]
Chamissos manfern
Cibotium glaucum  [popup]
Cibotium menziesii  [popup]
hapuu li
Cibotium nealiae  [popup]
Cnemidaria horrida  [popup]
deepwoods fern
Cochlidium jungens  [popup]
mountain snailfern
Cochlidium rostratum  [popup]
beaked snailfern
Cochlidium seminudum  [popup]
tree snailfern
Cochlidium serrulatum  [popup]
toothed snailfern
Coniogramme pilosa  [popup]
Cryptogramma acrostichoides  [popup]
Cryptogramma cascadensis  [popup]
Cascade rockbrake
Cryptogramma sitchensis  [popup]
Cryptogramma stelleri  [popup]
fragile rockbrake
Ctenitis hirta  [popup]
diamondleaf lacefern
Ctenitis honolulensis  [popup]
Ctenitis latifrons  [popup]
delicate lacefern
Ctenitis nemorosa  [popup]
eggleaf lacefern
Ctenitis sloanei  [popup]
Ctenitis squamigera  [popup]
Pacific lacefern
Ctenitis submarginalis  [popup]
brownhair lacefern
Cyathea andina  [popup]
parrotfeather treefern
Cyathea arborea  [popup]
Cyathea armata  [popup]
creeping treefern
Cyathea australis  [popup]
rough tree fern
Cyathea borinquena  [popup]
birdwing treefern
Cyathea cooperi  [popup]
Coopers cyathea...
Cyathea furfuracea  [popup]
Jamaican treefern
Cyathea parvula  [popup]
small treefern
Cyathea pungens  [popup]
spiny treefern
Cyathea tenera  [popup]
helecho gigante
Cyclopeltis semicordata  [popup]
lime fern
Cyrtomium caryotideum  [popup]
dwarf netvein hollyfern
Cyrtomium falcatum  [popup]
Japanese netvein hollyfern
Cyrtomium fortunei  [popup]
Cystopteris bulbifera  [popup]
bulblet bladderfern
Cystopteris douglasii  [popup]
Cystopteris fragilis  [popup]
brittle bladderfern
Cystopteris laurentiana  [popup]
Cystopteris montana  [popup]
mountain bladderfern
Cystopteris protrusa  [popup]
Lowland bladderfern
Cystopteris reevesiana  [popup]
Cystopteris tennesseensis  [popup]
Cystopteris tenuis  [popup]
upland brittle bladderfern
Cystopteris utahensis  [popup]
Utah bladderfern
Danaea elliptica  [popup]
Danaea jamaicensis  [popup]
Jamaican danafern
Danaea jenmanii  [popup]
Puerto Pteridophyta
Danaea nodosa  [popup]
nodeless danafern
Danaea urbanii  [popup]
forest danafern
Dennstaedtia bipinnata  [popup]
cuplet fern
Dennstaedtia cicutaria  [popup]
tropical hayscented fern
Dennstaedtia globulifera  [popup]
southern hayscented fern
Dennstaedtia obtusifolia  [popup]
bluntleaf hayscented fern
Dennstaedtia punctilobula  [popup]
eastern hayscented fern
Deparia acrostichoides  [popup]
silver false spleenwort
Deparia fenzliana  [popup]
Deparia kaalaana  [popup]
serpent fern
Deparia marginalis  [popup]
marginal false spleenwort
Deparia petersenii  [popup]
Japanese false spleenwort...
Dicksonia antarctica  [popup]
Dicksonia squarrosa  [popup]
hard treefern
Dicranopteris emarginata  [popup]
Dicranopteris flexuosa  [popup]
drooping forkedfern
Dicranopteris linearis  [popup]
Dicranopteris pectinata  [popup]
comb forkedfern
Dicranopteris rubiginosa  [popup]
tropical forkedfern
Diellia erecta  [popup]
erect island spleenwort
Diellia falcata  [popup]
sickle island spleenwort
Diellia laciniata  [popup]
cutleaf island spleenwort
Diellia leucostegioides  [popup]
necklace island spleenwort
Diellia mannii  [popup]
Diellia pallida  [popup]
pale island spleenwort
Diellia unisora  [popup]
singlesorus island spleenwort
Diplazium centripetale  [popup]
royal twinsorus fern
Diplazium cristatum  [popup]
crested twinsorus fern
Diplazium esculentum  [popup]
vegetable fern
Diplazium expansum  [popup]
great fern
Diplazium grandifolium  [popup]
largeleaf twinsorus fern
Diplazium hymenodes  [popup]
peacock fern
Diplazium lherminieri  [popup]
Diplazium lonchophyllum  [popup]
lanceleaf twinsorus fern
Diplazium meyenianum  [popup]
Diplazium molokaiense  [popup]
Diplazium plantaginifolium  [popup]
plantainleaf twinsorus fern
Diplazium pycnocarpon  [popup]
glade fern
Diplazium riedelianum  [popup]
Diplazium sandwichianum  [popup]
Diplazium striatum  [popup]
striped twinsorus fern
Diplazium unilobum  [popup]
singlelobe twinsorus fern
Diplopterygium pinnatum  [popup]
scrambling fern
Doodia kunthiana  [popup]
Kunths hacksaw fern
Doodia lyonii  [popup]
Doryopteris decipiens  [popup]
Triangleleaf lipfern...
Doryopteris decora  [popup]
Lance fern...
Doryopteris pedata  [popup]
digit fern
Doryopteris takeuchii  [popup]
Takeuchs lipfern...
Dryopteris arguta  [popup]
coastal woodfern
Dryopteris campyloptera  [popup]
mountain woodfern
Dryopteris carthusiana  [popup]
spinulose woodfern
Dryopteris celsa  [popup]
Log fern
Dryopteris cinnamomea  [popup]
cinnamon woodfern
Dryopteris clintoniana  [popup]
Dryopteris crinalis  [popup]
serpent woodfern
Dryopteris cristata  [popup]
Crested woodfern
Dryopteris expansa  [popup]
spreading woodfern
Dryopteris filix-mas  [popup]
male fern
Dryopteris fragrans  [popup]
fragrant woodfern
Dryopteris fuscoatra  [popup]
crowned woodfern
Dryopteris glabra  [popup]
Dryopteris goldiana  [popup]
Dryopteris hawaiiensis  [popup]
Dryopteris intermedia  [popup]
Intermediate woodfern
Dryopteris ludoviciana  [popup]
Southern woodfern
Dryopteris marginalis  [popup]
Marginal woodfern
Dryopteris parvula  [popup]
little woodfern
Dryopteris podosora  [popup]
Kauaikinana woodfern
Dryopteris rossii  [popup]
Dryopteris sandwicensis  [popup]
Pacific woodfern
Dryopteris subbipinnata  [popup]
Dryopteris tenebrosa  [popup]
Dryopteris unidentata  [popup]
Onetooth woodfern...
Dryopteris wallichiana  [popup]
alpine woodfern
Elaphoglossum aemulum  [popup]
creeping tonguefern
Elaphoglossum alatum  [popup]
tall tonguefern
Elaphoglossum apodum  [popup]
Elaphoglossum chartaceum  [popup]
papery tonguefern
Elaphoglossum crassifolium  [popup]
royal tonguefern
Elaphoglossum crinitum  [popup]
Elaphoglossum decoratum  [popup]
showy tonguefern
Elaphoglossum eggersii  [popup]
Jamaican tonguefern
Elaphoglossum erinaceum  [popup]
Elaphoglossum glabellum  [popup]
thickroot tonguefern
Elaphoglossum herminieri  [popup]
drooping tonguefern
Elaphoglossum hirtum  [popup]
Elaphoglossum hirtum var micans  [popup]
Elaphoglossum latifolium  [popup]
broadleaf tonguefern
Elaphoglossum longifolium  [popup]
longleaf tonguefern
Elaphoglossum martinicense  [popup]
Elaphoglossum maxonii  [popup]
Elaphoglossum pellucidum  [popup]
jeweled tonguefern
Elaphoglossum peltatum  [popup]
peltate tonguefern
Elaphoglossum petiolatum  [popup]
graceful tonguefern
Elaphoglossum petiolatum var dussii  [popup]
Elaphoglossum rigidum  [popup]
stiff tonguefern
Elaphoglossum serpens  [popup]
cerro de punta jayuya
Elaphoglossum simplex  [popup]
Elaphoglossum smithii  [popup]
Elaphoglossum spathulatum  [popup]
Elaphoglossum wawrae  [popup]
island tonguefern
Enterosora trifurcata  [popup]
threefork polypody
Equisetum arvense  [popup]
Equisetum fluviatile  [popup]
Equisetum hyemale  [popup]
Scouring rush
Equisetum laevigatum  [popup]
Equisetum palustre  [popup]
Equisetum pratense  [popup]
Equisetum ramosissimum  [popup]
Equisetum scirpoides  [popup]
Equisetum sylvaticum  [popup]
Equisetum telmateia  [popup]
Equisetum variegatum  [popup]
Eriosorus hispidulus  [popup]
chestnuthair fern
Fadyenia hookeri  [popup]
dotted fern
Grammitis aspleniifolia  [popup]
spleenwort dwarf polypody
Grammitis baldwinii  [popup]
Grammitis cultrata  [popup]
scaly dwarf polypody
Grammitis forbesiana  [popup]
Grammitis hanekeana  [popup]
Grammitis hessii  [popup]
tape dwarf polypody
Grammitis hookeri  [popup]
Grammitis liogieri  [popup]
Grammitis mollissima  [popup]
smooth dwarf polypody
Grammitis nimbata  [popup]
Grammitis sherringii  [popup]
Grammitis taxifolia  [popup]
yewleaf dwarf polypody
Grammitis tenella  [popup]
Grammitis trichomanoides  [popup]
Gymnocarpium appalachianum  [popup]
Gymnocarpium disjunctum  [popup]
Pacific oakfern
Gymnocarpium dryopteris  [popup]
western oakfern
Gymnocarpium jessoense  [popup]
Gymnocarpium robertianum  [popup]
scented oakfern
Gymnocarpium xheterosporum  [popup]
blackspore oakfern
Hecistopteris pumila  [popup]
moss fern
Helminthostachys zeylanica  [popup]
Hemidictyum marginatum  [popup]
Hemionitis palmata  [popup]
Histiopteris incisa  [popup]
batwing fern
Huperzia appalachiana  [popup]
Huperzia haleakalae  [popup]
Huperzia lucidula  [popup]
Shining clubmoss...
Huperzia miyoshiana  [popup]
Huperzia occidentalis  [popup]
Huperzia porophila  [popup]
Huperzia selago  [popup]
Hymenophyllum asplenioides  [popup]
Hymenophyllum axillare  [popup]
axillary filmy fern
Hymenophyllum brevifrons  [popup]
Hymenophyllum decurrens  [popup]
Hymenophyllum fendlerianum  [popup]
twisted filmy fern
Hymenophyllum fragile  [popup]
fragile filmy fern
Hymenophyllum fucoides  [popup]
graceful filmy fern
Hymenophyllum hirsutum  [popup]
hairy filmy fern
Hymenophyllum lanatum  [popup]
woolly filmy fern
Hymenophyllum lanceolatum  [popup]
Hymenophyllum lineare  [popup]
longtom filmy fern
Hymenophyllum macrothecum  [popup]
mountain filmy fern
Hymenophyllum microcarpum  [popup]
creeping filmy fern
Hymenophyllum obtusum  [popup]
Hymenophyllum paucicarpum  [popup]
Jamaican filmy fern
Hymenophyllum polyanthos  [popup]
smooth filmy fern
Hymenophyllum recurvum  [popup]
Hymenophyllum sieberi  [popup]
Hymenophyllum tayloriae  [popup]
Hymenophyllum tegularis  [popup]
elegant filmy fern
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense  [popup]
Hymenophyllum undulatum  [popup]
wavy filmy fern
Hymenophyllum wrightii  [popup]
Hypoderris brownii  [popup]
hairvein fern
Hypolepis nigrescens  [popup]
black beadfern
Hypolepis punctata  [popup]
dotted beadfern
Hypolepis repens  [popup]
Hypolepis tenerrima  [popup]
royal beadfern
Hypolepis urbanii  [popup]
ponce beadfern
Isoetes acadiensis  [popup]
Isoetes bolanderi  [popup]
Isoetes boomii  [popup]
Isoetes butleri  [popup]
Isoetes echinospora  [popup]
Isoetes engelmannii  [popup]
Engelmanns quillwort
Isoetes flaccida  [popup]
Isoetes howellii  [popup]
Isoetes hyemalis  [popup]
Isoetes lacustris  [popup]
Puzzling quillwort...
Isoetes lithophila  [popup]
Isoetes louisianensis  [popup]
Isoetes melanopoda  [popup]
Isoetes melanospora  [popup]
Isoetes nuttallii  [popup]
Isoetes occidentalis  [popup]
Isoetes orcuttii  [popup]
Isoetes piedmontana  [popup]
Black based quillwort
Isoetes prototypus  [popup]
Isoetes riparia  [popup]
Isoetes tegetiformans  [popup]
Isoetes tennesseensis  [popup]
Isoetes tuckermanii  [popup]
Isoetes valida  [popup]
Isoetes virginica  [popup]
Lastreopsis effusa  [popup]
false shieldfern
Lellingeria hartii  [popup]
Lellingeria myosuroides  [popup]
mouseear lellingeria
Lellingeria saffordii  [popup]
Lellingeria suspensa  [popup]
Jamaican lellingeria
Lepisorus thunbergianus  [popup]
weeping fern
Lindsaea ensifolia  [popup]
graceful necklace fern
Lindsaea lancea  [popup]
woodland necklace fern
Lindsaea portoricensis  [popup]
Lindsaea quadrangularis  [popup]
mountain necklace fern
Lindsaea repens  [popup]
creeping necklace fern
Lindsaea stricta  [popup]
smallstalk necklace fern
Lomagramma guianensis  [popup]
Lomariopsis amydrophlebia  [popup]
royal fringedfern
Lomariopsis kunzeana  [popup]
hollyleaf fringedfern
Lomariopsis sorbifolia  [popup]
acacia fringedfern
Lonchitis hirsuta  [popup]
tomato fern
Lophosoria quadripinnata  [popup]
diamondleaf fern
Lycopodiella alopecuroides  [popup]
Lycopodiella appressa  [popup]
Lycopodiella caroliniana  [popup]
Lycopodiella cernua  [popup]
Lycopodiella inundata  [popup]
Lycopodiella prostrata  [popup]
Lycopodiella subappressa  [popup]
Lycopodium alpinum  [popup]
Alpine Clubmoss...
Lycopodium annotinum  [popup]
Spinulum annotinum
Lycopodium clavatum  [popup]
Lycopodium complanatum  [popup]
Lycopodium dendroideum  [popup]
Dendrolycopodium dendroideum
Lycopodium dichotomum  [popup]
Lycopodium digitatum  [popup]
Hanging clubmoss...
Lycopodium hickeyi  [popup]
Lycopodium lagopus  [popup]
Lycopodium obscurum  [popup]
Dendrolycopodium obscurum
Lycopodium sitchense  [popup]
Lycopodium tristachyum  [popup]
Deeproot clubmoss...
Lygodium japonicum  [popup]
Japanese climbing fern
Lygodium microphyllum  [popup]
small-leaf climbing fern
Lygodium palmatum  [popup]
Climbing fern...
Macrothelypteris torresiana  [popup]
Marattia douglasii  [popup]
Marattia laevis  [popup]
smooth potato fern
Marsilea ancylopoda  [popup]
tropical waterclover
Marsilea hirsuta  [popup]
rough waterclover
Marsilea macropoda  [popup]
bigfoot waterclover
Marsilea minuta  [popup]
dwarf waterclover
Marsilea mollis  [popup]
Marsilea oligospora  [popup]
Marsilea polycarpa  [popup]
Marsilea quadrifolia  [popup]
Marsilea vestita  [popup]
hairy waterclover
Marsilea villosa  [popup]
villous waterclover
Matteuccia struthiopteris  [popup]
ostrich fern
Maxonia apiifolia  [popup]
Maxonia apiifolia  [popup] apiifolia
Megalastrum subincisa  [popup]
jagleaf junglefern
Melpomense anfractuosa  [popup]
zigzag dwarf polypody
Melpomense flabelliformis  [popup]
fanleaf dwarf polypody
Microgramma heterophylla  [popup]
clinging snakefern
Microgramma lycopodioides  [popup]
clubmoss snakefern
Microgramma piloselloides  [popup]
hairy snakefern
Microlepia mauiensis  [popup]
Maui fern
Microlepia speluncae  [popup]
limpleaf fern
Microlepia strigosa  [popup]
Microsorum grossus  [popup]
Musk fern...
Microsorum scolopendria  [popup]
Monarch fern...
Microsorum spectrum  [popup]
Triploid fern...
Nephrolepis biserrata  [popup]
giant swordfern
Nephrolepis cordifolia  [popup]
narrow swordfern
Nephrolepis exaltata  [popup]
Nephrolepis falcata  [popup]
fishtail swordfern
Nephrolepis hirsutula  [popup]
scaly swordfern
Nephrolepis laurifolia  [popup]
laurel-leaf swordfern
Nephrolepis multiflora  [popup]
Nephrolepis rivularis  [popup]
streamside swordfern
Nephrolepis undulata  [popup]
annual swordfern
Neurodium lanceolatum  [popup]
ribbon fern
Niphidium crassifolium  [popup]
graceful fern
Notholaena aliena  [popup]
foreign cloak fern
Notholaena aschenborniana  [popup]
scaled cloak fern
Notholaena californica  [popup]
Notholaena copelandii  [popup]
Notholaena grayi  [popup]
Notholaena greggii  [popup]
Notholaena lemmonii  [popup]
Notholaena nealleyi  [popup]
Nealleys cloak fern
Notholaena neglecta  [popup]
Notholaena standleyi  [popup]
star cloak fern
Notholaena trichomanoides  [popup]
rockslope cloak fern
Nothoperanema rubiginosum  [popup]
island lacefern
Odontosoria aculeata  [popup]
thicket creepingfern
Odontosoria chinensis  [popup]
Odontosoria clavata  [popup]
clubbed creepingfern
Odontosoria scandens  [popup]
border creepingfern
Oleandra articulata  [popup]
oleander fern
Olfersia cervina  [popup]
woodland islandfern
Onoclea sensibilis  [popup]
Sensitive fern
Ophioglossum azoricum  [popup]
Ophioglossum californicum  [popup]
Ophioglossum concinnum  [popup]
tropical adderstongue
Ophioglossum crotalophoroides  [popup]
Bulbous adderstongue
Ophioglossum engelmannii  [popup]
Limestone adders tongue fern...
Ophioglossum nudicaule  [popup]
Least adderstongue
Ophioglossum pendulum  [popup]
Old Pteridophyta
Ophioglossum petiolatum  [popup]
Longstem adderstongue...
Ophioglossum polyphyllum  [popup]
Ophioglossum pusillum  [popup]
northern adderstongue
Ophioglossum reticulatum  [popup]
netted adderstongue
Ophioglossum vulgatum  [popup]
Southern adderstongue...
Osmunda cinnamomea  [popup]
Cinnamon fern...
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
Blade division
 Pinnate (17)
 Pinnate-pinnatifid (17)
 Bipinnate (16)
 None, simple (10)
 Tripinnate (9)
 Pinnatifid (7)
 Bipinnate-pinnatifid (6)
 Bipinnatifid (1)
Blade shape
 Wider near base (8)
 Linear (5)
 Round (4)
 Wider near middle (3)
 Yes (18)
 No (2)
 Dryopteridaceae (188)
 Pteridaceae (139)
 Aspleniaceae (77)
 Thelypteridaceae (65)
 Hymenophyllaceae (54)
 Ophioglossaceae (50)
 Polypodiaceae (47)
 Selaginellaceae (40)
 Grammitidaceae (36)
 Dennstaedtiaceae (30)
 Lycopodiaceae (26)
 Isoetaceae (25)
 Blechnaceae (20)
 Cyatheaceae (14)
 Vittariaceae (13)
 Equisetaceae (11)
 Marsileaceae (11)
 Gleicheniaceae (9)
 Marattiaceae (8)
 Anemiaceae (6)
 Dicksoniaceae (6)
 Salviniaceae (6)
 Schizaeaceae (5)
 Azollaceae (4)
 Lygodiaceae (3)
 Osmundaceae (3)
 Parkeriaceae (3)
 Lophosoriaceae (1)
 Psilotaceae (1)
 Asplenium (70)
 Thelypteris (59)
 Selaginella (40)
 Botrychium (36)
 Cheilanthes (33)
 Trichomanes (30)
 Elaphoglossum (27)
 Polystichum (27)
 Dryopteris (26)
 Adiantum (25)
 Isoetes (25)
 Hymenophyllum (23)
 Pteris (20)
 Pellaea (17)
 Polypodium (17)
 Diplazium (16)
 Grammitis (14)
 Lycopodium (12)
 Ophioglossum (12)
 Equisetum (11)
 Notholaena (11)
 Woodsia (11)
 Adenophorus (10)
 Cyathea (10)
 Cystopteris (10)
 Marsilea (10)
 Blechnum (9)
 Nephrolepis (9)
 Tectaria (9)
 Ctenitis (7)
 Diellia (7)
 Huperzia (7)
 Lycopodiella (7)
 Anemia (6)
 Argyrochosma (6)
 Gymnocarpium (6)
 Lindsaea (6)
 Pecluma (6)
 Pityrogramma (6)
 Pleopeltis (6)
 Salvinia (6)
 Vittaria (6)
 Antrophyum (5)
 Campyloneurum (5)
 Danaea (5)
 Dennstaedtia (5)
 Deparia (5)
 Dicranopteris (5)
 Hypolepis (5)
 Astrolepis (4)
 Athyrium (4)
 Azolla (4)
 Bolbitis (4)
 Cibotium (4)
 Cochlidium (4)
 Cryptogramma (4)
 Lellingeria (4)
 Odontosoria (4)
 Sadleria (4)
 Schizaea (4)
 Woodwardia (4)
 Alsophila (3)
 Arachniodes (3)
 Aspidotis (3)
 Ceratopteris (3)
 Cyrtomium (3)
 Lomariopsis (3)
 Lygodium (3)
 Microgramma (3)
 Microlepia (3)
 Osmunda (3)
 Phlebodium (3)
 Pteridium (3)
 Sticherus (3)
 Acrostichum (2)
 Dicksonia (2)
 Doodia (2)
 Marattia (2)
 Maxonia (2)
 Melpomense (2)
 Microsorum (2)
 Pentagramma (2)
 Phanerophlebia (2)
 Phegopteris (2)
 Pneumatopteris (2)
 Saccoloma (2)
 Actinostachys (1)
 Anetium (1)
 Angiopteris (1)
 Anopteris (1)
 Bommeria (1)
 Cheiroglossa (1)
 Cnemidaria (1)
 Coniogramme (1)
 Cyclopeltis (1)
 Diplopterygium (1)
 Doryopteris (1)
 Enterosora (1)
 Eriosorus (1)
 Fadyenia (1)
 Hecistopteris (1)
 Helminthostachys (1)
 Hemidictyum (1)
 Hemionitis (1)
 Histiopteris (1)
 Hypoderris (1)
 Lastreopsis (1)
 Lepisorus (1)
 Lomagramma (1)
 Lonchitis (1)
 Lophosoria (1)
 Macrothelypteris (1)
 Matteuccia (1)
 Megalastrum (1)
 Neurodium (1)
 Niphidium (1)
 Nothoperanema (1)
 Oleandra (1)
 Olfersia (1)
 Onoclea (1)
 Phymatosaurus (1)
 Pilularia (1)
 Platycerium (1)
 Pseudophegopteris (1)
 Psilotum (1)
 Rumohra (1)
 Stenochlaena (1)
 Triplophyllum (1)
 Vandenboschia (1)
 Zygophlebia (1)
 Terrestrial (456)
 Aquatic (5)
Habitat, terrestrial
 Rocks (14)
 Moist woods (12)
 Stream banks (10)
 Open woods (7)
 Swamps (5)
 Dry woods (4)
 Epiphytic (3)
Leaf base stipule present
 No (164)
 Yes (3)
Leaf is delicate
 No (145)
 Yes (12)
Ligule present
 Yes (38)
 No (26)
Plant conspicuoulsy jointed
 No (446)
 Yes (11)
Plant resembles moss
 Yes (63)
 No (25)
Plant stems
 Leafy (167)
 Naked (1)
Rachis color
 Brown (17)
 Purple (16)
 Black (13)
 Green (11)
 Yellow (7)
Rachis is fleshy
 No (12)
 Yes (3)
Rachis texture
 Smooth (13)
 Pubescent (4)
Rhizome texture
 Scaly (6)
 Pubescent (1)
Sori seperated along leaf margin
 No (45)
 Yes (15)
Sori shape
 Elongated (1)
 Round (1)
 On leaf blades (164)
 In axils (89)
 Fertile stalk (44)
 Fertile Stalk (1)
 Fertile spikes (1)
 On leaf blade (1)
Sporangial annulus orientation
 Lateral (166)
 Apical (2)
Stem canal diameter
 Four-fifths diameter of stem (1)
 One-half diameter of the stem (1)
Stipe is fleshy
 Yes (4)
 No (1)
Stipe is hairy
 No (5)
 Yes (1)